Classics HD are better than backwards compatibility

There is a growing perception out there that Sony is being greedy when it comes to the new line-up of PS2 re-releases known as Classics HD. Gamers are crying foul and accusing Sony of milking PS2 games over giving PS3 owners backwards compatibility. However, not only are Classics HD an amazing value, they are far superior to backwards compatibility and here is why.

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StoneySweatLeafs3968d ago

No way! I paid for my PS2 games already. Sony should do the right thing and give us BC!

Lucreto3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

So why not play them on your PS2?

I would rather get a remake of the better PS2 games over using BC which doesn't look as good.

The remakes have better resolutions and trophy support. Sly has Move support as well.

It is not like you are being forced to buy it. It only gives people the opportunity to play and best of the PS2 games.

edit: StoneySweatLeafs below

Well GOW was a test. Remakes don't tend to be profitably but GOW proved there is a market.

Remakes give the younger generation a taste of some of the greats which they may have missed. As the PS3 owner tends to be older demographic it provide reminisence of the older games.

If you sold your PS2 go and buy another they as cheap now.

StoneySweatLeafs3968d ago

I'm mad because they are doing that instead of giving us BC. It's messed up. You didn't see them releasing Final Fantasy 7 on DVD when PS2 was around did you?

brazilianbumpincher3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

it seems to me most of the people complaining just want to complain for the sake of it,i have a bc ps3 and dont play ps2 games on it, most people still have their ps2s but again just feel high and mighty by complaining its ridiculous,give journalist a inch they take a mile and stretch the tiniest thing,im sick of all the articles

I DO think sony should reinstate bc because its not hard,and technically speaking remakes are better thats fact

TotalPS3Fanboy3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Awesome. I want you to continue wasting energy by complain about it endlessly, even though Sony already gave you backward compatibility with the 60 GB PS3.

You chose not to buy it, and then chose to complain about it. Normal peoples would look at you and consider what you're doing stupid, illogical, and pointless.

RageAgainstTheMShine3968d ago


Who wouldn't want to see an old movie remastered in 1080p Blu-ray glory?

sikbeta3968d ago


No-1 is Forcing you, you want BC, you could bought a BC PS Fat 3 Years ago, stop whining...


HD Remakes are The Way to Go, The PS3 line-up is Huge to even care about BC, just give me the Awesome PS2 Games in Collections:

TEAM ICO Collection
Silent Hill 2+3
GTA Collection
JAK Collection
R&C Collection
So On...

Arnon3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Whether you want to admit it or not, they shouldn't be remaking games and telling their customers that it's the only way they're going to be able to play these games on the PS3. I shouldn't have to play them on my PS2 which is now broken due to the fact that Sony released a malfunctioning system for the first 5 years of it's lifecycle and forced everyone to pay $150 to repair it for their mistakes with absolutely no warranty.

What was the reason for me purchasing a PS2 and a slew of it's titles, and then purchasing a PS3 that is not capable of running said games that I spent hard earned money on, and then being forced to repurchase said games for features I might not even care about, all because Sony is going the cheap route, and not putting in PS2 backwards compatibility? It obviously cant cost THAT much if they're able to make revisions on the hardware already and sell it at a $299.99 pricetag. Go figure the people above defending it are giving the most asinine defense statement ever.

"Durr hurr... you didn't spend the $599.99 when they offered it, and it's all your fault! You should have spent twice the price on a system that obviously didn't deserve to cost that much, considering they lowered the price only 10 months later!"

Give me a break. So because people didn't want to spend over half a grand for a console that had two exclusive titles at the time means that they don't deserve PS2 BC? Ok.

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Rainstorm813968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

so stoney you have all your ps2 games and a non-BC PS3 & no ps2?

Looks like you gave up on ps2 games before sony did.

Bottom line id rather the finest PS2 games in remastered in HD, with BC you arent getting that at all. Who doesnt prefer HD

@stoney above
are you kidding? Do you know i wish they did? if a new HD remastered FF7 would come out it wouldve sold better than FF13. Bottom line is if you want BC on PS3 you can have it get a launch model PS3 and have fun.

StoneySweatLeafs3968d ago

I had to sell the PS2 to afford the PS3. LOL!

Jack-Pyro3968d ago

How much did you even get for your PS2?

If you didn't get at least $100, then it totally wasn't worth it.

I Still have my Launch PS2, even though my Phat is BC, I don't think I'll ever sell it either, too many good memories.

SilverSlug3968d ago

You bought a PS3 without BC and now you want it for free?

I should cry, my toaster doesn't make tea :(

PirosThe4th3968d ago

I bought it right when it the backwards compatibility stopped... the fist 40gb.
I don't care about it. Ps2 games look and feel great on my old 29"crt tv XD

It's just the same way I played it before.

Death3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Sony didn't remove b/c because of the price. They did it to keep the PS2 market going which was profitable at the time. You need to step down to reality and stop looking down on people who couldn't afford to pay $599 for a came console. You make it sound like Sony had no responsibility for it's low launch sales. Sony choose to release a console that not many people could afford.

The PS3 is obviously powerful enough to be b/c without the EE/GS chips. Sony is not recreating these "collections" from the ground up for PS3. They are essentially keeping the system from playing PS2 games that we already own so they can resell them to us again. Seems like a popular trend since they tried it already with the PSPgo that plays zero games in our PSP collections.

Call me crazy, but I think the PS3 should be b/c still and if SOny wants to remake old classics then people should have the choice of playing their old games or buy new remakes if that makes them happy.


Dragun6193968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

This Article is basically full of win.
"Backwards compatibility on the PS3, to be honest, has always been overrated. Not all games worked, and the picture quality was sub HD. The picture and audio quality of a Blu-Ray is vastly superior to PS2 games."

Yet, a few people still want PS2 BC. And then accuse Sony of Milking them.

"For those that think Sony is just trying to nickel and dime them, don't buy the games. It really is that simple."

Yeah, it's that simple, just don't buy them. Let the younger generation of PS3 owners and Those that passed these PS2 games up last gen to experience what they missed and play them in smooth 60 fps, trophies, and properly upscaled to 720p. I mean, Who doesn't want a Team Ico collection with these features. It would also definitely help these classic PS2 titles survive the test of time with the generation calling for more better graphics n such.
There's so much benefits yet I'm dumbfounded that people just don't want them.

SaiyanFury3968d ago

Since I never had all of the Sly Cooper games on my PS2, I fully plan on buying the HD collection. Shyte, all 3 games in HD with trophy support and whatnot for 40 dollars, that's a hell of a deal. Personally, I would love to see the Champions of Norrath games in HD. Sony Online Entertainment made the games so it's not out of the realm of possibility that they could come. Some of my best PS2 gaming game from Champions 1 and 2. I'd love to see them.

BYE3968d ago

I consider BC as a bonus from Sony to the early adopters. If you were late, it's your fault for not getting it, simple as that.

Usually early adopters are screwed a year after their purchase of new technology, in this case, they won.

Ju3968d ago

I got a launch PS3. I fully expected Sony to drop BC at some point in time. Sony is known for running cost optimization over time; I did however expect them to add SW emulation and it just wasn't ready at launch. Today I don't bother much about it (I only have one phat PS3, the two others don't have BC) and I don't really miss it.

What I wanted is HD PS2 games with a stable frame rate. Some (if not most) of my PS2 games (on DVD!) are scratched anyway. Wear and tear over the years and exposed to the kids. LOL. Now, refreshing them on BD and in HD totally makes sense to me. Looking forward to more classic collection titles.

gynecologistcobra3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

I agree.

I'm not saying they shouldn't make HD remakes- I am absolutely all for that. I would love to have my entire PS2 collection in HD, but we all know damn well that this won't happen for every PS2 game, which is why we need backwards compatibility. For the games that are updated, great, I'll get the updates. (though it's stupid for me to pay full price again for trophies and HD) However, we should still get backwards compatibility.

And "keep playing them on your PS2" isn't a fair argument. I don't want to have to plug in my PS2 over and over if Sony could easily enable backwards compatibility. And if you don't own a PS2, you should be able to pick up old titles and chuck 'em on your PS2. I genuinely do not understand why people are saying they don't want an added feature on their PS3.

jneul3968d ago

you should have bought a BC PS3 then, or just use your ps2, ps2 games look outdated when they are played through BC Ps3.
With the HD Collection you get 1080fps graphics, trophies, and 60fps framerate, now stop winging

BattleAxe3968d ago

Hey StoneySweatLeafs............GE T A JOB!!! or just keep your PS2 and stop whining.

PeterGriffinSays3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

If you don't care about PS2 games, get a slim or any other PS3. But the 60 GB is a must for people who still return to their old classics. F*ck this "Classic HD" shyt. I swear all these companies just wanna nickel and dime their customers.

If they gon do HD remakes, they better put some effort into it rather than simply "up" the quality. The Sly Collection is on the right track. Hopefully others follow.

GMWPS33968d ago

I mean if older games tickle you fancy, what about your PS1 collection? Or that doesn't matter since you know you can play it on your PS3 even if you never do? :-))

ABizzel13967d ago

1) Honestly how many of you still have your PS1 & PS2 games?

I do, because I knew the PS3 was going to be Backwards compatible so I kept my favorite games.

2) How many of you knew Sony was cutting BC out of the PS3, but still wouldn't buy one before it was too late?

3) How many of you actually use BC often?

I don't. I use it only when friends come over to revist some old games.

4) How many of you are making a big deal out of this just for the sake of complaining?

Answer most of you. If BC is that important to you trade in your PS3 and buy an older model PS3, or buy a PS2 which are $50 used.

pain777pas3967d ago

Some of us are enjoying that right now sorry to rub it in however, if everything is remastered and some things are much clearer these games will be even more appreciated than before. Konami should release all the MGS series like this. Shadow and Ratchet will be on the way and Jak should probably be a lock.

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ClownBelt3968d ago


Sony loves to nickel and dime since they don't give their userbase ANY option for that matter.../s

The_Zeitgeist3968d ago

I'd rather play my PS2 games in HD.

gynecologistcobra3968d ago

Christ, you guys are fucking retarded. The "/s" on the end means she/he's being sarcastic.


Otheros003968d ago

Ico collection in HD!!!

The_Zeitgeist3968d ago

Exactly!!! How could you not want to play games like that on a Blu Ray?

Lucreto3968d ago

I like the idea of remakes. It gives the opportunity to play games we have missed last generation. I was too young to get the GOW games as the shop wouldn't sell them to me as I was under 18 as the time. I was happy I got to play the collection.

Colonel-Killzone3968d ago

People can easily buy the 60 Gig if they wanna play their old PS2 games. Anyway I don't mind the remakes. I prefer them IMO. They should start doing them and selling some on the Playstation Store.

Coheno3968d ago

Why even 60gb? They can keep playing on the PS2!

gynecologistcobra3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

So, you're saying "Don't buy the updated systems if you want to play old games!" right? Because that's dumb.

And no one is saying they can't make remakes, but it's too time consuming to do it for everything. Remakes are great, but saying that remakes should happen in lieu of BC is stupid. Unless Sony is willing to remake the entire PS2 catalog (they aren't.) then BC is still necessary.

I should not have to buy a PS2 again if Sony can easily re-enable BC. It is not "simple as that." And them not owning every franchise is EXACTLY why they should enable BC- so we can play them without having to wait for the developers to remake it, especially since many developers can't or aren't willing to.

Colonel-Killzone3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Sony does not own all of those games. They belong to other developers. Buy a PS2 if you wanna play it or buy a PS3 simple as that. Sony can only do the games they own. Like Sly Cooper etc. They can't do Games like Grand Theft Auto or FF because they don't own the rights to them.

I would like BC more then the next person but its not happening. We will just need to move on because its removed and we all need to just deal with it. If anything people will have to buy a PS2 again or if they want buy a BC PS3.

How do you know if they can easily re-enable it ? LOL no offense but that is stupid. Unless you are a developer and have knowledge on the hardware then you can't say its easy to do that.

People bought into that rumor of a custom firmware update to enable PS2 games. Which was completely false I hope you didn't believe that rumor.

Sony was nice enough to do the remakes. They didn't have to do anything. End of the day BC is gone. All the ranting is not gonna bring it back. Not saying your ranting but you know what I mean.

electrolemon3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )


The way PS3 backwards compatiblity functions is not hardware-based- modifiying the BIOS can allow for PS2 backwards compatibility in the same way that they have allowed for PS1 backwards compatiblity via PSN. Believe it or not, they only modify the code a bit to allow for distribution and compatibility, and this code can be further applied to the entire system. That's not speculation- that's cold hard knowledge.

And let's assume that it is a hardware-based function. Sony REMOVED that function. They could even put it back in, but they haven't because they make more money without it. Sony isn't "nice enough to make remakes". You act as if remaking old games is an act of generosity rather than an opportunity to make money, in the same way that "25th Anniversary Special Edition" films are.

Colonel-Killzone3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Listen Man I don't care I really don't lol. Point blank is its gone. You wanna play your old games buy a PS2 or a 60 gig. Because thats the only way your playing all of your old games.

You must not get what I mean by nice enough. Remember back in 2009 when they had their little survey Of the God of war collections ? Yea thats what I meant. Companies care about money you would be a fool to think otherwise. I would do the samething if people are willing to shove the cash why not take it off and Do HD remakes. Thats the logical thing to do. If you want it that badly go modify your Bios and play your old games.

Ju3968d ago

"go modify your Bios and play your old games"

LOL. That was funny. With cold hard knowledge, I might add.

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Gue13968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

60GB PS3 are not reliable, I had one but it failed. And having a PS2 hooked up to my TV with the Wii and hometheater at the same time it's a mess... Too many cables and shit around and I still play PSX games too, I just beat Chrono Trigger like 2 hours ago but at least the PS3 slim plays those. Now imagine my poor HDtv hooked up to these many consoles: PSX, PS2, Wii and on top of all that a hometheater and a PS3... My god!

Beside, I want to play some SMT Noctune next while I wait for GT5 and LBP2 so, where's my HD classic remake to play on my PS3? Nowhere to be seen and it's never going to happen. =(

PirosThe4th3968d ago

lulz I actually have 2 tvs in my room. One Full hdtv with ps3 and pc hooked to it. And a 29inch tv for my ps2... lol...