10 Features From Gaming We Want In Real Life writes, "Games have given us inspiration, motivation or even impossible ideas. [Meodia] count[s] down the top ten features [Meodia] want to take from gaming and make it happen in reality."

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Smokeyy903959d ago

Not sure what I would want more. Being able to Respawn or having Cheats. With Cheats I could become invincible. Hmmmmmm.

ipwnall3959d ago

Well I would rank it; Cheats > Respawn but Saves rule all.

Bloodraid3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

I'm not so sure about this...

10. Switch from 1st to 3rd Person: Hell yes. As long as they fix the clipping glitches. Don't want my eyes to get stuck in a wall.

9. Life Statistics: Fuck no, I'd rather not watch myself slowly die, thank you. I like surprises, having an ever-decreasing health bar would ruin the fun.

8. HUD: We already have this, it's called Layer.

7. Difficulty Selection: Wouldn't this cause a paradox of some sort? Would this decrease the population? Or will everyone (regardless of difficulty level) be in the same world? I also fear that 'easy' would be too packed by annoying noobs, while hard would be packed with arrogant assholes.

6. Quests: Would cause hyperinflation, then we couldn't buy our Layer app and there'd be no hud. Sacrifice one or the other!

5. Cheat Codes: This would suck ass for war... The shit would never end! Shoot someone & they wont even take damage. We've already got a near invincible force of crazies, they're called theists, let's not make this worse!

4. Respawn: Wouldn't this get rather petty after a while? Is it possible to leave? What about anyone who's suicidal? Or are you doomed to constantly respawn until the sun implodes on itself, or the Earth is no longer inhabitable? For that matter, what happens AFTER we can no longer live on earth?

3. Chapter Select: Hell yes, ditch the saggy nuts and tits.

2. New Game+: This'd be nice, but wouldn't it start to be rather difficult to remember stuff after some time? Our brains are only so big, we can't continue learning things indefinitely, can we?

1. You ain't got no pancake mix! (Oh, and this'd cause a paradox, no? Kinda like going into a time machine.)

playstation_clan3959d ago

there are many people in the world who live life as a video game in their basements. you suppose to live your own life not let people control over you. videogames should be a hobby and thats all

ipwnall3959d ago

With gaming elements in your life, you'd have it all. No one would be controlling you, but it is sad to see people heavily addicted to videogames.

NSG3959d ago

Word, some people just go to far in terms of gaming..

Sunny_D3959d ago

I would love a restart.
Messed up at work? Restart
Made a mistake? Restart
Got into a fight with Gf? Restart
Ate a large dessert and wish you didn't? Restart and again and again and again.:p

Detroitnews3959d ago

Difficulty selection sounds pretty neat along with a HUD display.

But I would want a skill rating system. You can invest points and make that skill better.

ipwnall3959d ago

Not a bad idea. But life kind of works like that already. Invest time in x and get better in x.

BannedForNineYears3959d ago

This isn't really related to gaming.
But whenever I'm doing homework or just writing.
I sometimes find myself desperately wanting to CTRL+Z or when I'm reading I want to CTRL+F something.

D4RkNIKON3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Yeah, I photoshop for a living and I use it all the time. I used to have a shirt demonstrating CTRL+Z in real life. http://jinternets.files.wor...

MrGunny943959d ago

Hmmm Cheat codes... Flying car... when about to die Cheat of health :P

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