NZGamer: Demon's Souls Review

Boletaria is a sad and dangerous place. A land of mages, kings, knights and thieves. Demons rule and only a handful of survivors are left battling for the souls of the dead. Developer From Software, with the help of Sony’s Japan Studio, have created a hacking, slashing and spell casting nightmare of a role-playing game.

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lodossrage3971d ago

I don't see how people keep saying this game is hard. All this one takes is repetition and understanding boss patterns. For as hard as everyone keeps saying it is, this game is one of the easier platinums you can get on the PS3

Myst3971d ago

Game was quite easy actually and lod is right. Though if you have also played Monster Hunter, the search for patterns will be the first thing you look for anyway.

Either way, the only hard part now is having to start all over again due to hard drive malfunction and loss of my save.

Stationfan3971d ago

Hey i finally picked up my copy in the US, i managed to find it on special for only 29.99 which is dirt cheap.

MysticStrummer3971d ago

My favorite game of this generation by far. One minor thing about DS reviews though... Every one of them claims that all the ghostly figures you see fading in and out are other players in the same area. They aren't. Even if you play offline, which you shouldn't, those same ghostly figures will fade in and out. I know this because I took the game to show my little brother and there was no internet connection. Anyway... that's just a nitpick about reviews. The game is amazing. Buy it now... NOW !!! May thine strength help the world be mended.