3D Gaming Just Isn’t Worth the Expense

Not in a Virtua Fighter, polygons so sharp you could cut your vegetables with them kind of sense, oh no. Rather, one of those new-fangled three dimensional television things. Regardless of how much you’re being assured through sports broadcasts and aspirational adverts it’s the best thing since 3D sliced bread, still…X360 just can’t see the point of it all.

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jazzking20013964d ago

well its WAY too early to say 3D is not worth it

deadreckoning6663964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

and its way too early to say it IS worth it

@Ratfucker- Relax a bit pal.

waljaber3964d ago

and i love 3d gaming :) when u have it and play with it everyday u cant go back really O_O

krauley3964d ago

said that blu-ray players were too expensive in the beginning. that they were not going to spend that kind of money for HD. I suggest to anyone that has not done it yet, to go to a bestbuy or electronic store and demo a 3D setup. There coming and its not a gimmick with all the big manufactors bringing them out.

Ill have to wait until next year but I cant wait to grap one. 3D gaming FTW!