The 3rd Birthday Confirmed For Europe

NowGamer has today spoken to Square-Enix's UK arm and recieved confirmation that The 3rd Birthday, the spiritual successor to the developer's superb survival horror series Parasite Eve will see a PSP release in Europe. More details and screens via the link.

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Spydr073026d ago

Can't wait for this one. I hope it's on par with the first one. The second one was a letdown for me despite getting similar ratings (I believe).

fastrez3026d ago

Yeah, imported the first one on PSOne back in the day, absolutely brilliant. Don't know why it didnt release over here, it would have ridden Resident Evil's coattails perfectly.

Spydr073026d ago

Interestingly enough, if you're a science nerd, there are some shocking facts throughout the game that most people don't know. The premise of the storyline is thru a twisting of that truth, tho. I rather enjoyed the science tie-in. Maybe that's why the second one was more of a letdown for me. Well, and I thought Eve was a more interesting protagonist in the first one and underdeveloped in the second.

squallheart3024d ago

This is a game i am looking forward to. Day one buy xD

so fastrez the original had a lot of scientific merit¿ can u provide a link if your able to.

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Huarle3026d ago

Erm, how is this new information?
I got a mail 2 weeks ago where Square Enix Ltd. announced 3rd Birthday for PAL territories.

fastrez3026d ago

Then why are lots of sites just reporting this today?

Huarle3026d ago

Because all those sites are taking the info from

If they hadn't announced it yet I doubt that Squenix PR guy would reply with a confirmation

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