PlayDevil: The Top 10 most disappointing games this generation

When you review games, you get to play a lot of awesome stuff, but a lot of rubbish too- and some games that whilst they initially seem decent- don't live up to expectations in the long term.

Here is PlayDevil's list of the top 10 disappointments of the generation so far- stay tuned to see a list that includes some of Sony, Nintendo & Microsoft's biggest releases that we think never lived up to expectations!

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IanBear3961d ago

feel free to add games that you think should have made the list- or argue why our choices were wrong!

FangBlade3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

"1. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (PS3) We were promised updates; they never arrived. Graphically, the game looks great, but everything from the ancient control scheme to the lack of any damage- and even the handling, shows that the series has dropped chronically behind Forza in the racing stakes. PS fanboys will rage into the night, but their beloved racing game, which was once king of the simulators, looks and plays like a tired clone of the mighty Forza now, and I don’t have high hopes for GT5- I think that 3D and motion controls will just try and gloss over the rancid old driving model."

Someone is scared of GT5 :)
I can smell your fear.

Brewski0073961d ago

Very good list to be honest. I would've swapped haze and gt5 prologue around. Gt5 prologue kept me kept me entertained for a bit but there wasnt enough in it. However Im looking forward to GT5 , the big daddy of it all which will surely rock!.
Alot of people may not agree with putting final fantasy xiii on this list. But as a huge fan of the series I would have it there, its a brave decision though lol.

Lou-Cipher3961d ago

10. Mercenaries 2 - Blown away with the first game, and really annoyed by the 2nd game.

9. Resistance 2 - Big step backwards when compared to the first.

8. Gears of War 2 - See Resistance 2.

7. Lair - Looked amazing, then I found out I had to use $hitty motion controlls. (Saved by a patch at a later date)

6. Alan Wake - 5 years of excitment for an average game.

5. Assasins Creed 1 - Thought it looked great, but wasn't.

4. Resident Evil 5 - After playing 4 and we get this. Screw you Capcom.

3. Halo 3 - Halo 1&2 were a million times better than 3.

2. Brutal Legend - I was really looking forward to it, but it just plain sucked.

1. GTA 4 - Why O Why did you butcher this game Rockstar? You guys have made some of the most kicka$$ games, then you go and dumb down everything on GTA4 that made previous GTA games rock. Dont F-up GTA 5 like you did 4.

outrageous3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

First let me commend the guys who posted the piece as well a IanBear having the guts to show up and add to the commentary. Having played several of the selections, I have some opinions on the matter.

Bionic Commando: well I agree with this one. A great looking game with somewhat hard to master controls but once mastered, work incredibly well. I didn't find the game play linear at all, but did find invisible walls problematic. The game is selling for $9.99 at blockbuster and would make a fantastic budget buy. Some of the best graphics you will see. Grin had ( I think they shut down ) some great game engines but it never translated to a big seller. The Terminator game had great graphics, art direction and controls but lacked in the game play department.

Kane & lynch: Agree with this one too. I bought it for $19.99 a few mnths ago. Wish I never did.

Gears of War: Wasn't disappointed at all with this title. New enemies, new game play, co-op ( not new, just fun ) and of course the new Horde mode which is insane fun. Maybe a problem with expectations BUT that game is better in every way with the exception of some issues with the multi-player. It still is top 5-10 on XBL any giving week. Some of the best graphics this gen.

Halo ODST: Don't agree with this one either. Payed full price for this title and don't feel slighted in the least. You get ALL the multi-player maps released PLUS 4 new additional maps. You got a entire new Firefight mode which is great. The campaign took me longer than ( C'mon now lol ) 4 hrs. Loved the new sub-machine gun and pistol combo. Now, if you paid full price for a game with NO multi-player at all and a short campaign and no firefight mode, I'd understand, but this game was a deal. Lets not forget the beta key that allowed access to the Halo Reach multi-player beta. The game sold 6 million copies, I think a FEW people would disagree.

Here's a peak at Gears 2. The graphics, AI is second to NONE.

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thelifatree3961d ago

I disagree completely with 7 of the choices. And don't agree with the comments on most of these as well.

Redempteur3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

"hey let's put some FF13 on this list ..and let's call it the worst JRPG on this gen .. this sure is onna get some talking "

the guy you wrote this doesn't know anything about jrpgs .. there are far worse jrpgs released this gen and FF13 had very good graphics ( sorry for those with the 3 disc version ) and a very nice soundtrack ..Also it had many intense challenges and the plot does make sense if you process what's happening instead of waiting for the info to be put in your mouth.

disapointing ? sure .... worse ? No go check last rebellion ..cross edge ..enchanted arms

- i don't get this guy on mario kart wii .
First the ai isn't more broken than in the past ... ( it's certainly not as broken as the one in mod nation racers that can make you lose right in front of the finish line because your 2 followers decided to launch a 4 level attack EACH .
you have 4 controls methods and there is one that's doesn't suit you ? fine but why complaining ? you have 4 ways to play dammit !!
Where are your course that doesn't work with karts ? because i see none.
ALso the ONLINE part of mario kart wii si still strong managed to stay fresh more than a year after release by adding a new challenge every month ..believe it or not it's not the least played multi game

my verdict ...a bunch of nonsense ... if that was trolling , sir , you've done it well .. mixing some facts , a irony here to mask the fact that he doesn't know much about the game themeselve he is attacking .. it's a sad list no doubt

IanBear3961d ago

which titles in particular? My feeling is that in the long run, most of the sequels in the list were cheap cash-ins that didn't add much, whilst the new IP games were really hyped but proved to be disasters!

GamerKnights3961d ago

Some will disagree while others will agree with our Top 10 List, that is always how it goes.
But in the end, some games were so hyped that when released, they just couldn't deliver what they promised.

Azianphil883961d ago

GT5 Prologue was just a demo game
the GT5 that i saw at E3 was breathtaking especially the graphic

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