Nintendo Gameboy Themed Condoms

Nerd Reactor: Believe it or not nerds do have sex, and when they do, they want a chose a brand that is reliable and is as nerdy as they are. That’s why Visual Communications student Ben Marsh created the fake mock-up video game themed condoms, Play. Not only does the design awesomely resembles the old school Nintendo Gameboy, but the packaging for the individual condoms resembles actual game cartridge.

Each box of Play comes with 6-Varieties of Condoms:

* Ribbed – The Long End of Zelda
* Heat – Dong
* Tingle – Bone Zone 2
* Thin – Super Mario Land of Love
* X Safe – Sextris
* Large – Donkey Shlong

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jazzking20013958d ago

only a nerd could think of this

Blacktric3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

Nerdy chick will love these lmao.


wazzim3958d ago

did everything right this time with a girl.
She's in your bed...until she discovers your condoms :/

Pumbli3958d ago

wazzim - I read your post like "There you are, did everything right, this time with a girl."

And I lol'd. :P

R2D23958d ago

No Solid Snake - what a rip off.

ExplosionSauce3955d ago

But what if it's a gamer chick?
My wife thought they were cool xD

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3958d ago
jjesso19933958d ago

this is sad on to many levels

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The story is too old to be commented.