Sucker Punch Praises Naughty Dog Help

NowGamer: Sucker Punch duo Brian Flemming and Chris Zimmerman have talked to NowGamer about the studio's relationship with Naughty Dog, and how the Uncharted developer has helped inspire the inFamous 2 team

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Cloudberry3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Because they supported by the bests for creating their award winning Uncharted 2.

In Uncharted 2 closing credits, their (Naughty Dog's) "special thanks" section including killer first, second, & third party studios such as :

* Sony Santa Monica (God Of War).

* Guerilla Games (Killzone).

* Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet).

* Zipper Interactive (SOCOM, MAG).

* Sucker Punch (Sly Cooper, inFamous).

* Insomniac (Ratchet & Clank, Resistance).

* Infinity Ward (Call Of Duty).

* Bungie (Halo).


Seeing how both Sucker Punch & Naughty Dog helping each other, I have no doubts inFamous 2 would be great, in my opinion.

Nice inFamous 2 cover on Play magazine.

WhittO3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Ye I was surprised at IW and Bungie helping !

XXXCouture3962d ago

why? its not like they dont talk together because they make games to a certain console. they're not fanboys like many in the gaming community. i remember an article telling us that naughty dog and IW play sports together.

WhittO3962d ago

Because I would have thought Activision wouldn't allow IW to help other devs not owned by them and for MS to spit their dummy for Bungie to be helping with a PS3 exclusive lol.

-Alpha3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

I don't think MS and Activision would be THAT petty. It's not like they are making the games for Naughty Dog. They are sharing free thought, and nothing is wrong with that.

I see how well Uncharted 2 is resembled in iNFamous. I just have this feeling that it will be 2011's best game, but of course it's way too early to tell. I have one issue though: Cole has turned into Nathan Drake. And I don't really know if I like that.

I get that they wanted to change the old Cole, but this Cole seems too nice. And I don't see him as evil either-- with Old Cole, he was like a gray area. New Cole seems more like a good guy.

I still applaud the change because I think it's allowed the character to fit in with this new world, but I think they tried way too hard to make a Nathan Drake.

I hope they explain the change or make slight changes to show that the game still resembles the Old Cole in some way.

But regardless, I think Sucker Punch is going to be the next Naughty Dog in the sense that they will elevate their reputation to a whole other level. Sucker Punch was always the third wheel last gen while Naughty Dog and Insomniac seemed to make the more popular platformer games. This gen they've established themselves really well and both ND and SP have really evolved. As for Insomniac, I liked them better last gen.

cool cole3961d ago

Ya I think Infamous 2 will probably be GOTY in 2011, but who knows, Twisted Metal, Killzone 3, The Last Guardian(maybe), and a ton of other games could even be GOTY worthy. Hell even Uncharted 3 could come out in 2011. I'm a lot more excited for 2011 than 2010 right now.

sikbeta3961d ago

Infamous 2 will be just Amazing...

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bjornbear3962d ago

to Naughty God! Has a good ring to it, and makes more sense ;) THEY ARE GAMING DEVELOPMENT GODS!

NeoBasch3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Shhh... the name's a secret. A select few in the community came up with it two years ago, after the original Uncharted. They even got clever and changed the logo and sported them on avatars. My computer crashed, unfortunately, and I lost all of mine, but I'll try to find one for 'ya guys.

All hail Naughty Gods!

nickjkl3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

so it was something like this

anyway sce has this thing called world wide studios


RageAgainstTheMShine3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

"Nice Dog" is okay but not as good as "Naughty Dog"

Competition or Cooperation between Sony's own developers?

You see guys PS3 is the best place to be a happy gamer. Happy developers produce happy and fun games.

I like how Sony devs compete with each other but in the sameway the overall result is very good and productive.

Their cooperation when it comes to sharing ideas even propells their competition into new heights , raising the standard for their games in the end results in better and greater games for us PS3 gamers.

Competetion or Cooperation between Sony Devs... keep it up we millions of PS3 gamers .... PS3 gamers.....all benefit with this cool stuff!

xabmol3961d ago

You mean after Jak n' Dax?

That's when I became a full blown ND fanboy and started referring to 'em as Naughty Gods. :)

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rezzah3962d ago

i believe that their studios are like down the street from each other, or was that another company? =/ Anyways im pretty sure they been working together in the pass. Best examples are some of the early Ratchet and Clank games, including some of the Jak and Daxter games. If youve played than youll know what i mean.

iceman063961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

I agree with your concerns for the new Cole. He kinda resembles a suburban outfitter model. He looks like he would be more comfortable in front of a camera lens in some cheesy American Eagle commercial. I don't know if I could see him truly being evil and not just full of tween emo angst. *LOL* Either way, it's not a game killer by far. Just an observation.

Spenok3961d ago

This was probably the first time i saw a dev thank other devs for helping out. And it was pretty sweet. It gives me high hopes for anything they touch, even if its to give feedback on another game reguardless of what system its on. Infamous 2 looks sweet. Im excited.

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jimmins3962d ago

Looking forward to getting plenty of new info on inFamous after all the recent buzz around the gameplay footage...

playstation_clan3962d ago

does microsoft have developers to unite with.haha, im going to get some disagrees for sure

blumatt3962d ago

Well, before the disagrees come, here's an agree and a bubble. It's true that MS has a very small 1st/2nd party lineup. It's sad and it's also why Sony will eventually pull itself back up from 3rd to a more respectable 2nd place in the console war. Sony's in a decent position right now. Sales have been consistently up for like 8 or 9 months since the release of the Slim model, advertising is spot-on now compared to the ads of old, and the games are killer, setting high benchmarks for graphics as well as gameplay. Oh, and... Kevin Butler!!

nix3962d ago

i feel we've come to a stage where Sony stands on top irrespective of how many consoles are sold. the games from sony are so big in nature that no one can deny that sony makes the best games. and its not one or two games we're talking here. if anyone was to call himself/herself a gamer n he/she doesnt have a ps3 in his/her shelf... i dont know how to say what they've been missing.

EpsilonTeam3962d ago

Bubble 4u i'm gonna help too he he

Serg3962d ago

Just out of curiosity, has Sony ever shut down a studio? Wiki says nothing and couldn't find anything on google. I am really curious to know because, I never heard of Sony shutting a studio down.

I'm not stealth trolling or anything I really just want to know...

Pedobear Rocks3962d ago

seems to have been shuttered.

GiggMan3962d ago

I'm not sure if 989 studios is shut down, still around or maybe had a name change.

ChronoJoe3962d ago

I think Inc members left Inc to make Twisted Metal at eat sleep play, Studio Liverpool is gone for now, merged with Evolution Studios to make Motorstorm apocalypse.

Jeff2573962d ago

Incognito got reopened as Lightbox Studios. They are working on a PS3 game but no one knows exactly what it is. Some speculate that it is Starhawk.

PirateThom3962d ago

989 Studios was more of a publishing arm, Sony just took it in under SCEA publishing instead.

I don't think Sony have ever outright closed a studio, they tend to merge them or the people involved form new studios.

ChronoJoe3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )


Nope, they split between lightbox and eat sleep play.

To be honest though, it doesn't make sense to not keep the name of the old studio. I doubt they're making starhawk, having a different developer on the title puts people off, if it was starhawk they would have just stuck with Incognito.

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jneul3962d ago


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