Are PlayStation Fans Spoiled?

PSX Extreme: As far as I was concerned, one of the biggest selling points of the PlayStation 3 was it's backwards compatibility that would allow me to play almost any game I have in my PS1 and PS2 collection. This meant that early on, when the PS3 had little in the way of software, I could still choose from over 100 titles in my current collection, and still continue to play new PS2 games on my PS3. In other words, I'd have no reason to hold on to the PS2 once I upgraded.

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Donny3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

if you concider spoiled...

1. wanting a reliable system that dosent break on me

2. free online

3. not obligated to buy a seperate bluray player

4. not obligated to buy batteries for my controller

5. a system that dosent scratch my disks i work hard to buy. that are truely differant, ex: heavy rain, flower

7. free home social network.

Consider me spolied rotten.

Nitrowolf23621d ago

but the article is discussing about PS2 backward capability.

Personally i don't really care, i have BC in my PS3 i just don't use it. The sole reason i bought my PS3 was to play PS3 games, i still use my PS2 to play PS2 games even though my PS3 can play them. And i would rather see HD remakes of games cause 4$0 bucks isn't bad at all (GOW collection) for trophy support and resolution upgrade.

And plus like many have said about HD remakes you don't need to buy them no one is forcing a gun to your head to do it.

Spenok3620d ago

I agree completely. I also have backwards compatability in my PS3 as well but also never use it. Ive used it now and again to play a PS2 game here and there, but its been over a year since ive played a last gen game on my PS3. Theres just to much awesomeness comming out for me to go back to last gen and play what i may have missed. And if they remake them for PS3 with trophy support and resolution upgrade then hell yea. That just means more platinums for me (given there games i want to play)

ReservoirDog3163620d ago

I have BC on my PS3 still and use it frequently. I was just about to start up the Sly Cooper series before it was announced. I have MGS3 on my to do pile for the next few months.

But HD remakes not only give an old (cherished) dog a complete cleanup, it also let's other people who either missed these old games or just wasn't around when they were out.

I still have my 3 Sly Cooper games and I doubt I'll ever sell them. But I'm buying the new HD collection the second they come out.

HolyOrangeCows3620d ago

You know what? You either bought the more expensive PS3 with 99% perfect hardware BC, the less expensive but still more than today PS3 with less perfect software BC, or you bought a Ps2 with 100% Ps2 compatibility.

I'll take the Ps2 option.

"But HD remakes not only give an old (cherished) dog a complete cleanup, it also let's other people who either missed these old games or just wasn't around when they were out."
Exactly. I never played the Ps2 GOW games before the collection, and it will be the same with the Sly and ICO ones.

RageAgainstTheMShine3620d ago

PS3 gamers are so spoiled with AAAAAAAAAAAA exclusive games no one cares to look back!

Dragun6193620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

I agree with the article with the exception of the fact those complaining aren't playstation fans. Referring to recent articles complaining about BC like from Game.Blorge and Gamehacks.

Hell, Gamehacks wrote he has a PS3 with PS2 BC but he's still complaining. Wtf?

First, they complained about its $600 price tag.
then Sony removes PS2 BC to cut the price.
Now they're complaining about no PS2 BC?
They think Sony is trying to milk us by making these PS2 remastered titles and demands Sony should put PS2 BC instead.
What's next? Complain on why do we have re buy our DVD movies?

I think these people are trying really hard to cling on something so they can bash the PS3.

And Sony wasn't even the first to do this either. I mean, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection? Metroid Prime Trilogy? Nintendo's New Play Control! series? No one complained when Nintendo remastered 7 Gamecube games for the Wii. Why are people complaining about Sony remastering PS2 titles now? I wouldn't even be surprised if MS picks this up this approach too.

TotalPS3Fanboy3620d ago

Sony spoiled PS3 fans with so much great free stuff, and yet, we're still not satisfied. Meanwhile, Microsoft ripped off and screwed over 360 gamers times and times again and look at them, they're very grateful of Microsoft.

Bell Boy3620d ago

My original 60gb could play ps2 games and the only one I played was resident evil 4 as I not played it before, that was in it's 1st year once the games stared rolling the last thing on my mind was playing ps2

I say Sony should end this by providing a premium priced app to allow ps2 games on ps3's. The premium price can help cover development costs so I do not have to pay and the whiners can put their money where their mouth is....I tell you what charge a bit more and combine the app with cross game chat and shut all the whiners up in one big

jaredhart3620d ago

People just love to complain.

Conloles3620d ago

PLaystation fans arent spoiled they're just delusional.

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Ozzy573620d ago ShowReplies(5)
Obama3620d ago

"online blows compared to 360's"

lol care to elaborate? The only thing xbox LIVE has over PSN is cross game chat, and that is a such a petty feature that rarely anyone cares. Also more ps3 games offer dedicated servers as compared to 360 games.

Oner3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Exactly. What would you rather have

Free Multiplayer
Games with 256 player capability
And lastly most games on dedicated servers
No Cross Game Voice Chat.....YET


Pay for Multiplayer
Games with limited 3vs3, 4vs4, 6vs6 and the occasional MAYBE 8vs8 capability
LESS games with dedicated servers
Cross Game Voice Chat

Sorry but the cost of LIVE! and it's "benefits" do not equate "better" to me, and most rational people who DEMAND more for their money.

On the topic of BWC I have 3 PS3's.

1 ~ 20gb with "Full" BWC
1 ~ 80gb with "Great" BWC
1 ~ 120gb with No BWC

Does it bother me that BWC was removed form PS3's?....Nope. Not one bit because I as many others who WANTED a PS3 with BWC worked to get the model that was PREFERRED. Those who cry and complain about no BWC had their chance and have to deal with it. Actually it doesn't even matter that I have 2 PS3's with BWC because it is used so infrequently! Hell I don't even bother using the PS1 feature in it as well...I played EVERYTHING I wanted on PS1 and PS2 and still have those games PLUS working consoles to play them on! But when it comes down to it, I really didn't buy a PS3 for PS2 or PS1 BWC. Is it an appreciated feature? Hell Yes! Would I cry and complain if it didn't have it? Not one bit. Simply because I bough a PS3 for all the OTHER benefits it has ~ PS3 Games, WiFi, HDD, Reliability, Browser, FREE Mutliplayer, BD, DVD, CD for movies and music and much much more....

colonel1793620d ago

We, PS3 fans, are spoiled because Sony has given us the best games this generation, with the best graphics, best technology and best quality one after another, year after year. We also get a Blu-Ray player in which we can enjoy movies with the highest image quality and sound. They gave us the most reliable console, which you can use all the time without being worried it will break

So why settle for any less!

Biggest3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Backwards compatibility mattered when I first bought my PS3. It is more or less a none issue now. There are more than enough current games to keep me busy. I'd rather they release more HD versions anyway. It's the HD that has me spoiled. I'm already throwing the DVDs out and replacing them with BluRay or HD downloads. It's nice to have so many options. I guess I am spoiled.

thereapersson3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Okay, so having BC in my 60gb PS3 model was great and all, but it's not like I never had another Sony console before this. My PS2 got a crapload of use; so did my PSOne. I still have my PS2 sitting nearby, so it's not like I can't play my PS2 games. I don't think there is anyone on Earth who owns a PS3 before they own PS2 games, right?

While I really wish that they'd re-integrate it into the PS3, it's not as though I don't still have the opportunity to play any of my PS2 games. Besides, now I'm focusing on developers bringing out remastered versions of my favorite games!

Get it?

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SupaGamer3621d ago

I never cared too much about BC because my first PS3was the Slim.

I have an extensive PS2 library but truthfully, I don't play those games anymore.

mantisimo3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

I bought it as soon as I saw that they were taking backwards comp out of the new models and for the first year and a half was very pleased I did.

Now though 2 years later I really do hardly play any ps2 games (Ico and shadow being about the only 2 and my son still rarely slots in Star wars battlefront oh and a little SH2) but this is becoming less and less important with all of the games available now.

Also my hard disc is absolutely full and so am about to buy the 250gig slim, time for me to say goodbye to the ps2 and welcome the HD collections that are coming out.

When a couple of the rumoured ones appear I will not play any PS2 games at all.

@ Colonel below. Ico is the most beautiful game I have ever played you will not regret spending time in his land.

colonel1793620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

I too have a 60GB, and although I broke it (unintentionally :( ), I rarely played any PS2 games anymore. I used to played them very often back in Q1 2007, but after 2007, I've been filled with games that I just didn't need PS2 games at all.

The only PS2 game I'm still dying to play is ICO

Tony-A3621d ago

When it comes to good exclusive games, this isn't even a serious question.

When it comes to featues, it's why the console cost $600 way back when. When you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a top-of-the-line luxury vehicle, you expect to get everything out of it. When you pay tons for a maid or butler, you would hope you get spoiled.

ApocalypseShadow3621d ago

that it was worth buying it at launch.if you worked on it early,traded in some games you were no longer going to play,and road out the droughts that happen to every system's post launch period,it paid to get ps3 with it all included.

sony gave gamers everything,and people thumbed their nose at them.asking for them to return something they gave at a discount(sony lost an estimate of $200 dollars per console sold.and bluray players were going for a $1,000),is just sour grapes.

besides not being cooler than the slim version,the first ps3 was/is the best ps3.

should have got it when you could to play ps2 when you wanted without both being hooked up.or better yet,pull out the ps2 because it's obvious you were playing ps2 games on it before ps3 release.

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