Japanese Developers Get Their Hands on Kinect

While not public, like PlayStation Move's showing at the World Hobby Fair, Kinect made its Japanese debut at the 2010 Game Tools and Middleware Forum July 1 in Tokyo. The show was widely attended by Japanese game makers, and it was the first chance for many of them to play around with the new motion controller.

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Rainstorm813970d ago

The Kinectimals are shy

Then BAM!

The attack comes from the two skittles you didnt even know was there.

thewrathman3970d ago

you do know there is a ps3 MOVE game that involves washing a little monkey.

gynecologistcobra3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )


Look, we get it. Kinectimals is stupid- we all fucking get that, because we are not children. Children will love it, but that's not the fucking point.

You understand what "EyePet" is, right? Because it's essentially Kinectimals Plus.

Now shut the fuck up. Kinectimals jokes stopped being funny when E3 ended. New jokes.

Rainstorm813970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Theres also one where you kill helghast (KZ3) and one where thats a tactical shooter (socom4).

I dont play with Baby tigers or Baby monkeys for that matter.


Sad that you arent interested yet feel the urge to defend it, i agree kinectimals and eyepet are for children but until MS shows off something that isnt child friendly then Kinect will be the topic of many jokes. Even worse......I never even brought up MOVE im not a die hard motion guy...LLS.....ill be playing both move games i mentioned with a DS3 ..... and wont be playing Kinect at all till they show something worth buying it for........ Finally Grow a sense of humor i didnt just piss on your wife. Its a shytty childrens game dont be so sensitive

DelbertGrady3970d ago

Teh Kinect is so much worse than teh Moves *nervous laughter*

Dragun6193970d ago

"While not public" ?

@ Above talking about Kinectimals and Eye pet
Looks like you guys haven't heard of the Truth Phones, have you?

Fake animals ftw

dragonelite3970d ago

Forget skynet watch out for skittles.

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EvilBlackCat3970d ago

"there was a relatively widespread concern that Microsoft's new device would be imprecise, slow, and laggy"

thanks to loyalists on the internet

"On the other hand, those same developers described a very specific effective distance for the device. Responsiveness became a problem If they got too close or too far away. Specifically, they had to be around seven to nine feet away from to the device for it to work properly. Several players expressed concern about how Kinect would work in Japanese homes, which tend to be significantly smaller than those in the west"

that is true and i bet that its going to be adjustable

AAACE53970d ago

Kinectimals is for the kids just like Eyepet!

Did you forget about Eyepet already, or were you just trying to make fun of the competition?

You may laugh at Kinectimals, but it is similar to a little game called Nintendogs! You may not know this, but Nintendogs sold millions! And we all know how girls like cats.... especially like tigers and such!

But go ahead... have your fun! It is pretty goofy until you realize what they are trying to do with it.

Megaton3970d ago

"It was the first chance for many of them to play around with the motion controller."

Shenanigans. Thinking back on those PR vids Microsoft released last year with a small army of Japanese developers praising this thing to the heavens.

gynecologistcobra3970d ago

Right, because these are the same developers from those PR videos from last year, and all Japanese people are the same.

BillOreilly3970d ago

its cool its new its got potential i just want to see that potential relized before i buy

KingKiff3970d ago

This could result in some disturbing games if it is an easy platfrom to develop on. Not sure if it is, but Rapelay Kinetic comes to mind.


BillOreilly3970d ago

wait for apps like the iphone tv compatability no more remotes pc hookup to surf web tell it where to go and your there this tech will be huge it will take a few years for it to be fully relized but it is amazing thats why fanboys get butthurt they will be surfing sony tvs with kinect lol seriously though there is so much potential it kills me cause i doubt it will be realized its more than hitting a red ball i just hope ms sees this also and markets it for pc and tvs and doesnt let it be stuck as a casual add on it will still do well but it could be like windows something everyone who uses a product has to have using a tv without it would be like a pc w\o windows or sdtv old school

asyouburn3970d ago

channel surf standing up, bro. my tv remote works just fine from the couch

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