Realtime Worlds need APB partner for console version

M2G Writes:

Dave Jones has said Realtime Worlds need a publishing partner if a console version of APB is ever to materialise.

Speaking in a recent interview, Jones said the game will only come to consoles should a major partner express interest.

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Blaze9293960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

It's pretty obvious EA will handle publishing. They distribute the Windows version already.

Real question is will LIVE allow them to make a console version, at least on the Xbox 360 (as the game was originally planned for).

THC CELL3961d ago

Sony have the best online

Dc universe

Letros3960d ago

Wonder why you left out SW: Galaxies

DJKGBYF3960d ago

Yeah thanks a lot. Now you made me remember I wasted 3 years with that game from 2003 to 2006.

-MD-3960d ago

The best online what?

CrippleH3960d ago

I rather not have Sony partner up with them. APB got freaking in game radio commercials. Any game that makes ad invade games should die.

SOAD3960d ago

in-game advertising offsets development cost.

Enate3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

That doesn't even bother me to be honest I can't even remember hearing one. What's bothering me is after putting down 50 bucks for this game. Its flaws are seriously starting to show an they are glaring. Balancing is a huge issue, I can't tell you how many times my crew of four had to fight a crew of like 6-8. That were better equipped by a long shot. Unbalanced architecture allowing for some of the most ridiculous defense position ever. Especially when you have an objective out in the open with 90 places for the enemy to camp at before you get there. An clearing them out is a mess when you are highly out numbered. An can't clear the entire area before the respond people are on your back after spawning in prime position behind your sniper.

The optimization of the game is a nightmare right now. You've got people having issues all over the board from cpu issues to people having low frames that have 5970's.

DJKGBYF3960d ago

You do realize that DC Universe and The Agency are going to be run by SOE. SOE has nothing to do with MAG, Warhawk, or Killzone. SOE is probably one of the worst companies you could have to run an online game.

tdrules3960d ago

no Everquest
Two unreleased games.
lol fail

r1sh123960d ago

haha no..
Mag sucks, killzone has some serious graphics but the gameplay is a little clunky.
I like it, but I wish i could jump and shoot, and not have to toggle aim down sight.
games like call of duty red dead etc..
are the best online games.
Im sure its very similar on the ps3 as it is with the xbox.
eveyrone plays those games.

nickjkl3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

go play call of duty

i like killzone better because its more realistic it doesnt have people jumping out of windows auto aiming with guns and then thinking their leet as they commando the guy thats 7 feet in front of them while teleporting past the guys claymores

i know this i did it before and iw as like that shouldnt be possible

and you do know there's a setting to change the ADS right

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BlackIceJoe3961d ago

I hope APB comes to the PS3 & 360. Because I would like to give the game a try & do not use my PC for gaming that much. So a console version would be great.

TheBuIIetSponge3960d ago

I'd definitely get it for the consoles, it will be a while before I get a good PC.

i_am_interested3960d ago

whos going to want to publish this flop

T9X693960d ago

Who wanted to have you as a child? If your going to be a baby, go get your breast milk from your mommy in a different article. Stupid troll.

i_am_interested3960d ago

im sorry i insulted your flop of a game

did your daddy direct this game?

sharif6993960d ago

Lol wow did you really reply to someones opinion of a game with "Who wanted to have you as a child?"?

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