Best PS3 Multiplayer Games

Sony Playstation 3 is one of the most popular and probably the best gaming consoles of this generation. It has come up with a number of titles belonging to every genre. Built-in Wi-Fi, free networked gaming, motion sensing wireless Bluetooth controller and excellent gaming performance are some of the features that make Sony PS3 one of the best gaming consoles. The list of good PS3 games is increasing day by day with lots of new titles coming up constantly.

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PS3ROCKS3029d ago

Like the killowned one is was ............

BannedForNineYears3029d ago

I'm obsessing over your comment trying to find out a hidden anagram or something......

El_Colombiano3029d ago

Oh good. I thought I was the only one! >_<

TheDeadMetalhead3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Real in-depth analysis you made there.

HarryM3029d ago

Seriously... get a grip of yourself.

Axecution3029d ago

I don't know why, but this comment + Max Power's reply somehow made me laugh my ass off. xD

DontShoot-Me-Bro3029d ago

Killzone 2 was 1 of the first games i ever bought for my PS3, and Killzone 2 was my first and only FPS until MW2 came out, and no game has come to close to the enjoyment i got out of Killzone 2 multiplayer, It is just so much fun and is soo under-rated, it sold good, 2 mill or whatever, but this game deserves so much more, its a shame that people wont just play the game for a bit to get use to the controls, alot of PS3 owners are missing out on one of the best FPS, and for me, THE best FPS.

I cant say there are any negatives about this game.

Online is very balanced, even with the perk kind of things you get with each character.

I mean you would think a sniper that can go invisible would be unfair, but its great, its just soo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!


smashman983029d ago

i just played this game and i gotta say i loved the story it was amazing but but my problem with the game was the framerate (btw i still havent touched multiplayer) but during the campaign the framerate would drop to the point where the game would temporarily freeze. so they NEED to fix that for KZ3 otherwise game was amazing. But what i was getting to is perhaps if they fixed these issues and made it as fluid as UC2 or Gow 3 then perhaps it could finally get the recognition that it most definitley deserved

El_Colombiano3029d ago

That isn't framerate friend. It's a split second pause to load the next environment.

animelover104873029d ago

deep stuff right there....deep stuff

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Donny3029d ago

warhawk, uncharted 2, killzone 3, and DEMONS SOULS

deadreckoning6663029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Bad Company 2 is the best multiplayer FPS on the PS3 IMHO. But of course I will get disagrees because its not a PS3 exclusive. Its all opinion..but FYI, I've been to many other gaming forums(Gamespot, IGN, Destuctoid, 1up) and many of the people who comment feel the same way I do. I'm not saying KZ2 is bad. I had a great time with it for a year, but Bad Company 2 offers the COMPLETE war experience on the PS3.

@Meowhammad- Well, thats YOUR experience with the game. I'm not sure which version you have, but I have the PS3 version and the game runs smooth. I HAVE had occasional game freezes, but never any lag. I'm not calling you a lier though. Even though I haven't experienced any lag, I've heard of MANY cases of lag within the game from my PSN friends.

"when it comes to opinions, you could get consent from the pope for all I care, it varies from person to person."

Agreed..tell that to the fanboys on this site who can't understand the prospect of a person enjoying Modern Warfare 2 more than a PS3 exclusive.

Meowhammad3029d ago

Bad Company 2 is more broken than Mw2, lol.
Before you say i suck at it, My stats.

bjornbear3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

mment feel the same way I do.

that doesn't mean anything.

when it comes to opinions, you could get consent from the pope for all I care, it varies from person to person.

to me KZ2 and BF:BC2 are different, and I play them when i want something different.

Meowhammad3029d ago

Have you seen the M60?! That thing is game breaking.
Modern Warfare 2 is brainless fun.

-Alpha3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

For me, I've enjoyed CoD4 the most. Yes, it's multiplatform, but it's still a PS3 game. In fact, Call of Duty is the most popular multiplayer game on the PS3. I've enjoyed CoD4 a lot. I love the formula of a simple, small, and fast game of CoD.

For the sake of the title, I will list what I had fun with most:

-Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
-Demon's Souls
-MW2, yes MW2-- it's still one of the best party shooters, despite its many problems I still enjoy it a lot because I have had some of the best memories with friends. Don't get me wrong, IW dropped the ball on it in a lot of ways, but I honestly still enjoy it.
-Burnout Paradise
-Uncharted 2

I find games like Killzone 2 and BC2, and Resistance to be sort of anti-social as they lack the personal warfare in smaller games, and BC2 and Killzone 2 especially lack strong party options.

I enjoyed Killzone 2 a ton, but I rarely played with friends simply because it was hard to get in a game with them. I enjoyed clan matches a lot, but don't have a clan anymore :(

I know I'll get disagrees, but I personally have enjoyed multiplatform games more than exclusive games when it comes to multiplayer for my PS3. I think the PS3 has the best single player games, and personally, I enjoy the multiplayer styles of CoD, Halo, UC2 etc. more than bigger games like MAG and Resistance, and for some reason the PS3's exclusive multiplayer games are very big.

This is why I've enjoyed UC2 a LOT, and I feel Socom 4 will also be the best PS3 exclusive multiplayer shooter (Socom is 32 players, but the franchise has always relied on being social).

In terms of exclusives, Uncharted 2, LBP, and Demon's Souls make up my favorite PS3 exclusive Multiplayer games. I don't want to add games like K2 and BC2 because in the long run I don't think I consider them "the best". Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed both of those titles, but I didn't personally enjoy it better than UC2, CoD, etc. I have enjoyed Call of Duty 4 the most for multiplayer. I made my best PS3 friends on it, it was my first PS3 game, my first online console shooter, and the one I downed the most hours in.

Meowhammad3029d ago

After seeing your bubble count, I feel inadequate.

Dramscus3029d ago

Naww MAG's the stuff. Online teamwork. Except for the fact that most people don't want to work together and play other games instead it's the best one

Cregan45843029d ago

Where is the love for Fat Princess? Game is awesome.

DelbertGrady3029d ago

I love how you have to excuse yourself for mentioning a non-PS3 exclusive lol. Heathens!

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xX TriiCKy Xx3029d ago

Demon Soul's has multiplayer? That makes me want it even more...

-Alpha3029d ago

How did you miss that? It makes up a significant amount of the fun in Demon's Souls.

NecrumSlavery3029d ago

If they ever make a demons souls 2, I hope they add friend coop. I like the MP, but it's a bit of an ass pain getting your friend in your game. A simple menu command or XMB invite would be sweet

xX TriiCKy Xx3024d ago

Never played it. Nor have I read up on it or anything. In fact, I just got my PS3 a month ago and I just heard about it a couple of days ago.

Max Power3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

The way that Demon's Souls incorporated Multi-Player was absolutely fantastic.

@Triicky...Demon's Souls does not have your typical MP, you can't decide who you play with, and it can actually kill you (when a Black Phantom invades your game and tries to kill you, but none the less it's such a fantastic game, definitely get it.

moparful993029d ago

Yes warhawk was one of my first purchases and I was hesitant but after playing and getting into the meat and potatoes so to speak I fell in love.. I have nearly 500 hours invested into that game.. As far as multiplayer perfection I really dont see how it gets better then warhawk.. sooo much fun and mastering the warhawk's themselves is so incredibly satisfying.... Incognito hurry up and bring us starhawk please!!

SlyGuy3029d ago

WARHAWK is also my most favourite multiplayer game since Guild Wats on PC and Timesplitters on the PS2.

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Valay3029d ago

Pffft. List should have focused on additional multiplayer PS3 games as well as the ones already mentioned.

Spenok3028d ago

And WKC (i know the game wasnt great, but the online was pretty damned good. Arguably the best part about the game)

And Battlefield Bad Company 2

And Borderlands


And ModnationRacers

(These are just some of the game I spent a decent amount of time online with)

DJKGBYF3029d ago

I guess COD fanboys are mad.

DJKGBYF3029d ago

You need to learn your history. It's the flag of the German Empire. Do you see a swastika anywhere on it?