Thunderbolt Hands-on: Medal of Honor multiplayer

The Modern Warfare series’ has seen some competition, but judging by the millions who downloaded the recently released map packs for Modern Warfare 2, it’s obvious that players still can’t get enough of Activision’s cash cow. But come October, the Modern Warfare series’ online dominance will be challenged by an unlikely contender: Medal of Honor.

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CrimsonSaber3081d ago

I have to say this : i hate battle field with a passion . Sure i am willing to cause a little flame bait over it. But i don't dig objective based games. And from what i've seen over at Youtube. The game will be largely objective based ,I am confident that the game will support team death match however its got D.I.C.E all over the game. which means that multi-player-wise .This is going to be a copy and paste game from BFBC2 . Will it graphically surpass COD , I will lay my money down.But in No shape or form will it outsell. My money will go to blackops and when Respawn Studios decides to launch on the EA platform . i will donate my skrilla to them.
But hands down Cod is the definitive Shooter on any console. Sorry EA but i have no faith in your Medal of Honor . Maybe get Infina/Spawn to collaborate with D.I.C.E . And ill spend my money on Brothers in Duty or Call of Honor.

HOSe3081d ago

ya the moh beta is pretty meh....