Shogun Gamer: Crackdown 2 Review

Casey White writes: "Crackdown 2 is pure and un-adulterated fun. From start to finish the game is all about creating your own experience. Whether you want to spend hours roaming rooftops for agility orbs, or pound the pavement to clean up the streets with up to three friends, there's a little something for everyone that makes this a must-have for any Xbox owner."

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Anton Chigurh3957d ago

Another great game for Gamers.

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N4PS3G3957d ago

Sad, but i hope this game fails bad (so something good comes out of Crackdown 3). That should force them to make an impressive sequel that ups the bar to compete with others and not a rushed game done in 8 month with a rehashed city, little evolution and same graphics.

Worst of all is that it sells for $60

Why o why3957d ago

you KNOW you cant say that. I mean its all about gameplay for some here. Wanting technically better games is something for ps3 fanbois ONLY.... /s

At least you're honest and how'd you know about the dev time

Boody-Bandit3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

I'm disappointed as well.
I was hoping for more from this game.

It's still a lot of fun to play but it could have and should have been so much better.

Chuk53957d ago

Your talking out of your ass.I doubt you've played the game and are regurgitating what fools are saying on this site. Play it thoroughly before you talk.

HDgamer3957d ago

Look he doesn't play games only sales and reviews. I'm pretty sure this game is better than the first.

Gaetano3957d ago

I liked it. It's a solid 7/10, because so many of the problems from the first are just carried over, with no new things that excel (there are new aspects, but none that blow your mind). It's great fun, but I loved the first. I just hope that with the sequel (and the ending suggests a third sequel) we see a new city, more customization with the Agents, better aiming, better mission structure and a story. Yep, the game has all of of those issues. And yet it's still great fun.

bomboclaat_gamer3957d ago

ur opinion is not needed if you pirated the game

Gaetano3957d ago

if by "pirated the game" you mean "review copy" and by "not needed" you mean "expected", then yeah, I agree with you.

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