First Crackdown 2 Review Score Released

Crackdown 2 is one of the most anticipated Xbox 360 titles on the market, and although the game will be released this coming Tuesday, no reviews have gone live. That situation has just changed.

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Bocanegra3958d ago

Really enjoyed the demo especially when all the freaks come out. Its a blast to run them over as they mill about in the streets.

monk3393958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

Great game.

mikeslemonade3957d ago

The graphics of this game are unacceptable. It looks like a high-res cell shaded Wii game. It looks so bad that it effects the gameplay.

Rainstorm813957d ago

even though games arent ALL about graphics, but it really takes away from this game. I also feel like there were many if any improvement on the original.

I may rent it but from what i experienced on the demo......lackluster at best.

I do wanna try out the 4 player co-op though.

Conloles3957d ago

Mikeslemonade nice rant, the graphics aren't unacceptable - they're cel shaded and look pretty awesome or so I think. You get to see the whole city and it has a nice sort of cartoony feel to it to make you feel like you're writing your own comic.

Having said that you'll never get it through your punitive mind that any Xbox game can be good.

Blackfrican3957d ago

I completed it last night. The game is extremely repetitive. Also, the game may have the worst ending of any game I ever experienced. Without spoiling it, I believe they attempted a cliffhanger without ever building up the suspense. I didn't get to experience co-op which makes any game more enjoyable, but when 99% of the story consists of activating 27 lasers and defending 9 bombs without much of a twist, the game owes you more story. As with most cell shaded games, graphics do not hold the game back.

ProjectVulcan3957d ago

Following reviews have not been remotely as kind though it seems. sevens, sixes and a 4. Probably average out somewhere in the 7 region if it matters to you

No Way3957d ago

So, apparently you only play games that look 'good.' Sucks for you.

Go play Lair.

UnwanteDreamz3957d ago

So, apparently you have a problem with personal opinions? Sucks to be you.

Go play in traffic.

Legosz3957d ago

I got this game last night and the single player is decent, it's repetitive like the first one, go here kill this guys, kill these zombies etc etc. The multiplayer is a blast I LOVE jumping around in the city and the servers are really good I have not been disconnected once. If you are a multiplayer guy and love free roaming and shooting then sure get the game it is good in that aspect. But if you want an amazing storyline, great characters, and very detailed gameplay then skip out on this.

Crackdown has always been about having "fun", and with this game it is exactly what they give us, the gamers, "fun".

creatchee3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Mikeslemonade has had a long history of going out of his way to bash the 360 (and pretty much anything non-Sony) and is one of the more insidious PS3 fanboys on this site. No Way was pointing this out with his Lair comment.

Judging by your comment history, you are not much better than Mikes. But then again, that's just my personal opinion.

Am I entitled to it?

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kingdavid3958d ago

Gamesthirst FFS.

What a poor article.

Bereaver3958d ago

%^&* why did I even click on it? I didn't notice it was gamesthirst. :(

pain777pas3958d ago

The game is fun but looks old by todays standards. Still might get this though.

JoySticksFTW3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

If you like GTAIII (who doesn't?), you'll probably like CD. Same simple fun of GTAIII with superpowers added.

In fact I think the guy that originally made GTA, went on to create CD (could be wrong about that though)


@ "That's just wrong JoySticksFTW"

Now that's funny! Sorry, man. I'll give you a Bubble for my poor taste :)

hassi943957d ago

The 3D GTA series is one of my favourite series' of all time. I found Crackdown, and even more in it's sequel; bland boring and unsatisfying to play.

Also yes the guy who origannly made GTA made the first Crackdown, but that was GTAI, the top down 2D one with hardly any links in gameplay mechanics to Crackdown.

PeterGriffinSays3957d ago

I played the demo. Shyt looked like it was an Xbox 1 launch title. Come on guys, don't front.

Cold 20003957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

I dont know who you are guy but you definatly HAVE NOT played the demo otherwise you wouldnt say that.

You sound like one of those buthhurt $ony fanboys that pray day and night that every 360 exclusive sucks and end up feeling the pain of seeing it being a great game. Theres nothing more painful than that for you guys :)

Modnation looks like a PSP game, does that make it sh!tty ? Oh sorry must not apply to the PS3.

PeterGriffinSays3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

How can I be a butthurt fanboy when I play my 360 more than my PS3. >_>

I just keep shyt real. Played me some Mass Effect 2 yesterday. Now THAT is how a 360 game should look. Not like that BS Crackbutt 2 game.

sid4gamerfreak3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

the graphics of this game r just...awful

it detracts from an otherwise great experience

hennessey863957d ago

another 360 exclusive and the ps3 fangirls are out in force pretending to have played the demo. Crackdown was one of the most fun games i have ever played and as for the demo it was the same great crackdown which isnt a bad thing. The graphics are great i love the art style and the fact that you can go anywhere you can see in the game i think they have done great job cant wait to play the full game

mrcash3957d ago

dude the graphics are horrible, the demo was fun, but geez couldn't they have made the visuals better.

hennessey863957d ago

i respect your opinion but i like the look of the game. The art style is great. I do like realistic graphics aswell but it makes a nice change to play something different every once in a while

Jazz41083957d ago

The cartoon look and the shading remind me of uncharted. Uncharted does a better job at it but it still looks like a cartoon.

vhero3957d ago

Shame the original devs didn't make this game Realtime worlds as they would have made it a lot better game. MS fault that happened though and the game obviously suffered for it. If you play the demo you will see what I mean.

Kahvipannu3957d ago

Everything is MS fault in N4G..

I'll be definitely picking this up, sooner or later.

moparful993955d ago

This game is getting some bad reviews despite what this article would have you believe. Gametrailers gave this game a 7.9 and after seeing the game in action I would have to agree.. This games only saving grace is the open world playground.. Being able to jump around and climb buildings is neat but other then that the game is a big let down...

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Natsu X FairyTail3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

I never really played CD1 alot back then but I liked the bits that I've played so it's good to hear the 2nd one is better.

edit: It's also good to see that the haters are still up and active with the dumb disagrees. keep it up girls.

georgeenoob3958d ago

I thought you've been here long enough to realize how this site works.

Commenting anything positive about 360 or anything negative about PS3 = DISAGREE

Vice versa of that = AGREE

whothedog3957d ago

Not really check my comment history, I dissed Fable 1 and no one seemed to agree. You just don't hear me crying about it.

RockmanII73957d ago

anyone thinking this site isn't PS3 centered is either stupid or lying to themselves

Nitrowolf23958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

The disagree/agree system on this site
i just don't know

regardless of what side you are one, you get disagrees
idk would it be better if they just trashed that system?
i could see people then commenting if they disagree or agree then

But Natsu you really shouldn't comment about the disagree if you have a problem with it as that only provokes more disagrees


its not that i don't care about the disagrees or agrees
the system should add an explanation system of some sort
much like what they have with bubble when you click + or - you see a list of why the deserve it.

ddurand13958d ago

really? who gives a fuck about disagrees?

this is one of 2 series that I wish were on my PS3, gears being the other one. not surprised to see it get a good score. Gonna have to give the demo a playthrough on my brothers xbox.

moparful993955d ago

Why is everyone so up in arms about the agree/disagree's? Its not like it affects anything at all and it's just peoples opinions. We all know everyone has their own opinion despite their reasoning or lack there of.. But whatever..

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PirosThe4th3957d ago

I agree even though I like PC better cuz Fairy Tail is great...
Games like this should be on PC also...

vhero3957d ago

This site PS3 centred?? Amazing on the PS3 reviews they say the same about the 360... It's either 1 or the other?? Which is it?? How about you all just shut up and stay on topic eh?? I know this is ironic as this is off topic but people need to shut up talking about fanboys and agrees/disagrees and actually talk about the news that's linked!

No Way3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

You can tell this site is PS3 centered when PS3 positive,
or x360 negative, comments get 100+ agrees.

I can't recall ever seeing a x360 positive comment get 50+ agrees.

Theonik3957d ago

The site is polluted with fanboys of either side is the answer. Just ignore the agrees/Disagrees. They should have trashed the bubble system and Agrees ages ago.

WildArmed3957d ago

I never really finished Crackdown 1..
but i still play it for a fun-fest once in awhile.
Honestly, if you ask me what the story is or if there are any characters in the game.. i couldn't tell u.
but it's fun..
So once this game hits bargain price, gonna pick it up!
Hopefully i'll be half-way through crackdown 1 by then lol

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callahan093958d ago

Is this from @Gamer? The new magazine sold by Best Buy?

UnSelf3958d ago

i want this game so bad :(

lzim3958d ago

just a couple more days.. or nights on the street corners and lawns to mow.

UnSelf3958d ago


nah i dont own a 360 as i am far to in love wit my ps3 (which just got YLOD). but when i had a 360 this game changed my life.

my personal GGOAT