Is PC gaming set for a comeback?

PC gaming has sunk from its once mighty heights, thanks to a combination of factors like console penetration, piracy and the huge inherent variability in PC hardware setups.

These have interacted in various ways to push the PC to third class citizen for many gaming genres, especially the kind of high adrenaline action games that were once the PC's bread and butter.

This has led to the situation where once proud PC developers have wholeheartedly adopted console development.

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ExplosionSauce3961d ago


I don't think PC gaming ever left in the first place. Sure, attention might have been deviated from it to consoles a little bit, but PC has always been there and it's huge.

evrfighter3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

It went from

"PC gaming is really falling apart,"
-EPIC CEO blaming piracy on Unreal's sales, refusing to believe they made a mediocre product.

"During a QuakeCon Q&A panel, Kevin Cloud, co-owner of Id and exec producer on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, responded to a question about PC games disappearing from retailer's shelves by saying that piracy was "killing PC games."
-This was from 2006. About the time the digital distribution train started rolling and they didn't even know it existed...That and AGAIN Quake Wars was a mediocre product.

"Cevat Yerli: It is certainly. We are suffering currently from the huge piracy that is encompassing Crysis. We seem to lead the charts in piracy by a large margin, a chart leading that is not desirable. I believe that’s the core problem of PC Gaming, piracy. To the degree PC Gamers that pirate games inherently destroy the platform. Similar games on consoles sell factors of 4-5 more. It was a big lesson for us and I believe we wont have PC exclusives as we did with Crysis in future. We are going to support PC, but not exclusive anymore. "
-Crytek CEO

He made this comment shortly after Crysis was released and considered a failure. HOWEVER shortly after when hardware began to catch up. Cevat has to eat his words while he's forced to try and sell Crysis 2 to the console kids by bashing the competition. sucks to be you Yerli

The perception that Crysis was a financial flop. (Hardly - the game sold nearly 1.5 million copies worldwide, says EA) -Gamesradar 2008

It's safe to say it's broken the 2 million mark here in 2010 and I probably wouldn't be wrong if I said it's closer to 3 million on the pc since it's gone to steam not too long ago.


"after seeing that their digital distribution branch [mostly through Steam, EA's own solution is PITA like Games For Windows are] scored a 60% revenue increase. Now, EA's CEO is praising PC as a "gaming platform for the future"
-EA CEO shortly after seeing how much money steam made them

"I was born on PC," he told Switched. "The PC was this thing that was completely open-ended. That felt great and when I skipped over to the consoles it felt like being slightly imprisoned by this box... But hey guess what? Now they keep giving us this new hardware stuff. Natal and Move... it feels a bit more PCish."

He continued: "The surprising thing about the PC, that is just starting to happen now, is that gaming is being reborn on the PC."
-Peter Molyneux a month or two ago.

even better yet. Square Enix is giving us FF14 almost a year ahead of the ps3. Says volumes about how confident they are in pc gaming.

Here we are in 2010 and Epic president is also eating his words trying to make up with pc gamers yet he STILL refuses to say they made a mediocre product that only console kids would buy.

I'm over Epic this gen. Give me a quality pc title that takes advantage of today's hardware and not some shoddy last gen shooter with a higher res and I might take a look at it.

Perjoss3961d ago

to say that PC gaming never left is true, but its also true that not many top games these days are lead platform on PC compared to on consoles. The major devs seem to have shifted and this is not very good for PC gaming imo, I've just seen too many shoddy ports.

Conloles3961d ago

What comeback? As far as I can tell its still dominating so what is there to comeback to?

Substance1013961d ago

If anything PC gaming has been growing steadily despite recession. Last years games software sales alone were at 13.1billlion usd which was 3% ahead of the previous year.

Highend hardware purchases were at 9billion usd, its estimated 50% of which was for gaming that would put hardware alone at 4.5billion usd.

ATI in its first 5months of release of 5000series release managed to sell 6million gaming capable gpus (thats only ATI 5000 series doesnt even count older series or Nvidia who has a larger market share).

Mean while on the other hand, console sale have been tanking. Year on year console software and hardware sales are down. 2009 being 9% worse then 2008. 2010 so far being worse then what 2009 was half way.

Id would say overall console gaming is on a decline, no matter what the media wants us to belive and by the time next gen consoles are going to be released maybe 2014-2015 they will need to build a base again from 0. Mean while PC DD keeps going and doesnt reset. By 2014 steam and other DD services might have already exceeded 100million users, good luck for consoles to catch up.

KingKiff3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

PC gaming never went anyway to begin with.

FUD article.

KingKiff3961d ago

The moral of the story being that people tend to talk a lot of sh1t and change their minds frequently.

Don't believe anyone in the industry as they all talk up the platform that pays them and talk down the rest. I am looking squarely at you MS

evrfighter3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )


totally understand that.

Just these douchebags pretty much started what's being called the dark age of pc gaming. They left the pc realm pretty much telling the industry not to develop for the pc "zomg Piratez!!!". In doing so the industry decided to play it safe and give us console ports going on some years now.

All because they were clueless at why their games weren't selling. HELLOOO mediocrity isn't gonna sell when BF2, 2142, Cod 4, TF2, CSS were still in their prime.

No love here for either of them until they give something back to the pc community.

BattleAxe3961d ago

If I'm a sign of things to come, as a hardcore console player and specificly a Sony fanboy, I gotta say that I'm loving STEAM right now. I've got so many games on my Steam account that its gonna be hard to decide which platform to game on.

Obviously though, Socom4, Killzone3, Resistance3 and Uncharted 3 are my top priorities as far as new releases comming out.

Substance1013961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Steam is an awesome platform.

Though remember one thing. Every game bought on steam will not only run this gen, Next gen when you might be upgrading to a 1600p TV. You wont have to pay anyone to Up res those games for you. They just will run on the next HD res.

With consoles you are forced to buy the same game again and again. Sony might as well sell you a 1080p version of uncharted with the PS4.

However when PS5 comes out they might have to remake a 1600p version lol its a never ending cycle. Lets not even talk about backward compatibility PC rocks in that department.

For multiplats PC is the obvious platform to go for. Games are cheaper, i recently purchased bioshock 2 for 14usd let me know where i can get that price on console lol.

Picked up metro 2033 for 24usd which again is an awesome game, those prices just are untouchable by a console, not to mention no BC later on in a few years time.

outrageous3961d ago

The PC as we no it is done...PC's will be built into EVERY TV built in a very short time. How big is a lap top. With chips twice as small and 10 times more powerful, you can expect TV's to be the PC's of the future. Think of an Apple tablet only the 52" variety. The Internet will be the future media center of the world. It is already here if you take the time to look.

sid4gamerfreak3961d ago

hey thats my avatar!

yea..anyway, pc gaming doesnt need to come back in gaming it already flourishes and is doing even better than consoles...

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playstation_clan3961d ago

its not going to get more popular, its just there for an alternative. I use it for 360 exclusive so-called games like mass effect.

PirosThe4th3961d ago

lol I get all the multiplatforms and 360 "exclusives" on pc... and it can also be used to play Wii games...
You can play with wiimote and ps3 controller
So what else? PC gaming still there!

I have a ps3 for exclusives....

Tony-A3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

I think it'll always be there. The PC is like a giant iPhone (without the touch-screen for most and not as strict). It plays games, but it isn't what most of them are built for.

Because there are so many PCs in homes, it can play games as just another feature. Farmville and pretty much any Blizzard game will show that gaming on the PC will always be it's own thing. I don't think it's set for a "comeback" because it's always been there. I mean, what's it coming back to? The gaming industry? Going against consoles? The thing has, like, 3 major platforms for playing games and they all distance themselves as their own thing (Internet Browser, Steam, Games for Windows).

It's an entirely different beast.

Rainstorm813961d ago


PC gaming in a nutshell

Theo11303961d ago

Though I could see it come back stronger if Microsoft and Sony do go down the path of solely making Move and Kinetic based games. Where Pc becomes where traditional games live, such as FPS's, Hardcore Rpg's, and regular games we are used to

tdrules3961d ago

PC has had many features that consoles are only implementing now, such as Dedicated Servers, cross game chat, HD, digital distribution.

name something consoles have that PC owners have yet to get and maybe you would make sense.

and motion control isn't new, see Track IR 5

snaileri3961d ago

You mentioned HD.
Isn't the resolution of console games constantly dropping just so that they could maintain playable frame rates?

Like, we see 640p resolution in MW2, KillZone3, Alan Wake etc.
HD consoles my ass.

I'll keep playing on PC with my 2560x1600 monitor. (yes, I have a 30" display)

PirosThe4th3961d ago

damn... I only got fullhd display on my computer! but it got hdmi to play ps3 too... lulz

hoops3961d ago

PC gaming is always one or two steps ahead of consoles.

PC gaming was doing HD resoltuions during the early PS2 and late PS1 days. (something these consoles even today struggle with)

PC gaming was doing it at 60+ frames per second during the 1990's (something these consoles even today struggle with)

PC gaming used Motion controls before consoles.

PC gaming does 3D gaming in actual HD 1080P at 60 fps

PC gaming plays your games and programs on 3 monitors or up to 12 (Something these consoles will never ever do)

PC gaming never went anywhere. It was always here...just getting better.

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