Poor May Sales Have Analysts Reassessing 2010

Pacific Crest's Wilson lowers full-year estimate to flat as Wedbush's Pachter pegs slumping Wii software sales as a problem; music games, annualized sports titles also trending down.

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Gr813959d ago

Wii sold the most by far this past month and will continue to do so, but its Wii's fault for declining sales.

Take Wii out of the equation and look at the state of affairs. All I gotta say.

EVILDEAD3603959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

I agree with you Arius..

I've always laughed how they report console and hardware sales.

In regards to Wii you have had a system that has had ridiculous sales for a sustained amout of time. They start losing a little marketshare and these guys pretend it's the end of the world. The fact, are they are still DESTROYING the rest of the industry in hardware sales and install base.

It's just like they blamed the industry decline the last couple of years on Guitar Hero and Rock Band not pushing the big sales.

Lol..It's like you have a game that trends well and falls off as everything eventually does and the entire game universe is forever damaged.

It doesnt take rocket science to see what's going on..

They called out alot of games..but they forget why they arent selling.

Splinter Cell had all the momentum coming out of last year's E3..had it been released in the Oct-November 2009 frame it could have doubled it's profits. The push back into the second quarter didn't help it reach it's projections.

They arent the only ones who fell victim to the 'run away for Modern Warfare 2' syndrome.

For the 360..

The 360Slim..Kinect..and the renewed focus on marketing will push the 360 into one of it's top selling years


It's all about Halo Reach in September through January..pushing phenomenal numbers (it will break records for Microsoft). Bungie's swan song will dominate the fall charts and Xbox live for the frseeable future.

Call of Duty: Black Ops will dominate November and also push positive hardware sales for the 360. Will it have the Modern warfare 2 effect remains to be seen.

For the's honestly all about one game..Gran Turismo 5. It will easily do well over a Million in the first week worldwide...but the question is can it do the initial impact numbers that Modern Warfare 2 and GTA 4 did on the PS3? Sony was smart to release it near the holiday..but it will be interesting..

Either way..Slim will continue to sell well worldwide..but will there be any spikes Move or GT5 will also be something to look for.

Don't even worry about WILL's first party games Will sell..The final conference may introduce more suprises..but who care? Just like PS2..when you install base is that can be on cruise control

It's so good to be a games these days


Mahr3958d ago

"For the's honestly all about one game..Gran Turismo 5. It will easily do well over a Million in the first week worldwide...but the question is can it do the initial impact numbers that Modern Warfare 2 and GTA 4 did on the PS3?"

The question about GT5 is also whether or not it will be able to revive the racing genre, which this was a fairly dire month for: Modnation failed to beat Mario Kart, which has been on the market forever; Split/Second's combined platform sales could not even beat pass 100K; and Blur, which Activision wanted to be Call of Duty big, pulled in all of 31,000 sales.

fatstarr3956d ago

well the way i see it
the new gamers coming into the system
were Pre-k students now they are smart 3rd graders that know what a bad game is.

ThanatosDMC3959d ago

I stopped seeing elderly people buy games at Gamestops i frequent... so yeah. They probably just bought one game and never bought another one.

PooEgg3959d ago

Nah, I think the older crowd just started buying games at Best Buy, or Walmart, it only takes one visit to Gamestop to figure out they are not the best option for people who are not about the pre-order.

Rainstorm813959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

The Wii was responsible for the all of a sudden boom and decline, this is what happens when casuals are the main focus.

20-30 great games may be released in one year how many are bought and played by casuals vs hardcore? i mean really? Now the casuals have had thier fill of Wii time to move on to the next fad.

Hardcore gamers are here to stay, Casuals latch on to the latest Fad.

@ 1
Take the wii out of the equation and its last gen all over again.

Gr813959d ago

Take Wii out the equation and the industry decline is even more evident.

jneul3959d ago

sorry arius but only nintendo games sell on the wii, shovel ware motion games don't sell on the wii, that is what is causing all the problems on the wii, hence the bad sofware sales.
now that kinect is jumping on the same bandwagon i think the same problem will happen there too, but i don't see as much sofware selling on that thing, i mean $140 for kinect and then $60 for a game, that thing is going to crash x360 gaming.
at least ps move is supporting the hardcore and casual so it will last so much longer, not to mention no posibilites of piracy, piracy is a huge issue on the wii, which may be another reason why 3rd party titles which are good don't sell.

Gr813959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Say this all you want but it doesn't make it true. The flip can be said on PS3..Only third party games sell on that console, and even then the 360 sells more software than PS3. Because their first party titles are largely weak. Especially compared to Nintendo's.

But here's the thing with you. You're a company cheerleader. Its ok to be a fan, but there is nothing Sony does that you find fault with. You have beef with Wii's motion Controls, yet can't wait for move and sorcery?

Wonder what you'll say once Move flops.

Funny how, Sega makes the most money off the Wii, Capcom made the most Money off the Wii in 2009, I mean, facts trump catchy tag lines every time.

Even, if you've read this ridiculous news piece, you'd see that Pachter is also blaming these third party HD flops as well. If you take Wii out the equation the decline is even more profound. Don't know how you can even attempt to say otherwise.

And again with Move, I've seen this all before. No one cares about move except PS gamers, everybody else looks at it like a Wii rip off with lamer games. You'll see in a couple months when this fails to catch on in any way.

Kratos2153958d ago

I disagreed with you because you called Sony's 1st party weak, when I'm looking at my collection and see no less then 25 1st party games out of about 50 games total i have, and I'm assuming your only talking about America regarding sales.

Gr813958d ago

Talking about M$'s..But Sony's is weak by comparison to Nintendo's. not so much in the sense of being unable to create good games (that's M$'s problem) Just that their first party games don't really light the charts on fire.

Quality wise, they may be fantastic. Many Sony fans LOVe Sony's offerings and that's all fine and dandy. I was talking more in terms of momentum building and such. And yes generally I am talking about America, since this is the region this news bit was reffering to as well.

Mahr3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

"Take the wii out of the equation and its last gen all over again"

Untrue. Last generation, there were over 140 million PS2 owners alone. If we take the Wii out, the home console market of today is not even half of that.

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emil13959d ago

wii-550 million software sold
x360-352 million software sold
ps3-290 million software sold

BillOreilly3959d ago

360 will boost the industry with fable 3, halo reach, kinect, the new slim, crackdown, and multiplats like cod,and medal of honor. the holidays are gonna get OWNED by microsoft and the 3ds will be a HUGE seller. day one for me the fanboys will buy move nobody else will cause they already have a wii lol kinect will be next wii/fad with casuals because its new and different not the same thing nin did 4 years ago for more money minus the great first party nintendo games sony doesnt have anything big till next year so yea...oh wait... you can rebuy heavy rain so you can shave with a wiimote lol.. or play archery... awesome

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