Sucker Punch – ‘We Made Dumb Decisions’ with inFamous

Speaking exclusively to Play, Sucker Punch admits it made mistakes with inFamous, but now knows how to get the best out of the PS3 hardware for inFamous 2

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Cratos87803959d ago

“If you look at games like Uncharted 2 that’s a game that you actually can’t do on Xbox no matter how clever you are, there’s just more processing power on the PS3,” Zimmerman explained. “inFamous 2 is going to be the same way. You’ll look at it and see that there’s no way we could have done this game on 360.”

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SOAD3959d ago

cratos, imagine how insignificant this issue of console power will be 5 years from now and then write your comments okay? because five years from now no one will give 2 shits about which console could do what but people might still think poorly of you for being "that guy."

that guy

The real killer3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

That picture looks like you.
You are not more than fanboy by your self, he said it is his opinion.

"From what I have seen" Better read next time and yes he has right, it's also my opinion that PS3 has far more better games and even innovative like Killzone 2 what also never can't be done on the 360.

The PS3 is a beast, 360 is more like a pet.
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ----------


Not only the SPU's ;) what about the CELL architecture :) and Blu-ray.
At the moment, the 360 bumb all our PS3 version down, that's are the facts if we compare with Sony's first studio's.

Arnon3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Nice comeback there, bud. How about writing your comment in English next time so we can actually care.

It really is a sad day when console kids have to argue which console is better every day in an ongoing routine with no end results. It's hard to understand why as well, considering that everyday, I run PC games at a higher resolution and framerate, all the while looking better than what said consoles can produce. That's just poor logic.

"Not only the SPU's ;) what about the CELL architecture :) and Blu-ray.
At the moment, the 360 bumb all our PS3 version down, that's are the facts if we compare with Sony's first studio's."

Of course, console fanboys really have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to technology it seems. Lol @ PS3 being a beast.

Sitris3959d ago

PC gamers are correct when they say that games can look better on the PC, but what list of exclusive games does it have? Take out the MMOs, and your left with a bunch of RTSs. I much prefer the ease of use of consoles, playing on 60 inch 3D-HDTV whilst using my 7.1 surround sound on a 4000$ couch seems like a better experience to me, all the while being in my large living room.

As aposed to sitting in front of my 24 inch HD screen and being forced to sit to close for my personal comfort, but this is all personal preference, i love playing some games on PC, like Civ and stuff, but to claim Multi-format games to be better, for me is irrelevant because i enjoy the console set up.

Arnon3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

"PC gamers are correct when they say that games can look better on the PC, but what list of exclusive games does it have? Take out the MMOs, and your left with a bunch of RTSs. I much prefer the ease of use of consoles, playing on 60 inch 3D-HDTV whilst using my 7.1 surround sound on a 4000$ couch seems like a better experience to me, all the while being in my large living room."

Oh did you not hear? The PC supports every type of controller available on the market, including the PS3 and 360. It also supports any monitor (this means your TV). Isn't that funny? I'm able to play this at a desk, OR on the couch, and STILL have a better, more immersible experience than a console. Not to mention, it has the largest community support, and the largest game library of any gaming machine in the world. Here's a nice 2010 list of PC titles. Please note that "Strategy" is at the very beginning, and takes up about 1/30th of the titles listed.


Well look at that. The PC has more titles in this one year than the PS3, 360 and Wii combined. Lol @ PC only having MMO & RTS titles. It doesn't help your argument that it's an old list as well. That's ok, though. I'm sure your argument is going to go from "PC only has MMOs and RTS's" to "Yeah, but how many of those games are good?"

Sorry, but the only thing a console can do that a PC cant, is play it's exclusives.

Ju3959d ago

Try booting up your PC in the living room hooked up to the TV and play a game without touching the mouse or KB. Good luck with that...

FunAndGun3959d ago


"It really is a sad day when console kids have to argue which console is better every day in an ongoing routine with no end results. It's hard to understand why as well, considering that everyday, I run PC games at a higher resolution and framerate, all the while looking better than what said consoles can produce. That's just poor logic."

It really is a sad day when PC kids have to argue that a computer is better than a console in an ongoing routine with no end results.

When you can build me a $300 computer that can display PS3 graphics, then your opinion might be valid.

A console is cheaper, easier, and less worry than a PC. You have "poor logic" also.

bakasora3959d ago

o yes I like how they talk

thewhoopimen3958d ago

I don't know how old you guys are but at a certain point in your life, you kind of stop wanting to hunt for every single driver, accessory, or hardware component just to play a damn game. There's a convenience factor that you can get from having an integrated all-in-one system that works where a can-do-everything-but-u-have-c onfigure-it-yourself system sucks.

I don't want to be troubleshooting drivers for the rest of my life everytime I want to just sit down and play something. Sorry, at $200-300, what you get on say a PS3 is a bargain and no-virus/no-hassle. Proprietary/closed systems have their appeal. Hence why consoles, iphones, macs, appeal.

TotalPS3Fanboy3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

" call it a fact that a game that hasn't been released yet can't be made for a console is just a biased opinion! More that likely it is true, but to call it fact just doesn't make sense, especially if you are not part of the dev. team!"

But the 360 does not have SPUs. How is the 360 going to run SPU graphic and physics algorithms codes when the 360 does not have SPUs? That in itself already means inFamous can not be done on the 360 because inFamous utitlizes SPU graphics and physics algorithms codes.

And I know you will counter with, "but can't those SPU codes, graphic, and physics algorithms be run on the 360's GPU instead?"

And the answer is, "No. Some of the SPU codes & algorithms can be converted to shader codes to be executed on the 360 GPU, but most of those SPU codes can not be converted. And even if all those SPU codes can somehow be converted, then the GPU's time is going to be used to do the all work of the SPUs, meaing the GPU won't have enough time to do its original graphical works anymore. In other word, the game will run very slow."

You see, because of the SPUs, the PS3 essentially have two video cards. To run inFamous on the 360 would requires that the 360 have two video cards, or have a video card two times more powerful than what the 360 currently have right now.

I know, you will counter with "but the 360 has 3 cores, why not run SPU codes & algorithms on two of the cores?"

And the answer is "because running SPU codes & graphic algorithms in software mode on the CPU is slow. Very very slow. That is the main reason why computers have graphic cards in the first place, because doing graphic algorithms and graphic processing on the CPU (in other word, in software mode) is very slow. It's like running Crysis on the CPU entirely, without a video card. It's not gonna happen. The game will come to a crawl."

So there you go. The reasons why inFamous can not be done on the 360.

Heisenberg3958d ago

You're guilty of the same things you bitch about. Takes one to know one. You're so self-righteous you think your opinion is any more relevant than the next guys? I don't know what you think is gonna happen in 5 years that will make the issue of processing power irrelevant, but it has nothing to do with what's going on right now.

creatchee3958d ago

Agreed on the 360 not using SPUs or The Cell or anything else.

However, I'm pretty sure that if Sucker Punch made inFamous on the 360, they would have simply developed it differently to utilize the 360's strengths as opposed to those of the PS3.

As cool as the game is (I enjoyed it immensely) there's really nothing about inFamous (looking at the game itself rather than its design architecture) that couldn't be done on the 360.

AAACE53958d ago

I see you're out of bubbles, so i'll try to make this a closed ended comment!

I know that was the typical question you would expect someone to ask, but I think a little bit differently than most! I understand the SPU's in the Ps3 perform many different actions. Even though part of their duties is to compensate for the Ps3 having 256 Mb RAM, while the 360 has 512 Mb.

I believe that a game like Uncharted 2 cannot be done on a 360! However, looking at Infamous 1, unless they do something totally different to put it on the same level as U 2 or better... I can't believe that right now. At least not until I see the real game in action. Reason I say that is because I have Infamous 1, and besides the graphics, a whole lot doesn't stand out to me.

It's a good game and all, don't get me wrong, but once you get used to the light show...

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FURY__UNLEASHED3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

inFamous 2 should be epic!

lex-10203959d ago

@Fury_Unleashed. Everyone keeps slamming sucker punch for changing their main characters. Personally, i don't like the way he looks but I'm still going to go into the game with an open mind, like i did with inFamous.

fooltheman3958d ago

Yeah, maybe the change will be better for the game... ^^

Spenok3958d ago

Its about time someone posted a comment thats on topic lol. Yes, yes Infamous 2 should be epic.

El_Colombiano3959d ago

Who knows better about hardware? One of the best dev studios? Or some nobody commenting on an article? Hmmm....Infamous 2 can't be done on 360. Straight from the developers.

sid4gamerfreak3959d ago

its great that the dev admits mistakes in its games

orange-skittle3959d ago

No one ever said Alan Wake's graphics where a benchmark in gaming. Everyone knows UC2, God of War 3, and even Gears 2 look better than Alan Wake...but he was just saying that inFamous 2 doesn't look better than some games on 360. That's just a ridiculous statement. I enjoyed everyone of those games and think that God of War 3(my opinion) and Resident Evil 5 have stellar graphics. UC2 had good animation but the visuals weren't jaw dropping compared to GoW3. Even in scale, Gow3 has set the bar really high. PS3 is an amazing piece of machinery and I am proud to be an owner of one. I also own a 360 and love what they are doing too, so lets not show favoritism because they are both systems worth owning. I think 360 only users will be missing out on an amazing game like inFamous 2 if they keep fanboying. After the recent gameplay trailer...I am sold that Sucker Punch has created a new franchise that will be around for a long time.

Biggest3959d ago

"No one ever said Alan Wake's graphics where a benchmark in gaming."

Oh yes they did! You were here when it was going on. Alan Amazing ring a bell? Best use of lighting and shading in a game to date ring a bell? Animation that makes Uncharted 2 look like a sock puppet play ring a bell?

But you are correct about the end point. Sucker Punch looks to have created an awesome franchise. I hope they can keep it going for a while.

orange-skittle3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

I remember blogs saying that, but I am referring to this thread. I would be a complete idiot if I said Alan Wake had better visuals that those other games. The lighting is amazing and it works well with the atmosphere, but STELLAR is over doing it. You can make beautiful graphics in smaller environments, but when you can accomplish it on a larger scale with a lot going on around have achieved greatness. I think Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 are going to be Jaw Dropping. InFamous 2 looks like an addictive game that will make people call in sick to work.

@ Shepard

Halo 3 is much more fun...yes, but is it as visually stunning as Killzone Halo 3 is a rehash of Halo 2 that transcended onto ODST. Looks like Reach will look a lot better, but so what? It's still the same game. Killzone 2 had flaws that GG recognized early and changed for the next project, so that we(gamers) have a better playing experience. The controls are getting revamped along with the environments and bland pallet. They have already informed the public on those changes. Have you seen the game in motion? It destroys Halo in every way. You must be a fanboy to say Halo actually looks better. Give credit to where it's due because Bungie could never achieve this level of technology even with a 100m budget.

Shepherd 2143959d ago

Id rather play Halo 3 any day of my life than Killzone 2 or Resistance. Any day. You can disagree all you want but Halo DESTROYS those game. I get every savory bang for my buck with Halo 3, in fact way more than that.

Get over it and get used it. Halo 3 packs more of a punch with every single feature and detail that Grayzone 2. Halo 3 knows that you have real life friends to bring online with you in split-screen as guests. Halo 3 knows that you love four player co-op, level editing, film clip making, screenshot taking, complete and total custom games control, file sharing, getting spoon-fed by the developer with its support, and a well made epic campaign. Killzone 2has better graphics, but your guys' ass hurts because its not half the game Halo 3 is, and you cant stand that.

The disagree button it your friend. Go jack off over your polygons and ill be playing the game that took much more care and skill to make.

Red-Dead-Roar3959d ago

the fact is you only have halo 3 to play. us ps3 owners have tons to choose from...

Shepherd 2143959d ago

i thought that i had many to choose from as well. I guess not. Sorry about that.

This just proves that this site is full of idiot fanboys who are not capable of comprehending logic.

bakasora3959d ago

Nothing can make you change your mind anymore.
So that your purchase of X360 is justified as you think.
For justification, you choose to ignore everything else.
Now you can rot in hell, we don't care.

I own X360, PS3, high-end PC, PSP, NDS, iPhone, I would get a Wii when Last Story comes out.

thewhoopimen3958d ago

How is it illogical if PS3 owners have more 1st party exclusives to choose from as well as the same multiplats that 360 users have?

TheGameFoxJTV3958d ago

You say a game with completely outdated gameplay destroys Killzone 2's gameplay; You must be a fanboy. Lol, you say it's better yet you dont say anything about the actual gameplay. You listed features of the game. All you basically said is "UGH, I r can taek puitures and video and give them to ppl"

El-Fenemeno12133958d ago

Lol where this halo over killzone B.S. come from, we're talking about infamous 2, two different genres in gaming

velocitygamer3958d ago

Dude, read your comment again and again and again. Eventually, it will get to your thick head that YOU are the one acting like a fanboy. Jeez, is all of N4G articles filled with people like you? GTFO man. Play your fucking Halo, who gives a shit.

shadow27973958d ago

Hey guess what? I'd rather play Killzone 2 any day of my life than Halo 3. OMG a differing opinion! Say it ain't so!

Stating an opinion as fact doesn't make it any more factual. The fact is, people have different preferences.

Personally, I'll be playing the game that doesn't have flying sword, out of map, killer traffic cone, etc. glitches. ;-)

Shepherd 2143958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

No, you people need to grow up. If you were smart you wouldnt assume that the only game i play is Halo 3. Dumbasses.

Halo 3's gameplay is amazingly smooth, consistent, and fluid, and is designed with the spirit of classic fast paced FPS's in mind with its own twists. Its not meant to be "realistic". The high jumping makes for unique opportunities and varied play, and is something that is not found in most FPS's, even Unreal, CS, and Quake. They have low jumping height. The battles never cease to amaze because crazy things happen all the time and its fast sport-like gameplay can be so competitive and customizable that MLG made Halo its flagship title. Vehicles in Halo 3 control like a dream and MOST other FPS's struggle to implement vehicles smoothly. Killzone 2 is a different type of FPS but its controls and movement were bad enough that the devs had to patch them. Theres my argument about gameplay. Wheres yours??

And for the other guy, you CANT get out of the map in a matchmaking game in Halo 3. That can only be done in Forge. Traffic cones rarely ever kill people and its a hilarious instance when one does from being propelled by an explosion. The sword has a feature called the lunge, not flying. And Halo 3 has little to no glitches at all. Bungie crafts their games with skill, they are not Infinity Ward.

Quit watching videos on Youtube to get your info. You just look retarded when up against someone with first-hand experience. Anyone else who says im wrong is just saying it to say it. I play all games, PS3, PC, and Xbox. Yet it seems like the Xbox gets picked on much more than PS3 and PC, wouldnt you say? Its a stupid and ignorant trend on a stupid website that i forget about every time i turn off my PC.

shadow27973958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

Why are you so angry? It's just a website. We're all gamers here.

I have no problem admitting that Bungie makes high-quality games, but again, a lot of what you're saying comes down to personal preference. You're not going to sway anybody.

The fact is, you're on a page dedicated to an open-world third-person electric superhero PS3 game and you're spouting off about a linear first-person sci-fi X360 shooter. It's irrelevant. What makes it even funnier is that you try to play the victim:

"Yet it seems like the Xbox gets picked on much more than PS3 and PC, wouldnt you say? Its a stupid and ignorant trend on a stupid website that i forget about every time i turn off my PC."

Again, this is a page dedicated to a PS3 game, so who's picking on who? Reread your first post before answering.

Shepherd 2143958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

The article is not talking about Infamous itself, but rather how the PS3 is better than the 360 because of polygons.

I get angry because i know that 80-90% of you have no real experience with 360 games like Mass Effect 2, Halo 3 and Reach, Gears of War, etc. Yet people still think they have an argument against them because they know lame fact such as their graphics arent quite as good as say Uncharted 2 or because Mass Effect 2 is on two disks.

No popular Xbox 360 article can slip by without the fanboys jumping in and making themselves look stupid, so i thought id do it for a change in a PS3 article.

Why am i being singled out when the Xbox articles consistently have more PS3 raving idiots than 360 fans?

You should take a step back and look at the whole picture, i need not reread anything. My posts in this article are quite tame compared to the ignorant posts i have seen for years on this site.

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danarc3959d ago

Yeah Pc's have good games :)

How did you find Red Dead Redemption btw, what about the Uncharted games? I bet you're loving Halo 3 and Alan Wake atm, inFamous and Final Fantasy XIV, oh and did you enjoy Fable 2?

Lots of games to look forward to as well, like Gran Turismo 5, Rock Band 3, FIFA 11...

Oh and I bet you were stoked Metal Gear Rising went multi-platform too right?

LiViNgLeGaCY3958d ago

That was funny as hell, danarc. I have a gaming PC as well, but I have to agree with you. PC only gamers are missing out on some damn good games.

DeathMetal3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

LOL. PC will get Red Dead, Alan wake who cares. Have fun not playing any MMO's Diablo 3 Battlefield 3, Stracraft 2 We will enjoy fable 3 in HD unlike you. And metal gear rising is mulitplatform and as usual will be superior to your version just like every other multiplat game. Enjoy 640 P at 30 FPS. LOL. I can even make my PC look as good as the consoles. I'll i have to do is turn down my settings.

pain777pas3958d ago

Lets be honest those words are scary. Infamous is one of my favorite games this gen and they felt they made mistakes? We're in for another U1 to U2 jump here. To be honest some may have liked Infamous 1 more than U1 personally I think that was the case. However, U2 is my favorite game this gen and all Sony first party and all HD devs should look at that game as a blueprint. Sometimes I could not believe what I was seeing. Shambalah is a Wonder visually when it was raining. That is what I call graphics at its highest level this gen. Unbelievably breathtaking! Sucker Punch the gameplay in Infamous one was perfect really cannot do any better in 3d. Only Nintendo can talk to Sony's powerhouses right now SMG1 and 2 plus other M are nothing to sneeze at. To be honest Reach might have some kick in it so everyone has alittle something to get excited about.

multips3fan3958d ago

hey u can do uncharted 2!.just put in 10 fanboy will accept it.

Jaces3958d ago

The thing that get's me is just HOW do they know it can't be done on the 360? I'd love it if there was some trial where those same developers, say ND, took what they knew to the 360 and made UC2 for it keeping everything the same.

Then we would truly see if the 360 could handle what UC2 brings to the table.

No fanboyism here, just straight up curiosity.

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The_Zeitgeist3959d ago

Uncharted 2 is such an amazing game that if inFamous 2 is only half the game Uncharted 2 is we are in for a very special treat.

jimmins3959d ago

Maybe they should consider a new purchase though - if inFamous 2 is a hit

starvinbull3959d ago

The problem with buying up studios is that if they aren't imbedded in your own company and part of the furniture effectively then you run the risk of running them down. M$ and EA have done it time and time again.

You can buy IPs and studios but it's the people working in them that make a difference. Look at Sqaure Enix since some of there big guys left, they are a shadow of the company that dominated the RPG genre only 5-6 years ago.

Crusade3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

I can't think of a single sony owned game studio that isn't successful.

pain777pas3958d ago


You hit the nail on the head. Truth be told Mistwalker would be kicking all kinds of a$$ if they had Square money right now. They will make a hit and then Square will have to retreat and regroup. The effeminate characters they are pushing are not grabbing us. It was the Clouds and Cecils that made Square legendary. Squall luckily was the last of the lot things started to get mucky with Tidus but the gameplay was there for that game. After that they don't make Balthier lead but the pansy a$$. I mean really? come on now! Well said!

Thrillhouse3959d ago

I just hope that the side missions aren't as repetitive this time around. Besides that, inFamous was a really enjoyable game.

Megaton3959d ago

The only dumb decision I see was to make a new Cole for the sequel. I dunno why that sticks in my craw so bad, but it does. They say they wanted to make him more relatable, so they give him hair, tattoos and a new voice actor (as far as I can tell from the new gameplay, it's a new actor). I think the fact that so many people were dumbfounded by the choice in the first place shows that we were all "relating" to Cole just fine. Stole a flawed protagonist I liked, and replaced him with a generic pretty boy.

...and since this is N4G, I'll have to clarify that no, I'm not bashing inFamous or inFamous 2, and yes I have beaten the first one and will certainly buy the 2nd one. Hopefully you guys get this far down my post before losing your shit.

Colonel-Killzone3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

I get your post but the old Cole was Generic also. Im happy with the changes tbh. I always didn't concentrate on Cole but more of his story and the gameplay elements. I honestly could care less. I played Infamous because it was fun and also the story. I did not play it because of how Cole looks so maybe thats why I don't mind it.

I think everyone was amazed with the gameplay. A lot of people do not like the new voice actor. In my opinion its not that big of a deal lol.

CrAnKiTuP_013959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Old Cole seemed more like the type of character YOU wanted him to be, not just generic, which I thought was the whole point of the Karma system. In inFamous 2, I hope they keep that good/evil feeling, and not just force you to be a lame always smiling pretty boy. Evil Cole was badass.... And I like being badass >_<

Megaton3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

They seem to be changing his personality too, which was part of the game for me. I believe they stated they want him to be more heroic when interviewed about this. He was an extremely flawed protagonist who stumbled into a fucked up situation. Even with the karma choices in your hands, he had his own angry yet apathetic personality. If they decide to recreate the whole character to make him more "appealing" to gamers, you can bet they're gonna change more than his looks.

I'm also not quite sure you understand what dumbfounded means (perplexed, confused). I think that perfectly describes the reaction many people (not everybody, but enough to notice) had when the new Cole was revealed a few weeks ago.

Edit - Nevermind about the "dumbfounded" bit, I guess. You edited out your complaint about it.

TotalPS3Fanboy3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

the changing of Cole is not only to make him appeal to a broader audience and to give him more personality, but it is also part of the storyline. The timeline had been changed, and with it, everything.

RememberThe3573959d ago

People keep saying that Cole was generic but he wasn't a generic looking character at all. The only comparison I've seen is between him an Nathan Hale but that seems to be only because they are both bald. He really looked like no other character. I remember seeing the first image of Infamous in Game Informer and thinking to myself, "what the hell is that?"

I think they wanted a more Nathan Drake type of hero. I can get used to the new Cole but I think smaller changes would have been best.

CrippleH3958d ago

I believe this new Cole fits more with his past as a bike messenger. In Infamous 1 it was hard to believe a grumpy looking, raspy voice character could be an ordinary bike messenger that love to climb stuff. He was bald because Suckerpunch didn't want to waste processing power to render his hair since Infamous 1 was done on a PS2 graphic engine.