Reminder: Celebrate Independence Day In PlayStation Home Now

Ironstar: "Right now, PlayStation Home is celebrating Independence, likely only on the US servers, along with the rest of the United States. If you're not busy, and just chilling out for the rest of the night,..."

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jazzking20013971d ago

dear god, you can do just about everything on HOME lol

Godmars2903971d ago

Still waiting for the hover bikes personally.

whateva3971d ago

better than Miis & Avatars but people try to down play it just because it's Sony!

freezola753971d ago

i agree.. if it was on those other consoles, it'll be the shit!

SeanRL3971d ago

Why you find it fun? I just don't understand it, can you explain why you love it so much?

TotalPS3Fanboy3970d ago

That is the nature of this reality.

gynecologistcobra3971d ago

No, it's just as lame as Miis and Avatars and Second Life. If it weren't free, no one would give it a second though.

Timberland2K93971d ago

Happy Independence Day Guys =D

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The story is too old to be commented.