Can Metal Gear Solid: Rising rise over Guns of the Patriots?

GamingBolt: Metal Gear Solid, a franchise which has spanned over two decades (24 years to be precise) is one of the most respected series around in the video games industry.

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Nike3957d ago

They're two different games. Saying if MGS: Rising can go above and beyond Guns of the Patriots or not is like saying if Ninja Gaiden can rise over Demon's Souls - ultimately inconsequential.

Rigmaster3957d ago

One is a crappy 'action spinoff' that Kojima has nothing to do with that is being worked on by some other team that has no involvement with the real Metal Gear games. The game is so bad Kojima disowned it at last year's E3 the day after it was announced.

One is one of the masterpieces of this generation.

Different doesn't begin to describe them.

KingKiff3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

I am a MGS fanyboy if anything and I like the look of this game (water melon chopping looks cool). But having said that I don't think it will do a service to the MGS name like previous titles have done.

MGS is not about action, it is about stealth and 1 man having the odds stacked against him considerably, trying to figure out the best way to finish each section was what made the games so great. One can't forget things like holding up guards and collecting dog tags, or trying to finish the game without being spotted once or without killing anybody. The replay value of all previous titles is through the roof as you can go about the games so many different ways (especially in MGS3) and I cant see this game having that same replay value seeing as there is only one type of combat from what I have seen. If the games revolves around sword fighting your way through every section then the next play through will be very similar to the last.

Looks fun but not in the same class as previous MGS titles.

I juts hope it does not intrude on the MGS story line.

Rainstorm813957d ago

To sit here and say MGS:R looks like a bad game asanine. It looks good , gameplay looks like it will be a blast, but the comparisions are unfounded.

a.its not out, so no one can play and compare

2.MGS:R looks like its a better competitor against Ninja Gaiden.

and d. MGS4 is a proven game which ultimatly make this article flamebait nothing more.

^(home Alone ref.)

Off Topic:
Alot of flamebait articles today, must be part of the 4th's fireworks celebration

morganfell3957d ago

One is an action game. The other is pure artistry from a master craftsman bringing down the curtain(and the entire house) on an epic story over 20 years in the making.

mastiffchild3957d ago

Couldn't agree more Morgan. I really couldn't. Rising is, indeed, an action game and change of pace AND direction for games bearing the series name.

Nothing to stop it being a great game(though, personally, I wasn't too impressed by what I saw from E3 this year but that's possibly just me-it looked a bit laboured to my eyes)but matching what I, and man, consider to be THE outstanding game of this generation and that tied up the single most ambitious story in all gaming history is unlikely to say the least and, more than likely, asking WAY too much of Koj's young team. I'm sure they're talented but to eclipse the genius boss man first time without wearing the stabilisers? Doubtful, very doubtful.

Man In Black3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

"I am a MGS fanyboy "

Might wanna fix that typo, bud.

gynecologistcobra3957d ago

You are a blind fanboy, and what you say no longer holds meaning. Go away.

Eamon3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Wow, the haters really bash on Rising with so much SPITE!

The game isn't out yet and we only saw a couple of minutes of footage which won't even appear in the final game.

The producer even said they made that demo in the trailer just to give an brief idea of the game to people.

The irony is, the haters would have a completely different view if it wasn't multiplatform lol.

TotalPS3Fanboy3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Like a blockbuster summer movie, full of action and fun, but nothing deep and having no real complexities.

The other is a masterpiece in everything, from music to to storyline, to gameplays and everything else.

So which is better? Clearly, MGS4 is a better game, but that doesn't mean Rising will not be fun.

It's like comparing the greateest movie ever made to Transformer.

Spenok3957d ago

Lmao dude, did you notice how when you were giving bulletpoints for your reasons you went from:






I just thought it was funny how you couldnt decide if you wanted to use letters, or numbers.

Anyway on topic i agree with said points.

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thereapersson3957d ago

This is like asking

"Can Halo Wars rise over Killzone 2?"

Imperator3957d ago

Not even close. Rising isn't even a true MGS game so no chance in hell.

gynecologistcobra3957d ago

... Except, it is. Hence the name "Metal Gear Solid: Rising".

asyouburn3957d ago

no. they shoehorned metal gear into a cutting tech demo they already had, in order to sell the game to people whocant sit through long cutscenes or have the patience for stealth gameplay. they slap the metal gear solid name on the box for people like you to go "oh its so much better than mgs4!" even though the gameplay is no longer recognizable as mgs.

AAACE53957d ago

They are two different games and you know it will get bashed by long time fans for not playing exactly like the previous MGS games! Similar to what FFXIII faced!

Even if the game turns out to be one of the best MGS games released, it will still get bashed for one reason or another... and the 360 will be blamed for all of it!

Crusade3957d ago

Since you brought up Demon's Souls this article is now about demon's souls. Anyone make a high dex/magic build yet?

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ClownBelt3957d ago

In sales? Most likely since it's a multiplat.
In quality? Who knows.

Batzi3957d ago

That's the answer I was expecting. No one here played the damn game and we still don't know what and how it plays like. Until now it looks very interesting but we cannot base our decisions on this footage only. Remember that was only to demonstrate the "cutting" effect in the game and what to expect.

-Mezzo-3957d ago

Nothing can be said as of now, we know nothing about the game, not much is shown.

But up until now i have never been disappointed with a Metal Gear Game.

asyouburn3957d ago

konami has never before used the metal gear name to pander to western audiences until now.

xcroptic3957d ago

I must say its going to be interesting, but its difficult to beat Old Snake and the awesome stealth gameplay

IHateYouFanboys3957d ago

to me, Rising cant be WORSE than MGS4, even if its terrible.

MGS will go down as one of my top 5 games of all time. MGS2, however convoluted it was, will probably be in the top 20. MGS4 is on my worst 5 games list.

KingKiff3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

I really would like to know, MGS4 was great but not legendary as most will say, but worst 5? I would need some reasons to believe this or I will consider you a blind fanboy for that one.

EDIT: How can you disagree with my comment? I don't think one would be able to agree either, debate or go away button hitters.

morganfell3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

The answer is simple...

@biggame below:

He doesn't have a reason. There is no reason in an act of pure, blind, hatred driven jealousy. MGS4 is the most screamed about an wanted exclusive ever.

There is no game that has had as many "Title X is now coming to platform X" as we have seen articles concerning MGS4 coming to the 360. And all those articles are driven by one thing. Want. Desire. Jealousy. Let him have his hatred. You can sit back and laugh knowing full well the true reason for such angst.

gynecologistcobra3957d ago


Most wanted exclusive ever? That is so far from the truth it's gross. I'm not saying MGS4 isn't great (I haven't had a chance to play it yet) but it is not "the most wanted exclusive ever."

Eamon3957d ago

morganfell, you do realise Kojima Productions made the game, not you?

jealousy... ROFL.

As if people are that sad mate.
And you talk as if you made the game personally haha.

scofios3957d ago

That Picture made me LoL .
+ Bubble

IHateYouFanboys3957d ago

I'm not jealous, as I own MGS4. why would I be jealous of something I own?

I just was not a fan of what they did to the series. 10 hours of cutscenes to go with a very short amount of game play.

They also basically just made it a straight up shooter with the drebin points basically giving you unlimited ammo of every weapon in the game. Stealth not required.

Also, the ridiculous installs and load times. You can't just load different saves from different levels without 10 mins of installs! That's a joke.

So as a HUGE metal gear solid fan, you can see why I thought MGS4 was rubbish. It took away everything that made the others good. It also went the third person view instead of the traditional top down view.

morganfell3957d ago

You said:

"You can't just load different saves from different levels without 10 mins of installs! That's a joke.

Now here is the truth:

8 Minutes = first install, when you start the game.

Then before each act, the time it takes to install is as follows

Act 2 – 3 mins
Act 3 – 3 mins
Act 4 – 2 mins
Act 5 – 1 min

Proof you have either:

A - Never played the game and are thus a liar.

B - Knew the install times and are intentionally lying about the truth out of, what was it I said, "Want. Desire. Jealousy."

Also the gameplay times as posted by numerous REAL reviewers proves the gameplay totals more than the cutscenes. Beside that is the fact IT'S KOJIMA! HELLO! ANYONE THERE? AND IT'S A METAL GEAR GAME. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? THIS HAS BEEN THE EVOLUTION ALL THROUGHOUT THE SERIES. HE HAS BEEN MOVING TOWARD A MORE CINEMATIC PRESENTATION SINCE THE FIRST GAME.

And you are wrong again. Since MGS, no Metal Gear game has been top down. It is an isometric view - far different than top down and it had the ability to go into first person when static. First person was required for several key moments in all the games since MGS. can't fly a missile through an air vent in isometric. Can't shoot down a Harrier or battle Metal gear completely in isometric. The lsit goes on and on.

Stealth is a choice in MGS4. So now you're mad because every gamer isn't forced to experience the game the way you prefer?

I can only imagine your opinion of the latest Splinter Cell.

Now one has to question whether you have ever played any Metal Gear game. Wait, you said MGS2 would be in the top 20. That's right, there was an Xbox version. Now it is clear.

Either way you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

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biggame9013957d ago

I would like to know your reasons as well. If you don't like MGS4, that's one thing, but calling it worst 5 games? That bordering on fanboyism.

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