By 2009-2010 PS3 AAA Titles Will Be Too Massive For Dvd's

In an article hosted by by titled "Rockstar's mysterious PS3-exclusive game may only fit on a Blu-ray disc". An interesting quote is mentioned in the article. They are quoted saying

"Of course, if the game is as great as Rockstar says it is, we might not see it until 2009 or 2010. By then, any AAA PS3 game will be so massive in scope that it won't fit on a DVD, only a Blu-ray disc."

There is no official word confirming this. However it has been mentioned time and time again that future games will be massive. Could this be Sony's PS3+Blu-Ray combo showing face?

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GaMr-4123d ago

I wasnt going to post anymore but this kid is getting on my nerves. You don't contribute jack to N4G. All you do is troll around and report PS3 stories. Im not sure your reason but its pretty obnoxious. I changed the title I also highlighted a completely different aspect of the story. I also credited the original title and article. I have been posting here forever. Who are you again. EXACTLY. The Admins/Mods no my style and the majority of people here love it. Cause I make the articles worth reading without adding or subtracting from them. I'm not attacking you just educating you a bit. the names -GaMr

Dont you forget it.

BTW: Sorry Meus Interpretation I replied to you so I can post this at the top. No hard feeling budd. later N4G

reaperxciv4123d ago

i'll wait for the sweetspot to get a ps3 probably in 2009. no sense getting one now

WilliamRLBaker4123d ago

you really educated no one...all you did was show that you get pissy when some one criticizes you......

as for the 2-3 years last i checked sony was having devs (paying them) say theyre games couldn't fit on dvd now....hmmm maybe if these devs used good compression techniques and stopped using uncompressed sound and hd cgi then theyed have no prob with dvd.....who needs 15 hours of cgi in a game that half the time doesn't contribute to story...

TheExecutive4123d ago

As gaming progresses so must the format that it is put on. Its that simple. Remember on the PC when 3.5" floppy discs used to hold games? When cartridges used to hold the games on consoles? Well, if there is any doubt whether a new format is needed, it is. Games are becoming massive, therefore they need the space.

Captain Tuttle4123d ago

More coding means more money.

Delive4123d ago

Devs will have a better grip with programing on the systems, More tools will be available making the process easier, more streamlined and as mentioned, the user base "Should" be larger, offering more profit for games released. I don't expect "Standard" games to exceed the $60 point.

Captain Tuttle4123d ago

Think they'll have better compression techniques?

Delive4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Compression is always getting more efficient. 1 thing I always wonder about as far as compression, is there a benefit (Other that for audio) in NOT compressing data? I know audio looses a little with compression, but is data easier to read/load in an uncompressed state? Does it load faser without needing to be decompressed?

Man, Someone Disagreed with you for that question? I guess I'll be getting one for noticing it.

Snake_Doctor4123d ago

Massive... Damage?

Tuttle, by 09 there should be sizable differences in install bases and maybe sales to a percentage of owners at that time will give them their expected profits even at current (60/game) prices. I could be wrong though, tough to get my future predictor working correctly these days.

Mr Murda4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

I just posted a response in another topic about this. This is all about Sony's strategy with the PS3, cause they really are in it for an 8-10 year life cycle. By 2010 MS and Nintendo will be close to releasing their next gen systems and I expect them both to turn to some type of next gen storage format at that point. Do games need BR or HD DVD right now? No, not really...but in three or four years they definitely will.

crazyman4123d ago

the only problem with that strategy is that is 4-5 years time when the next-gen Xbox comes out is that it will make the PS3 look like crap in comparison. technically Sony didn't have to release the PS3 and could have stuck with that for 10 years.

Real Gambler4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Crazyman: The PS2 is still selling. The gamecube is still selling (ok, I don't know why!). The PS3 is quite obviously there for the long run.

But many people who bought the 360 had bought the original xbox and got burn because it had such a short life. Now you're saying that the 360 will also have a short life and third gen will beat the PS3???

Well, if there's a third gen, sure the hardware will be great, but do you seriously think that those guys who got burn by the original, then got burn again with the 360 short life (your quote!) will jump on the third gen??? I'm pretty sure most of them will wake up and find that having to change consoles every 4 years is more expensive than they originally thought! (And that's not adding the $50/year to go online...)

SlappyMcTaint4123d ago

Sure, the 360 owners will buy the xbox720, or whatever MS will call it to sound more powerful and bigger than PS3/4. I mean, they keep buying 360's even after people from M$ have said that 100% of them have a defect, and will RROD sometime within 2-3 years. Most people are lemmings, doing whatever the press/media tell them is cool.

I'll bet the next 'Box will be released in 2010, to once again get a jump on Sony's next next gen machine. And that one will be rushed to market too. Question is, will M$ use HDDVD as a standard (if it's still around) or Blu-Ray, or their own proprietary HD format?

TheExecutive4123d ago

I really dont think so. I would be looking to 2009 for a new xbox. It will have a new format of some sort, of course it will. MS would have put one in this time around but they didnt want to wait for it to finish developing. Then, they have a bunch of 360 fans defending their position say, "its not needed now". But it is needed now and its going to be needed for the future.

MS rushed their console to grab an early lead. All for market share. The funny thing is, is that they arent gaining market share. Not one bit. Its been almost 2 years and they are sitting at 10 million consoles. They had sold 24 million in 4 yrs with the original xbox. You do the math.

So where do you suppose all of the ps2 owners are going to go when they decide to move to a next-gen platform(the real migration hasnt started yet, it should start this winter and head into full steam in late '08)? Something that is going to be discontinued in two years? Or are they going to buy a product that they are going to be able to use for years and years to come? My bet is on the latter.

The Wood4123d ago

ill make that 12 - nil

cumon guys if you think the majority of people are just gunna buy the new xbox so soon then your crazy 4 real. MS shareholders wouldnt accept something like that in a hurry.
Fanboys would but sharholders, no thanks

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