Gran Turismo 5: The Most Anticipated PS3 Game of the Year

Released only on the Sony Playstation 3, Gran Turismo 5 will arrive on November 10, 2010. And like many other titles this year, it is a highly anticipated release, one fans have been waiting about four years for.

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Tony-A3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

It's my (and many other's) most anticipated PS3 game EVER!

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pain777pas3447d ago

Most definitely my most anticipated game this year. I may get move too with Heavy Rain but, for sure I am getting GT5.

Imperator3447d ago

Since GOWIII already came out, I would definitely put GT5 up there. The Real Driving Simulator, only on and only possible on PS3.

EvilBlackCat3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

"The Real Driving Simulator"

Driving? YES

SIM? eehhh its alright

REAL? just a slogan for marketing

SeanRL3447d ago

"The Real Driving Simulator" where's the fun part? Give us hookers to run over!

ExplosionSauce3447d ago

What do you mean "SIM? ehh it's alright"?
Have you tried it yourself? /s
I hear the new physics engine they built after Prologue is quite beast and an improvement.

TotalPS3Fanboy3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

In other word, what EvilBlackCat said is not very credible. It means he tends to spread FUD and lies, and generally, his comments are of very low quality.

So, in conclusion, one usually do not want to listen to EvilBlackCat until he can prove that he is credible.

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Hanif-8763447d ago

It is my most anticipated game ever!

moparful993447d ago

Where the hell did this guy in the article get his facts.. He staed that prologue was met with great dissapointment by the fanbase? Really? It sold something like 5 million copies. He also stated it cost 59 bucks.. Umm I bought my copy new at walmart for like 39 bucks.. Its cheaper on psn.. Anyway tangent aside gt5 is a barnstormer and is going to push mw2 eque numbers on the ps3.. By mw2 esque numbers I mean 7-8 million more then likely.. considering all other titles have sold more then 10 mil a piece my estimates are rather conservative.. I think that smaller install base will cause the 7 mil. But thats still a crap load of copies.. I guess by this time next year we'll really know how well its doing.. Day one ultimate collectors edition for me!

Redgehammer3447d ago

know it wouldn't be such an anticipated game if the series was anything less than fantastic, but I couldn't ever see a time in my life where a racing game would even be in my top 20 most anticipated games; but hey thats just me. I hope it is a great game and all you fans of the series are satisfied and happy.

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Sunny_D3447d ago

It's definitely my most anticipated title. Just need a G25 or G27. But I don't know which to pick. Anyone know which one is best?

Tony-A3447d ago

G27 is the predecessor to the G25, but costs a lot. Go with whichever you can afford.

I'm still not sure which I'm getting.

blumatt3447d ago

I think you meant the G27 is the successor to the G25. lol This game is going to rock and sell like crazy. The PS3 will probably sell a million units in November just because of this game. I've been a GT fan for a long time and have learned with a little patience, PD always delivers an awesome, comprehensive experience.

alphakennybody3447d ago

hehe nice avatar pic, that scene scarred my lil'bro for life.

Sunny_D3447d ago

Haha, Thanks. Just saw the movie yesterday.

Terarmzar3447d ago

If you can afford get the G27 i have it and is awesome. If you can look on amazon for some used ones i got mine for like a hundred dollars cheaper and the guy never took it out the box.

UltimateIdiot9113446d ago

Don't rush. Keep an eye on slickdeals. 2 months ago, Best Buy had the G27 for 150, and about 2 weeks ago, Amazon had it for 160. I haven't seen any good deals on G25 in ages.

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Ilikegames763447d ago

reason I bought a PS3, a G25 and a racing rig (Apiga AP2) to mount the G25.

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DA_SHREDDER3447d ago

My favorite so far this year is MAG, but I haven't played every game yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.