It’s time to take away Pachter’s platform

Play-mag says: "The Michael Pachter madness has to stop. The man is quoted everywhere, all the time and for what? Half of what he says is wrong anyway. I'm calling for the end of the Pachter Age of "news"."

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xYLeinen3961d ago

I think it's good to have a analyst who aren't afraid to be a public face, and help predict the gaming future along with answering questions.

Whatever you have against Pachter otherwise is personal, but he is great at his job and is not afraid to make predictions for the future.

table3961d ago

yeah, a lot of what pachter says is speculation then people quote him on it only to bring it up when it doesn't come true. I think it's interesting to speculate as long as you give reasons for it, which pachter does. He's smarter than what people give him credit for.

outrageous3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

The guys an analyst...if you don't like what he has to say, don't read it. There are many analysts out there making the same predictions everyday. Why is Pachter any different. He bases his opinion on trends they see is sales like everyone else. He's been right far more times than he's been wrong.

The problem is when one console maker is struggling to get things right, there fanboys don't like someone to point out the obvious. Shareholders and investors know all about the trends and depend on analysts to inform them about what's happening. I think gamers are VERY fortunate to get an insiders view on what is happening out there. Is there speculation involved???...of's all gambling. They look at many key factors and then come up with reasons on why things may be occurring the way they are.

Don't shoot the messenger because you don't like the message.

EVILDEAD3603961d ago

'Fellow babies'

Pachter is easily one of the most refreshing figures to emerge in the gaming industry.

When he first started we all called FOUL on those crazy quotes he was making. In fact, it was clear he had no idea about the gaming audience he was speaking in front of.

But, he learned quick..ate crow for his past his own show and the rest is history.

Pach attack is a blast. I honestly wish he had a 30 minute show. The best part is Pach never takes himself serious. He gives his take from the business side of the gamuing world and how he perceives it.

What's happened though is he 'gets' it. He knows when he catch heat from controversial statements and he's still not scared to put that info out there.

Pach may not always be right and I may not always agree with him..but the Pachter definately gained a fan of his show...he definately livened up Game Trailers.


pippoppow3961d ago

Pachter is not he type of person gaming needs as it's coverboy. He is a financial analyst with hardly any gaming credentials. Since this gen started there has been too much focus of sales and other things that revolve round the most important aspect which are the games itself. He really isn't any better informed than many of the biased misinformed gaming journalists we have today in the industry so I do not see him as a positive addition to the community. It's a little sad to see someone with hardly any gaming knowledge have such a platform to speak upon subjects he isn't passionate about.

Take N'Gai for example. This guy is more in tune with gaming than Pachter. We need more pros like N'Gai not Pachter.

It is a shame that this gen has focused so much on sales and has become so blindly Corporate supportive over consumer benefits. Popular Gaming sites hardly say anything about negative news involving games, Devs/Pubs, figureheads and overall industry happenings. It's become to political and tainted.

The focus needs to be put back toward games. Not sales, add-on DLC, online apps and features. Games. I feel the reason this gen is disappointing is due to the lack of focus Devs and Pubs have this gen. Too much about appetizers and deserts, not enough about the meat an potatoes.

EVILDEAD3603961d ago

Pachter is not he type of person gaming needs as it's coverboy. He is a financial analyst with hardly any gaming credentials.

Who said he's gaming's cover boy. He's a fun addition to it and he doesn't take himself seriously. We've seen at least 50 of these gaming sites pop up with wayyy less credibility in the industry than Pachter has.

Passion for gaming doesnt mean they actually deserve their platform either. Pachter found his niche people love him and people hate him...but just like you and this site..PEOPLE are talking about him..

If you look close the people that claim they hate Pachter the most are usually mad because he doesn't bash the 360 like they do all day long on and the rest of the internet..

Who cares..let em hate..Pach jokes about the hate in every show..I know I'm not the only one who enjoys his approach to the industry..which is why Game Trailers greenlighted the show..

PooEgg3961d ago

Pachter is that you hiding behind the EVILDEAD360 screen name? It is you, isn't it???

EVILDEAD3603961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

nah..not worth it..

pippoppow3961d ago

Don't mind different views from different people at times but this guy gets way too much coverage for someone who is just after all an analyst. He has his own show on a popular gaming site! Someone who hardly games!!! Less of him and more qualified people who are gamers that are more passionate about the games themselves than corporate profits is what's needed.

What's next a corporate lawyer on GT talking about the legality issues present in todays industry?

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deadman1213961d ago

What was his name again....Jack Thompson? He was always wrong just like Pachter.

psman0123961d ago

Your are like the first person on the list of comments thus far that haven't complained about that racist dude up there lol

pain777pas3960d ago

He's entertaining because he can be convicing and get everyone talking and potentially cause some company to do something stupid which is give his opinion power. In the end it is for him to have more power in the industry than he should have but some of his knowledge is good especially on the Pach attack episode where he broke down what the publisher and the devs get from game sales.

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anonymouse1113353961d ago

this'll probably go about as well as boycotting BP but you're welcome to try.

PirosThe4th3961d ago

we should patch his mouth to stop bullshit from coming from it!

Spenok3961d ago

LMAO!! Made my day right there.

HarryM3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Indeed, I have no idea where this person came from and people should stop quoting him.

"Hey, I predict that Sony will sell blah blah amounts of this"- Can I haz fame?

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