25% of Kinect launch titles to be fitness games?

Though the official launch line-up for Kinect is still to be confirmed, judging by the titles GAME currently has available to pre-order on its website, 25% of Kinect's launch line-up may be fitness-related.

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Omega43957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Why is this surprising to anyone?

Developers have only had a year to make games for Kinect how can you expect anything but causal minigames, big production/hardcore games take multiple years to make so don't expect anything like that for a while.

As long as its under £100 then yeah I will be getting it day one, I've even preorderd to ensure that.

Rainstorm813957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Are you buying day 1?


Are you fan of casual minigames? if not wouldnt it be smart to wait til they pump out some core titles that us gamers would enjoy. Even tho the excersize game by ubisoft looks pretty good & the dance game by harmonix is it even worth $100 yet?

As you can see im on the fence as great as all the video chat/ multimedia stuff looks, in the end its a type of controller for games , and im not seeing any games to run out and get it for, even tho child of eden using kinect looks pretty good but thats an arcade title thats multiplat.

Microsoft Xbox 3603957d ago

It was most definitely a surprise to all the xbox loyalist that said "wait for E3". I however, knew NOTHING hardcore would come out of Project Natal aka Kinect since day one.

ChronoJoe3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Omegas the funniest guy on this site. Why's he have one bubble?

Bigpappy3957d ago

I am not sure why that is. But he is not offensive when I read his post. I guess he must have made fun of one of their favorite games. Who knows? I speak my mind freely, and so far so good. But I would rather be banned from N4G that be bullied by a fanboy gang.

Chris3993957d ago

And I'm sure that you'll be in those review threads today lauding the game's success. The concept of making camera based games isn't new. And the developers have had dev kits since E3 2009 - that's 1.5 years worth of time to make something that isn't shovelware. And as we all know, MS is rather good at supporting development and things on the software side (hardware is another matter altogether).

Enough with the pandering and excuses already.

If I had a penny for every time you've contradicted yourself or said something completely asinine, I'd be a millionaire.

jden283957d ago

Sorry chris but may of E3 of last year to E3 of this year is NOT 1.5 years to program! In fact it's less than 1 year since most developers got they're hands on Dev kits for kinect. Also this article was just flamebait anyway if 25% of the (" INCOMPLETE ") launch list is fitness that means that 75% is some thing else. I just love sites trying to twist the wording of statistics to fit there needs.

Chris3993957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

They announced it on-stage. You have no idea what you're talking about.

Seeing as Natal/ Kinect doesn't launch till NOVEMBER that is approximately 1.5 years (June 2009-June 2010 + 5/6 months, taking us till NOVEMBER) from the time developers got their hands on kits to the first software releases for the device.

Careful reading is key. Stay in school.

jden283957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

You proved my point and thats that since when was you can't count fron june to june IS 12 months then july(1), august(2), september(3), october(4), November(5), that is not 18 months not to mention games development stops 60 days before release to press, print and ship the disc's. Apperently whatever education you have wasn't enough...Finish the 3rd grade next time. And people are complaining about CD2 looking like a xbox1 game give them time and they will give us something great.

Chris3993957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

ap·prox·i·mate (-prks-mt)
1. Almost exact or correct: the approximate time of the accident.
2. Very similar; closely resembling: sketched an approximate likeness of the suspect.
3. Botany Close together but not united.

Are we done here? I then said, in brackets FIVE to SIX, which depending upon when the dev kits were received is a relative or APPROXIMATE WINDOW.

There is no cardinal rule that game development stops 60 days before release. MS could have just as easily pushed these games via digital download (and probably will, to save retailer expenses).

The only thing that has been proven in this thread is that you're not a very diligent reader and that you have difficulties with comprehending English.

Edit: And for the record, E3 2009 was at the very start of June - 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th. So seeing as at least 1000 dev kits were sent out toward the beginning of that month, you could - hence why I used an APPROXIMATE term - count June as well.

And your original point (fallacy) was that the devs had "less than 1 year to program", which is untrue.

E3 2009 dates:

Natal dev kits:

"being sent this week"

hassi943957d ago

Because the presentations for Kinect must've been prepared at least 2 weeks in advanced. That means that anything you've seen SO FAR has NOT had any more than 1 year development.

Chris3993957d ago

I think the initial argument began because jden thought that I was saying 1.5 years in reference to today, when I meant Kinect's launch. I even clarified this in further posts.

In any event, you're right, they could still turn this around. We have Gamescon and MS promised some "big" announcements, so we'll see.

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jneul3957d ago

the reason why you are only getting mini-games is because that is all kinect can do, move has had the same amount of time yet we have socom4, killzone2, sly hd collection, sorcery, need I go on??

Bigpappy3957d ago

It has all the buttons and a joy stick (Navigator). It is very much kike the wii, hence Developer are already familiar with it. All they need to do is change how you look around and point.

Kinect is a completely different animal. Every thing needs to be done from scratch. No way to make a AAA game in 1 year.

jjesso19933957d ago

lol your fooling your self if you think hardcore games can be made without buttons

jden283957d ago

I think that depends on what you consider a hardcore game...If boxing is hardcore I think kinect can do it best...If rally racing is hardcore I think kinect can do it...If its a RTS I think kinect can do it well. If its an RPG I think kinect can do it well... But there are things that I don't think it will do well like shooters, or platformers...too much twich precision is neede for those.

Wh15ky3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

I'd say a hardcore game is one that relys heavily on precise and accurate controls in order to become competitive at it.
I'd consider the Fight Night series to be hardcore, but I doubt vey much that a Kinect version of Fight Night would be the best. I would imagine that Kinect can also be used for racing games, RPGs and RTSs, I just don't see how it can be precise and accurate enough to give us the defining versions of those types of games.

DTClown3957d ago

Well explain then why Sony's Move is not comprised of 25% of fitness games?! They have only had a year as well.

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BillOreilly3957d ago

i will if its 100 or under or if it has a must have like star wars if its done right and long enough idk what you say star wars looks BAD ASS who doesnt want to swing lightsabers around and i could use a fitness game w yoga to stay in shape w my gf

asyouburn3957d ago

star wars looked pretty badass up until you see its on rails. kill badguys, move up automatically, rinse, repeat. that game coupled with free movement wouldve sold me on natal right then.

The Meerkat3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

The ladies in my house will love a fitness game.
I can play Kinectimals with my daughter.
The occasional casual game with the wife.

And my controller will still work with Halo Reach.

Its expands the 360 from being MY toy to being a toy for the whole family.

(P.S. And I can learn to dance when no-one else is home)

brazilianbumpincher3957d ago

and the disagrees rack up, so flipping childish

The Meerkat3957d ago

Must mean that many people think that.

The ladies in my house will hate fitness games
My daughter would rather play Gears of War
My wife is so 'hardcore' that she'll be upstairs making an adult movie with the Playstation Move.

Halo: Reach won't work with my controller.

And that i'll never be able to dance!!!

Rainstorm813957d ago

Meerkat actually says a nonfanboy real world use and the rabid fans spam the disagree button.

This is the only comment that ive sen where someone actually makes use of the actual games shown by MS.

Everyone else lives in fantasy land hoping kinect can revolutionize gaming controls as we know it.

Its called giving credit where credit is do.

asyouburn3957d ago

id rather watch my wife make the adult movie with move than play dance games and kinectimals

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Rainstorm813957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

the best actual use comment of kinect yet......kudos

If my family cared at all about gaming that would be my plan.

Sitris3957d ago

If it is cheaper than 100 Aus dollars, then i will consider it, but if it is more, no more Kinect for me, plus it has no games i am looking for, but my younger step sister and brother (5 and 8) will probably enjoy it, but they barely ever play their wii, so IDK haha. gotta love it when your dad remarries with youngins haha

insomnium3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

the lag these games are bound to have. I can tell you lag is a game killer if it has to be taken into consideration in gameplay. Casual or no casual. In time it'll start to bother people.

By all means get Kinect and have as much fun with your family with it as possible. It doesn't look like it'll last long though. Reason = LAG!

PSNTomaz3957d ago

They already said that halo and gears are not compatible wit kinect

asyouburn3957d ago

as much fun as his family of nongamers will have with kinect, at the end of the day, he will have paid 150 us dollars to play halo reach with his regular pad

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