You Have Probably Played The Game Of The Year

Joe Juba: "It's July, which means we're halfway through 2010. With six months left to go, discussions about the Game of the Year may seem premature, especially since the holiday season always has some great titles to contribute. However, thanks to the Great Delay Epidemic of 2009, the first half of this year was unusually packed with awesome games...and one of them is probably the Game of the Year."

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Faztkiller3026d ago

Alot of great games have came out so far this year Mass Effect2, God of War 3, and Red Dead Redemption are some I think are GOTY worthy

But Usually the great games from late in the year win and I Think Halo: Reach, Fallout NV, GT5, AC Brotherhood, or LBP2 will probably win GOTY

Bobbykotickrulesz3026d ago

I'm thinking GT5 or LBP2.

Wouldn't that be cool if a racing game won GOTY?

emk20043026d ago

but i dont think a racing game has ever won goty.

playstation_clan3026d ago

only shooters win GOTY, its law. If modern warfare won last year then it would be all hyped shooting games wins but uncharted deserved it last year. This year should be littlebigplanet or gt5, something different

Raptura3026d ago

@Major Jack Off
Those games aren't even out yet, come on. The games are going to be good, but you haven't played them yet, so making that claim is ridiculous.

Personally though, Red Dead Redemption is my GOTY.

Bobbykotickrulesz3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

@ above

lol what the fuck?

Making what claim? I didn't make any claims you fucking idiot. I said that "I" think that GT5 or LBP2 would win. I never acted like I was going to be right. I stated an opinion on what I thought the GOTY might be. I also said it would be cool if a racing game actually won GOTY.

Oh but hey, let's all spaz out because you don't like the opinions I have. Retards lol.

Also, lol @ how many disagrees I have. What, you DON'T think LBP2 or GT5 would be a good choice for GOTY? Oh really? Well then, let's have everyone that disagreed with me name another title that they think would be much better than those two. Good luck with that.

Legosz3026d ago

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is going to win GOTY. It is currently the highest rated game in the world, it even surpassed Zelda OoT.

tehReaper3026d ago

Major Jack Hoff

RDR, SMG2, ME2, know, games that people have actually experienced this year.

How can you think a game(no matter what franchise it stems from) could win game of the year without playing it?

Heck, I think Gears of War 3 will be a beast in 2011. I haven't played it, nor have I played the other games that come out in 2011. So, really, I can't "think" it'll be GOTY because there are so many unknowns to consider.

Gears could turn out to be crap, just like any other game. I don't know, because I haven't played it yet.

Raptura3026d ago

Hey Jack Hoff, why are you so hurt that you have disagrees?

It wasn't a personal attack on your opinion. Had someone else said what you had said then I would have written the same thing to them. I don't understand why you're whining and b*tching like a b*tch; about my 'attack' and about disagrees, lol.

There are plenty of titles that have been released in the first half of 2010 which can deemed GOTY candidates. Why don't you name a few of those? Plenty come to mind. ie. God of War 3, Alan Wake, Mass Effect 3, Heavy Rain, Super Mario Galaxy, Red Dead Redemption.

Reading through the comments here I've noticed that several people mentioned titles which aren't released that could be potential GOTY winners and it just does not make sense to me. Many games which are hyped to be good, even sequels, sometimes especially sequels, turn out to be rather bad.

Anyway, I hope you don't go crying like that again Major Jack Hoff.. That was a rather pathetic.

evrfighter3026d ago

LOL epic nerdrage by major. tear buckets

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sombrero3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

wow, all of those are sequels. RDR and LBP2 are the only ones that actually try to evolve from the previous games, so I hope they get more GoTYs. And don't forget Mario Galaxy 2.

candystop3026d ago

I thought they all evolved in one way or another. What's so evolved about LBP2 that makes it completely different then the first?

Red-Dead-Roar3026d ago

cod 4 goty
fallout 3 goty
uncharted 2 goty


Bloodraid3026d ago

Media Molecule has given level creators loads more tools to use.

It's no longer just a platforming game, but a platform for games, as the demo videos state. You can now create 2D games, and have many more options when it comes to logic.

gamelova3026d ago

Super Mario Galaxy 2 will most likely win the majority of Game of the Year awards, but I think Red Dead, GOW3, LBP2, GT5, Mass Effect, and Halo Reach will win a few.

MariaHelFutura3026d ago

My GOTY so far is GOW3. By the end of the year it`ll most likely be GT5 or LBP2. All in all my PS3 has done me well this year.

Ausbo3026d ago


i dont think anything else will surpass it.

pain777pas3026d ago

I think you right with those picks however some may go with Reach, LBP2 or GT5 depending on what features they have in that game. 2nd as with last year when Demon Souls won a few GOTY because no one could forget that game. Games like Heavy Rain and Alan's Wake may do the same.

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xYLeinen3026d ago

I'll say the strongest contestants are AC Brotherhood, ME2 GT5 or RDR.

Personally I'm crossing my fingers for GoW3, but they get hell of a competition.

Jason1433026d ago

God of war 3 deserves it for the sheer amount of tech and drop dead gfx but I think anything that went multiplat will win for votes such as mass effect 2 pc-xbox etc. Shame really.

TheBuIIetSponge3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I'll have disagree. Great game, not GotY. All they did was up the scale and make it look amazing, not the best sequel. It was also too short as well, a game should last more than 7 hours.

Eamon3026d ago

It was definitely an amazing sequel for us hardcore fans.

But I can understand that it wasn't a big a jump as God of War 2 was.

raztad3026d ago

LBP2 will probably be the one. Too much innovation, genre changing features no to be GOTY.

candystop3026d ago

LBP2 should definitely be a contender but this time around there's huge competition.

kvg883026d ago

I've never played a more complete game since Pokemon Red/Blue.