First Windows 8 Details Leaked

Microsoft just can’t seem to keep their secrets. First we hear Windows Phone 7 has a possible leaked release date of October 2010, the new XBOX 360 slim was leaked by an Italian flash ad, and now Windows 8 details have been leaked by Microsoft’s PC maker partners. Let’s just break down the new Windows 8 details into a short list shall we?

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jazzking20013958d ago

when can we expect it to be out?

Pandamobile3958d ago

Should have read the article. Mid 2012.

TotalPS3Fanboy3957d ago

is the reason you only have 1 bubble.

Commander_TK3957d ago

is the best. Although Windows is the best for gaming on an operating system

Hideo_Kojima3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

enough with the offtopic comments!!!

I think Mid 2012 is a good time for a release...

I hope MS has learned from Vista because let me just say this Windows 7 is amazing I hope they keep it up.

Windows 7 is a good competitor against Mac OS X.

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Tony-A3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

WHY?! 7 worked so well, why bring in a new one?

GrilledCheeseBook3958d ago

you know that these some out every few years

Godmars2903958d ago

Not so because they like it, but like a crack whore, think its something nice to have.

TrailerParkSupervisr3958d ago

It has some good information in it. What I do not understand is the release of IE8. People still use IE?

krouse933958d ago

IE9 but yea it's ridiculous Microsoft really needs to end the browser making business. Even though they probably make boatloads of money it's ludicrous how bad it is compared to Google Chrome.

kissmeimgreek3958d ago

why would you quit making a browser that is used by more than 50% of all internet users?

XXXCouture3958d ago

in the EU some court has decided that ms should give every windows user a choice. so every time you start IE on windoes, it asks you which browser you want

siyrobbo3958d ago

IE is still the most commonly used browser, they hold about 57% of the browser market, even if it is sub par

Godmars2903958d ago

But is it used by 50% of the internet because its a good browser, or because it comes with Windows while anything else has to be actively looked for and downloaded?

El_Colombiano3958d ago

It has a huge market share because of the fact it is forced on Windows users when you install windows.

ChickeyCantor3958d ago


Actually on a fresh install, when you open the browser you get a list of browser to pick from.

But just once.

newhumanbreed3958d ago

Microsoft needs to add IE to the Xbox 360.

PopEmUp3957d ago

Microsoft should add Google Chrome, oh wait never mind :P

Vermillion3957d ago

IE9 is actually better than Chrome 6 in HTML5 based on this video

bjornbear3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

its a perversity for web designers

its rare that the worst tool is used the most, but in this case, its true -_- it adds a good couple of hours trying to get your website to work on IE >[email protected]

for me its either chrome or Safari (mac user) - and before you sh!t all over me, safari in the "web design" world is very solid, and extremely fast and I love it =D it works and thats what matters to me =)

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Noctis Aftermath3958d ago

The things listed in the article seem more like features added in a service pack than a new version of windows.

sid4gamerfreak3957d ago

i dont want a windows 8 just yet, im already enjoying 7. Still use xp proffesional on my old comp though and works very well

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Xx Ziyad xX3958d ago

this is not game news !! .. WTH happen to N4G !

Charmers3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

How the hell do you not consider this game news ? The Microsoft windows platform is the biggest single gaming platform on the planet and it is pretty big gaming news that they are producing a new version.

Now having said that I haven't seen anything of windows 8 that is likely to tempt me to upgrade both my PC's from Windows 7.

tdrules3958d ago

If the jump in performance is as good as it was with W7, yes this is gaming news.

nikkisixx23958d ago

It is PC news, which is part of N4G ;).

dkblackhawk503958d ago

This has all to do with PC "Gaming" News...jee, some people here I have questioned...anyways back on topic. Just like tdrules stated, if this is as big as the Windows 7 performance boost, then I am sold :D

Xx Ziyad xX3958d ago

ok why this in Xbox 360 section ?!!

Charmers3958d ago

Probably for the same reason that Red Dead Redemption articles and LA Noire articles keep appearing in the PC news section. Which is people submitting news and not really knowing what section of the gaming community the news is aimed at.

TheSadTruth3958d ago

It's in the 360 section because PS3 gamers don't troll the PC section. Now they can tell us how if Naughty Dog made a PC operating system it would be the best looking operating system ever made and have the best graphics and features.

dustgavin3958d ago

At least then it wouldn't be Sub-HD and squeezed onto 3 dvd disks. Of course 360 gamers would still praise it as being 'superior'.

Arnon3957d ago

Lol look at Dustgavin going off topic. Don't cry now.

dustgavin3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

How am I going off topic when I am replying to a comment made by TheSadTruth? Plus,Naughty Dog develops games for Sony and not operating systems for Microsoft so who is going off topic?

I'll leave the crying to you while you are off defending Crackdown 2 scores.

TheSadTruth3957d ago

Relax DustinGavin, it's a joke. Try not to take video games personally, they are only video games.

Arnon3957d ago

"I'll leave the crying to you while you are off defending Crackdown 2 scores."

You are going off-topic.

Spenok3957d ago

Its funny how he mentions PS3 trollers while it appears he's trolling at the same time.

Though i do have to be honest and say i lol'd a bit reguardless. xD

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bjornbear3957d ago

i've told you before AND I TELL YOU AGAIN:

gamers are not ignorant, and look for news that effect gaming in every way.

so stop acting like a broken record and realize gamers are people who have interest in other areas, if it bothers you so much use the filter.

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3958d ago
MrGunny943958d ago

Windows 7 da best OS to Gamers lets hope Windows 8 follows the same way...

BYE3958d ago

Hope they stick with the Windows 7 formula and not go back to Vista days.

But as things are looking, they won't.

mrv3213958d ago


Internet explorer... ah how I hated those days, Firefox+ABP is the best.

ZombieNinjaPanda3958d ago

Firefox + No Script

Fixed for ya :)

mrv3213958d ago

Don't you just love the MAC people, I'm sure there's some people who need them for what ever but seriously the IDEA of it being superior to Windows for the majority of people is silly. So what advantage does a MAC provide that cannot be provided by a Windows OS and the 'There's only one virus for MAC and it's owned by the US government' thing won't pass because Ubuntu can be set up to be risk free, I spend week night just reinstalling different FREE distros and then going back to 10.04 and it's great...

You should all try Ubuntu if you get a chance, it takes and hour or so to get used to but then it's super efficent and quick. I mean I went from Vista to 9.10 and it felt like going from Wolfenstein to COD 4. If your not a PC gamer I've yet to find a justification not to switch, just youtube and google Ubuntu and you'll be running it 10 minutes after you download. Put it on a USB and there's no need to even install.

I have a CD with 9.1KK on it for back-up
I have another CD with DBAN on it for fun
I have a backup on a 40GIG hard drive
I have Lubuntu on a SD card

When google OS is released I guarantee a massive shift toward people wanting to try other operating systems.

Serg3958d ago

Ubuntu Lucid is awesome, especially with compiz. By the way:

Now I don't know if this is actually true or not, no official announcement/confirmation from Valve since the article, at least none I have found, but if true, we're in for a ride. Makes sense anyway, MacOS is Unix based, so is Linux, both use OpenGL as the GFX API, so porting MacOS games to Linux should be relatively easy.