Activision To “Aggressively Support” Efforts To Connect PCs To TVs

If Activision Blizzard CEO, Bobby Kotick, has his way, a future generation of television-compatible PCs could, perhaps, provide a viable alternative to a videogame consoles, according to a report by the Financial Times.

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evrfighter3959d ago

only way that's gonna happen is if M$ makes a gamers version of windows. highly customizable yet simple for the average joe to use. It would have to be extremely easy for the people that just buy video cards and slap it in without knowing what a driver is.

Probably won't happen for another 10 years. but then Why the heck would Activision want that?

How would Activision benefit from pc's being used as consoles?

That's the golden question.

My guess would be something subscription based. Just don't know what.

HenryFord3959d ago

Every publisher can take advantage of the pcs architecture: It is far more open, and with the ability to install and store all your games, the patching-process for instance is a lot easier - it is easier to keep track of your game-stats, it is easier to integrate certain features, etc.
The PC brings devs a far more customizable platform.

Think about the downloads... The digital-distribution is the way to go, and it will establish itself in a very short time-frame.

Conloles3959d ago

Bobby don't you ever talk about PC's, after the crap you gave us with Modern Warfare I can tell you that you can stick it up your fat old bum!

JustTheFactsMr3959d ago

Yep. Looks like Sony the console maker is now the torch bearer for real dedicated servers on both PC and PS3. Instead of the player-hosted crap of companies like Actiblind and M$ are pushing. Coming soon to more and mores PC's instead of just being exclusive to the 360. Sad sad days indeed. I'm sure they will be pushing for underpowered PC chips in those TV's so they don't have to set up dedicated servers on their own dime. Get ready for 2vs2 as the new FPS "highwater" mark. Exclusive to Windows TV. Followed by thousands of propaganda articles of why that's the ideal anyway. Who needs 4vs4 or 8vs8 or 128vs 128 for extra variety. But hey keep feeding M$ and Actiblind the money they need to make their dreams come true at your gaming expense.

Even companies like EA that use real dedicated servers for shooters like Bad Company can only manage 24 players on a "superior" PC. Meanwhile that lowly cheap and underpowered PS3 console is pushing out 256 players on MAG dedicated servers. An order of magnitude higher. Cheaper for more server firepower. Let's at least hope Toshiba and Sony can get Cell server's into their TV's for decent performance per $ compared to what PC developers are currently achieving.

Patching process is easier if you use something like Steam. Otherwise I don't see it for your integration points on the PC. The PC being far more customizable is exactly why a universal standard is much more difficult to integrate around. Steam is about the closest I guess at this point. DD is not PC exclusive.

HenryFord3957d ago

That isn't true anymore - every single game I knew, has a built-in updater nowadays - of course there are exceptions.

What do you mean by universal standard? Where does it apply?
I honestly don't want an universal standard that would cause a major dominance of a single distributor. Would you appreciate a universal-standard like XBOX Live which is a paid service only?
Point taken: Of course there would be only one platform left to manage your games.
The problem here is that every single publisher thinks he can bring something to the table - UPlay, Games for Windows Live, Rockstar Social Club, etc.
I honestly dont know why they would use something like this, to keep track of your stats - It could be sooooo much easier (BFBC2 for example), without installing tons of new applications just to play a single game.

DD is of course no PC-exclusive, but it is used far more excessive then on consoles. Just think about the huge collection Steam offers.

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Blacktric3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

I'm gonna connect something else to that evil ginger's backslot...

Rainstorm813959d ago

damn near every new HDTV has PC support via HDMI or VGA cable what the hell are they talking about??

Kotick just go play on a freeway or something more entertaing to the gamers who could care less about what you say.

KingKiff3959d ago

Yeah its like DUUUHHH!!! we have been doing that for years (bout 5 or 6 now) since plasmas and LCD's hit the market.

I just wish more people would realize it and get out of those horible computer chairs.

ceiltsei3959d ago

Gamer friendly PC's that hook to tv's? Holy crap.. he is genius!

Oh wait, I have been doing this for 6 years - Wireless keyboard/mouse, special table, couch, rotating tv stand, wiimote also as mouse, surround sound system hooked to pc.

outrageous3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Consoles are definitely on there way out. With more and more TVs coming with Internet connections and web browsers, you will soon have M$ gaming with the click of a button. Same for Sony and Nintendo. Turn on the TV, access the Sony channel, click on the game you want to play and there you have it. I thought On live, albeit flawed at the moment because technology has been slow to catch up, shows how gaming will be in the very near future. No discs...just a Icon on a screen and a subscription based system.

Bob Kotick seems to be missing one thing in his day dream. The makers of MW2 no longer work for Activision. COD will still be relevant UNTIL the new IW, Respawn make there game. I suspect that game will take many of Activision's users away.

The future my friends will be a computer less, network television-less one. The big square box in your living rm as well as anywhere else will be the center of the universe with the click or in a Kinect kind of way, point and KZ 10 on the Sony network.

Information Minister3959d ago

AntiChrist?! What are you talking about? The man's a genius! If he comes through with this plan, then he can charge whatever he wants for PC games, all the profit goes straight to Activision, no more royalties for Sony/MS/Nintendo and he can charge individual online fees for each game. Just brilliant!!! And the best part is that gamers are too dumb to even realize they're being nickle and dimed, except... they're not! I will never again buy an Activision game, ever!

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chak_3959d ago

WTF with him, I'm ok playing PC my screen, why the hell should I plug it onto the TV, there is absolutly no point except lower resolution.

got my screen, keyboard and mouse right close to my case and it's perfect, thank you for bothering

HenryFord3959d ago

Ever thought about sitting on the couch? Ever thought about split-screen games?

Yeah, KB/M is the perfect input...when you're sitting at the desk.

chak_3959d ago

yeah, and I don't like being on a couch.

DaCajun3959d ago

What are you talking about dude lower resolution? You need a better TV then because mine does 1080p with my PC connected to it.

Theonik3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Monitors do 2560x1600p and there are not a lot of 1080p monitors anyway. Monitors do 1920x1200p
@Panda bellow: Agreed and i have a 46" at a 2.5M distance.

TheLeprachaun3959d ago

I play my pc on 42" 1080p, more enjoyable than being cramped over a desk.

Pandamobile3959d ago

I hate gaming on a TV and couch. I'm so much less engaged in what I'm doing when I'm sprawled out over a couch.

24" monitor at 2' viewing distance > 42" TV at 10' viewing distance. You get a much higher field of view which adds to the immersion of the game.

RememberThe3573959d ago

I would expect nothing less. :)

ChronoJoe3959d ago

Buy a bigger TV, sit closer. It's still better than being cramped over a desk with a keyboard and mouse.

Also why'd you compare 42" to 10'? if you want to sit close, enhance immersion. You can do that on a console, too.

42', at the same 2' (you freak) and suddenly you have a "MUCH HIGHER FIELD OF VIEW" than you had with your monitor.

Obviously the problem is then, resolution. At such a distance only 1080p or higher look great. Which isn't what most console games offer. But realistically on a 42" you could sit about 3-4 feet away and get the same field of view as 2' from a 24". So you should be okay.

You're a very obvious PC fanboy though. If I'm being honest.

evrfighter3959d ago

meh I tried playing RDR on my couch for the 360. Wasn't happening. In the end I ended up hooking my 360 to my 24" monitor and played it in my computer chair.

Of course in the end I just ended up configuring my xim and used my mouse and keyboard. It was pretty hilarious deadeye killing 10 dudes in like 3 seconds in multiplayer hideout missions.

Theonik3959d ago

Console games are configured to have a lower field of view as they expect you to be at a distance to the TV. PC games give you customisation for that. I's take my monitor over my 46" TV any day for gaming. I'm much more comfortable sitting on a desk as well than a couch.

Pandamobile3959d ago

I've got my PS3 hooked up to my PC monitor so on the off chance that I actually play a PS3 game, I get to do so in my nice comfy office chair.

distorted_reality3959d ago

Good old Bobby just got stupider.

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