QUAKECON® 2010 Announced For Dallas Texas 12th August


"After putting in a heroic effort at E3, where Bethesda’s excellent booth took out several awards, and showed off several of the show's best games, they are at it again.

This time they are hosting the 2010 QUAKECON which is being held in Dallas Texas, on the 12th – 14th August inclusive.

And it’s FREE. "

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gaminoz3958d ago

Bethesda seems to be growing is stature as a dev/publisher all the time! But man if we had a stronger gaming industry in Oz we might get something like this.

XboxOZ3603958d ago

We could certainly do with it, that's for sure. It's only viable for the BYOC crowd though, as console gamers are a weak bunch really, no real-world competative spirit, just online secreative style where you can bad mouth your opponent or jump out if the going gets too tuff.

OXCGN tried to organize several with nice sizable $$ prizes, do you think console owners would come, nope.

BadCircuit3958d ago

Excuse my ignorance but what's BYOC again?

I'm mostly a single-player gamer too I have to admit and not really into competition on Live.

IaMs123958d ago

Bring your own Computer :)

I cant wait! Been looking forward to it for sometime now, going to be fun.

Cajun Chicken3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

No way. I just wasted a bubble

Cajun Chicken3958d ago

I can't wait for Doom 4 details and maybe news of another Quake!

Also, Prey; I expect something about Prey. Bethesdea bought that franchise for SOME reason and they do have Id Tech at their disposal...what was Prey 1 made on? Ahhh, the plot thickens.

Eiffel3958d ago

I'd like a new Quake, after Quake 4 it's gonna take a lot. That title just sorta ruined the franchise for me.

Can't wait for Doom 4 details.

Belgavion3958d ago

Looking forward to seeing some more footage of Hunted: The Demon's Forge

BadCircuit3958d ago

Me too. Anything that is a dungeon crawler with new perspective and co-op and looks kinda like Enclave has me interested. I hope the co-op is local split screen too though.

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The story is too old to be commented.