7.0 Demon's Souls Review

Dealspwn writes: "I could try and ‘save face’ and play it safe and follow suit and give it a nine for its brave design and legendary unapologetic harshness. But at the end of the day, other parts of the game are distinctly average and the game is a relentless slog that will only last ages because of its obsession with making you do everything over and over again. The online support embedded into the game from fellow players is a brilliant touch though."

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gamerzBEreal173958d ago

u guys want a real review? the game is realy rewarding great gameplay even if u dont like rpgs this is the game to get u into them u will love this game and dont worry about the its to hard arguement theres always walkthroughs on youtube that show u step by step what to do and its well worth $60 as u will put many many hours into it with many differnt classis and it never gets old

forevercloud30003958d ago

Review equals total FAIL!!!! Hes a weak gamer and downed the score because the game might not be the best looking of sorts. I personally thought Oblivion had some of the worst graphics for any game and extremely clunky controls on console but it was still loads of fun. Demon's Soul is the same(minus clunky controls because they were perfect to me).

And the atmosphere of the game is magnificent. BUY IT!!!

MysticStrummer3958d ago

Demon's Souls is my favorite game of this generation. 7 is ridiculous. That is all.