Pixel Smashers Battle Royal: Kinect vs. Move vs. Wii

The motion battle is about to begin who will win? We have all seen the tech demos and drooled over the possibilities, so who will it be? Will it be Sony’s Move, Microsoft’s Kinect, or will Nintendo’s Wii still remain top dog? First let’s analyze each in detail...

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matey3964d ago

Wiimote dominates MOVE without M+ the proof is how badly the public reacted to Brunswick bowling on ps3 MOVE it wasnt even a % of what WiiSports Bowling is and WiiTennis,WiiGolf ect kick MOVE in the nuts then we have FPS games like Reflex,WAR,Heros2,MP3,Conduit, ect not to mention Blackops with IR comfirmed,Then u have NHL Slapshot which uses wiimote/nunchuck in a special way to make it super realistic ect no M+,Then u have M+ in Zelda wii,Tigerwoods 11 that has most realistic video game golf swing ever,NHL 2K 11 which has u braking ur stick balancing chuck on end of stick ect power of swing determined by the player ect,The spec of wiimote is better than MOVE devs having problems with MOVE/KINECT with lag ect wii doesnt have lag its instant,Wii doesnt rely on a camera for anything a camera makes things laggy and casual becase its not instant wiimote wasnt meant to have M+ from the start because it wasnt small enough or cheap enough to intergrate into wiimote back in late 2006 FULL STOP people dont listen to FACTS we got M+ soon as it was possible,Wiimote has proven to be more realistic with wiisports ect MOVE has had maybe a 10th of the impact and thats not because it came out last its because wiisports demoed the strength of motions better than Brunswick bowling on MOVE ect people are jumping the gun with MOVE its not proved itself yet on the market and with what ive seen so far it has no chance the wii will have Grinder,Conduit2,Blackops,Sava ge7,PES11,New M+ Starwars Game,Suda51/EA Horror Game using wii version of Unreal Engine 3 ect,Zelda-oh that demoed level wasnt even from the game google it,Lots more proof of wii motions that have already proved themself on market theres alot more Fatal frame 4,Silenthill wii,amazing use of a flashlight both using different methods but both the most effective flashlight ever in a video game Brunswick bowling EPIC FAIL compared to a 2006 wii game FULLSTOP and cameras on tvs not for me it didnt work for My Shape from ubisoft but wii fit works amazingly why no laggy cameras for motion FACT.

DrDreadlox3964d ago

Not hard to reign supreme when it's the only one that is out FACT.

The best motion controller for me is the one I'm getting; Move FULLSTOP