Call of Duty: Black Ops - Prestige Mode is time-bound

The Prestige Mode is in the Call of Duty series an unlockable online multi-player mode that becomes available once you reach a certain level. It rewards players with a special icon next to their name that signifies them as a "prestige" player.

Ten different special level icons will be awarded for gameplay accomplishments! Treyarch now decided in a survey that one level at least will need 24 hours - more through the link.

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jazzking20013971d ago

hmmm that does not sound like such a bad idea

jjohan353971d ago

Is it forced prestige or can the player choose not to prestige? If it's forced then I think it's a stupid idea. I don't know why everyone is so in love with Treyarch. They're still owned by Activision and all they do is reuse the COD engine. I think Activision destroys everything it touches, including Treyarch.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3970d ago

Yep, treyarch are pretty bad developers. WaW was just CoD4 but a lot worse. The only thing it had going for it was the zombie mode, which was meant to be a tacked on feature rather than the main selling point of the game.

newhumanbreed3970d ago

Don't be so negative about Treyarch. They did good since their development team was working on two games, Spiderman: Web of Shadows and Call of Duty: World at War. Now that Activision assigned them the Call of Duty franchise, they should have their whole development team present for this one, and therefore this one should be a lot better than World at War.

Masta_fro3970d ago

this is just stupid. Id rather keep the actual score based prestige scheme of things.

Why in the world should a shitty player who gets 3 kills and 20death in a match have the same prestige level as a great player when they play for the same amount of time?

Or is it still score based but you can only upgrade once the timer reaches a certain time period??

I mean whats the point of this?

need more info.

Imperator3970d ago

Personally, I thought WaW was better than MW2. Sure, not better than CoD4, but still a good game.

cleanhealthy123970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

prestige doesnt determine your skill. its how much you play anyway. eventually that 3-20 guy would be a 10th prestige if he played long enough, you get xp for a lot of things.

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Jamrock32923970d ago

Try n boost now motha f*kas..This is a great idea..keeps the hackers a step behind

Skynetone3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

id prefer if it wasnt in the game, its long boring and pointless

the only thing it does is show how "sad" you are, wheres the Prestige in that

theres no way devolpers actually play there own games, im convinced of that, the fact that there thinging about prestige mode at all, makes me believe they have zero ideas for there game

lets have it time based, lets have it with cherrys on top with a big gold star and some ice cream on top, sad devolpers with there sad ideas

if you Prestiged and it gave you new kill streaks/new weapons/new camouflage this would be better place to start

i dont under stand the whole camouflage part, if i pick winter camouflage, and im playing in the desert im not wearing winter camouflage, so the whole camouflage part means nothing, what genius came up with that idea,

can we please get an option to turn off auto aim,

thisguywithhair3970d ago

I wouldn't be surprised that prestige is going to be in every COD game from now on because of how much it was praised in COD4. ACTIVISION just seems to be that kind of developer to me lol.

jeseth3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

How is a level 70 person that has logged in 15 days but didn't prestige and less "sad", in your words, than a person who has 15 days in but is on the 8th prestige?

At least prestige modes give you something to keep playing for.

And at least people that prestige have some balls, the people I know that don't prestige don't want to lose their gund, etc. Talk about "sad".

Get over yourself.

P.S. Its your gun camo, genius.

Brewski0073970d ago

Think something different is always welcome. Looking forward to seeing how it works out.

jeseth3970d ago

And include online trophies please!

Prestige mode should be based on how good a player is, not just how long they have played. By making it a time based prestige mode, there is no skill required . . . just sit there and play long enough and you'll get to the top prestige.

theEx1Le3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

i like the fact that you can platinum or get max gs from a call of duty without ever having to go online. its pretty smart on the developers side as it means even people who prefer single player only might buy it to max it out

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xYLeinen3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )


Can't really make up my mind if I think this is better or not.

Might perhaps be a good idea.. I know for certain that some of my friends did stress themselves to achieve many a prestige.

nikkisixx23971d ago

I have a gut feeling Treyarch is gonna turn the COD franchise right around. They have taken nothing from MW2 (which is a good thing) they are, most likely, taking the good elements from their last games and COD4. And now with good ideas like this, I'm having hope once again.

CarlosX3603970d ago

Yeeeeeap, and I'm not liking it. Everyone would look like first prestige all over the place. Meaning, that millions of people are going to in 1st prestige for a while.

HarryM3971d ago

I can already see the boosters finding a way to trick the system into thinking they're online. :/

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