Is this the end of exclusive video games?

With many recent video game exclusives turning multiplatform, it’s questionable whether any future anticipated exclusives such as Final Fantasy Versus XIII will stay loyal to their hardware?

This article discusses whose to blame and whether its necessary a bad thing that more games are turning multiplatform.

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Nope unless you think halo/killzone will switch sides and mario galaxy 3 will be on ps3/360, and i dissagree about ffvs13 on 360 being "most likely" not from a fanboy point of view but down to nomoura being at the helm and by wadas surprise at the reaction to a missunderstood qoute.

GWAVE3959d ago

Yes, some 3rd parties are losing their console loyalty, but others are only strengthening it. Take this past E3 for example. Several EA games (like Dead Space 2) offered exclusive content on the PS3. Portal 2 went to the PS3 and according to Gabe "will be the best console version." On the other hand, we watched Jaffe, Guerilla Games (not sure if they are owned by Sony), and Sucker Punch all stay loyal to the Sony brand.

So, yeah, the age of exclusive games is dying, but only on one of the three consoles.

drdistracto7073959d ago

Jaffe is under contract to do one more ps3 exclusive, and GG is first party

but you are right about sucker punch, they've been very loyal

theunleashed643959d ago

guerilla games are first party.

- Ghost of Sparta -3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

The end of 3rd party exclusives? Maybe. But whoever published this retarded piece obviously forgot about Sony's 20+ 1st party developers, hence the reason Sony owns the best games of every generation. Sony doesn't buy timed exclusives from 3rd party developers. What's the point? Sony buys developers. :)

So is it the end of exclusive video games? You bet it is, for Microsoft.

Just a few examples.

Sony owns Naughty Dog.
Sony owns Guerrilla Games.
Sony owns Team ICO.
Sony owns Polyphony Digital.
Sony owns Media Molecule.
Sony owns Evolution Studios.
Sony owns Zipper Interactive.

Need I say more? Sony's nonstop plethora of masterful exclusives will continue to dominate the industry. Add Sucker Punch to the list as well, they're about to be bought out next year.

darthv723959d ago

The only real exclusives should come from 1st and 2nd party developers. If you are a 3rd party dev then the game should go multi.

I dont have a problem with some exclusive content tailored to each version but let everyone play the game regardless of platform.

TotalPS3Fanboy3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

This is the end of third party exclusives. Which is why the Mass Effect trilogy will also be coming to the PS3.

The true only exclusives are 1st and 2nd party games and true exclusive DLCs on the PS3. Even on the 360, some DLCs are only timed exclusive.

Count3959d ago

Portal 2 being the best console version on the Ps3 is highly likely to be based on the fact that Steam cannot be arranged to be implemented on the Xbox360.

Another popular belief. But I think that one rings a little more true than yours.

As for ''being offered exclusive content'' and ''only on one of the three consoles'' ..I laugh.

Do you know how many exclusive content has been offered and still is being offered for and on the Xbox360? I doubt it.

morganfell3959d ago

Sony with more studios than MS and Nintendo combined says no.

sikbeta3959d ago

Yes and No

YES when it Comes to Third Party Devs and Publishers, cos Deals always end up in timed exclusivity

NO when it Comes to First Party Studios:

Sony OWN More than 80 IPs and have +20 First Party Studios Making Exclusive Games for PlayStation Consoles

Nintendo OWN +40 IPs and have +5 First Party Studios Making Exclusive Games for them

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IrishAssa3959d ago

Just wondering, why would Nomura being at the helm affect anything?
I agree it won't go 360 but yeah why Nomura?

Newtype3959d ago

He has never made a game for the 360.

IrishAssa3959d ago

He made the KH series on Nintendo and PS platforms. That's all he's made though isn't it? And the KH games were back when S-e slept with sony too

Count3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Slept with Sony, humorous.

PS fanboys seem to have the illusion that Tetsuya Nomura is also a PS fanboy and because of that his choices are biased in favor of the PlayStation.

There is really nothing to back this up.

This is what was said about Hideo Kojima and we all know how that turned out.

Gue13959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Nomura is like Kojima, they both have games on multiple consoles but they just like sony the most. There are rumors that Nomura threatened Square by leaving the company if they didn't let him make FFvsXIII the way he wanted. And if you read the wikipedia info on the game you're going to see that the team has said that the game development was moved from PS2 due to space limitation of the old DVD and we all know that the DVD9 has even less space than the Wii DVD format.

VS will stay exclusive unless Nomura gets rid of all the CGI sequences of the game or unless they limit the free roaming aspect of the game to make it more like the old FF games on the PSX. But no matter what happen if the game goes multiplat the lots of changes to the game will be made...

@Anomen  what about Kojima? How it turned out what? He still hasn't made a single Xbox game just like Nomura. =)

IrishAssa3959d ago

I just don't underssand were all the love for him comes from and when people say "he won't let us down, this is Nomura" . What does that mean? He has made a few good games(which I don't actually like) and he's some god among gaming, he hasn't made anything up the quality of Kojima and many others imo.

He's never had the chance to make a 360 game either. I want versus to stay exclusive so it comes out quicker though. He can prove himself to me with that game if he is able to match the quality of the top guys

KiRBY30003959d ago

"This is what was said about Hideo Kojima and we all know how that turned out."

yeah, he made MGS4 exclusive for the PS3.
then Peace Walker exclusive for the PSP (which he consider MGS5).
then he made clear he is NOT the game director for MG Rising. at E3 this year, he went on stage and said he is "passing the torch" to the team. even tho he will probably keep an eye on the game's development, it's not his game.

and now rumours are saying he's making a new PS3 exclusive title which could be revealed at TGS this year, probably the project he refers as "taboo".

Kojima never made a game on xbox and so far nothing indicates he will. Kojima on xbox = lolz

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sid4gamerfreak3958d ago

its not the end of exclusives but there does seem a trend going on with devs which are not owned by a particular brand.

I dont why theres always a mulitplatform vs exclusive debate, some of the best mulitplatforms r still played and better than some exclusives, and vice versa

NYC_Gamer3959d ago

all these 3rd party comapanies going the multi route really helped sony step up the 1st party production

Spenok3958d ago

Which really paid off this generation.

ActionBastard3959d ago

Not for Nintendo or Sony. If MS has the loot, they keep buying them.

Chris_TC3959d ago

I would LOVE to play Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2, but I won't buy a PS3 just for those. I own a Blu-ray player, so the only reason for me to buy a PS3 would be 2 or 3 exclusives I'm interested in. And that's just not worth it.

Port those games to the PC and I'll buy, but you will not lure me into buying a system I have no interest in.

Bell Boy3959d ago

Looks like you won't be playing them then

scofios3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

It's your lose who cares .

jneul3959d ago

wouldn't it have just been better to get a ps3 that way you could wtch blu-rays and play on those great games you just mentioned....

sikbeta3959d ago

Funny how it works, You want those games ported to PC, but You'll NEVER see them on PC, while I'll not buy an x360 cos a great majority of x360 "exclusives" are available on PC, aside from AW, which is the only one I'll miss...

Chris_TC3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

I know I'll never see them.
All I'm saying is that Sony's tactic of luring me into buying their system doesn't work. So what's the point of exclusives then?

They are telling me I can only buy their games if I buy their system. And I'm telling them they don't get my money that way. Release it for MY system and you WILL get my money.

But LOL at the 18 disagrees. What did I say to infuriate the Sony brigade? Oh yes, I dislike the concept of exclusive games (not just Sony exclusives). That makes me the devil. What's the age of the average N4G kiddie? Around 13 or 14?

JAMurida3959d ago


I understand where your coming from. I too wish they would just make one gaming system that all games would be played on, but from the looks of things now, I don't see that happening anytime soon. But while I will say the whole exclusive thing is annoying for most people, it must be said that because of that exclusivity us as gamers were able to witness some amazing games. I'm not saying that exclusive games > mulitplat games, but even the devs behind UC2 and LBP said themselves that those games could of only been done on the PS3. Now if that is true or not is beyond me, but if that's true, then I'm glad to of experienced those games.

The way I look at the whole FFXIII Versus thing is that Nomura just wants to make a game on a systems that doesn't have has much limitation as the others, (Blu-ray Disc vs DVD being the case). We all know the difference between the formats, so I'm not going to get into that. But I would personally like to see what he can do if he makes the most out of the PS3 and use it's power and space to the fullest. I mean, despite GTA4 and Elder Scrolls Oblivion being amazing games, I still think to myself, "What if they took full use of Blu-ray?" Would we of seen a highly detailed world the size San Andreas or maybe even bigger then San Andreas if GTA4 fully used Blu-ray? Again, I'm not saying the games weren't good the way they were, I just always wonder the "what if" part to it.

It's fun to dream though...

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TheLeprachaun3959d ago

No it's not the end of exclusive video games. Less 3rd party exclusives for sure, but there will always be first party games.

stonecold13959d ago

will stay on ps3 nomura is going further with this game and adding space ship and upanting the graphics would never work on xbox unless the game is going to be gimped like the other version so no and nomura is loyal to sony