Does Sony Consider The PS3 A Failure ?

Being in 3rd place for Sony must seem like an awkward position to say the least. As the reigning champ of last generation, Sony themselves set the bar very high for this generation.

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cobraagent3742d ago

PS3 is not a failure so why would Sony consider that??? It has some of the highest rated exclusives and it dominates everywhere except from America. The gap is getting smaller and smaller

playstation_clan3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

they're in their own little world that the xbox 360 is better because their userbase loves to rebuy consoles.

@disagree: come here skittles

MorganX3742d ago

Actually, American buyers like companies that replace their products for free. It's a phenomenon. It actually builds trust and brand loyalty. Americans are notorious for forgiving if you do the appropriate mea culpa. Just ask Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods. Works for everyone, except Jesse James.

Just sent in a RROD Elite. Out of warranty but RROD warranty extended 3-years. Only cost me a little time to print prepaid label and drop it off at nearest UPS store.

That's why MS is still around given the RROD debacle. And maybe only MS could have afforded to weather such a monumental storm.

jut4203742d ago

@ MorganX

MS: "Hey consumers, since we can't figure out how to fix our RROD problem, we're going to extend our warranty and you can just send in your console for repairs every six months or so for the next three years."

People Like You: "Wow, that's what I call great customer support."

Comments like the one you made are the reason people think Americans are idiots. I'm American and I don't know if I've ever seen a dumber serious comment on this site. You just admitted to being ok with buying a product that is prone to failure at some point, because they said they'd replace your broken product for 3 years if it does fail. Or ya know, you could just buy a Playstation which doesn't need an extended warranty because it's a finely made product. MS didn't extend their warranty out of the kindness of their hearts. And your whole trust line...give me a break, MS tried denying RROD even existed for as long as possible.

And guess what, if your PS3 breaks and you have to send it in for repairs, Sony sends you the box, the shipping label and the strip of tape to seal the box. Only thing you have to do is drop it off at UPS.

darthv723742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Some would deem a failure as being not able to surpass the previous release. Movies are somewhat judged in this manner. Take a first run hit and follow it up with another movie. The idea for the studio is to surpass the original to justify creating the sequel in the first place.

Some movies have sequels that far outdo the original and then the pressure is on the make a 3rd (or 4th) to continue the trend. Sony's console is not a failure in the technical sense but I dont know under what conditions they calculate.

So far it is selling rather well and could get to the point of surpassing the original ps1 but i am not so sure about the ps2. Times AND perception are different this gen and consumers so far have not bitten into the blu-berry pie like they did with dvd and the ps2.

It is not a failure by any means but just gives the impression that it is slow moving but steadly increasing. Take into consideration a few things. DVD did not require an upgrade in tv set. DVD was far superior to video tape when it came to convenience of watching a movie. Price and availability of players and discs were/are more competitive for the consumers dollar.

No need to express how significant the jump from dvd to blu is but from a consumer point of view you need to change a few things to really enjoy it. Namely...the set you watch it on. You NEED HDTV for bluray. Anything less is like watching regular dvd. Audio is another expense if jumping into the HD age. Some dont have full surround sound systems and those can be pricey especially when wanting to hear all of what blu has to offer.

PS3 is a great value that cant be denied. Playing games in hd is something you cant go back to sd after playing. Only way it could be seen as a failure is if the format stalls. The way for the format to stall is by studios not making the content worth purchasing over the traditional dvd. And it is more than just the look and sound but also the extras we have come to expect. More and more content is being withheld on purpose and consumers dont like being given something at the start only to have to pay more for it as it gets later on down the line. Be it dlc that could have been in the game or collectors editions of movies that could have been in the original release as well.

absolutecarnage3742d ago

So your telling me that no one that bought a ps3 never bought a ps3 slim that does the same thing, and oh yeah the mighty ps2 have many did people bought a ps2 slim or a replacement when it died, don't pretend it doesn't happen

MorganX3742d ago

>>And guess what, if your PS3 breaks and you have to send it in for repairs, Sony sends you the box, the shipping label and the strip of tape to seal the box. Only thing you have to do is drop it off at UPS.<<

What? You must be a stupid American. You bought a product that fails. Oh, I guess if they fix it for free it's OK.


The bottom line, Microsoft's return policy has saved their market. You can deny it if yo like, the reality remains. We have 2 PS3s that no longer play Blu-rays and are out of warranty. Believe me, if Sony would fix them for free, it would build trust and brand loyalty. That's just the way it is.

ConanOBrien3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

smokes different kind of pot *420 coughs*, so he indeed is a stupid american, Xbox is known as a brand loyalty of USA. People like him isn't patriotic, but idiotic.

The Xbox's green wave art represents the power of whites (read:americans)? racy brand? guess it's not coincidental.

hatchimatchi3742d ago


You're not very intelligent are you?

I own a 360, i enjoy it but here's the kicker...

The system is a POS. This is fact. It breaks from normal use. If you bought a bike and were riding it down the road and the front tire flew off, you'd be pissed. The 360 is the most unreliable console ever built and an extended warranty doesn't solve anything regarding the RROD. It's a band-aid fix that is a slap in the face to consumers.

There has never, NEVER been a console that repeatedly breaks for no apparent reason. It was a pure rush job on Microsoft's part. I have consoles that are pushing 20 years old and they run without a hitch.

Extended warranty for widespread console failures. That was unheard of before this generation.

sikbeta3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Ah, come on, you can do better than this, please, this is just a Desperate attempt for hits...

Logic FAIL

There is no Corporation in the World that would keep Pushing and supporting something considered a "failure", a prime example was an article in N4G the other day about MS killing a device called "kin", so that's it, PlayStation Brand is in the Gaming industry to Stay, there is nothing anyone can do and and crowd, next time try a little big harder....

scofios3742d ago

No offense but if your statement is right then i'm glad I'm an european .

darthv723742d ago

"And guess what, if your PS3 breaks and you have to send it in for repairs, Sony sends you the box, the shipping label and the strip of tape to seal the box. Only thing you have to do is drop it off at UPS."

Sony doesnt send it to you. You pay for it so basically you are buying the return kit. All that is part of the $150 repair fee sony charges for the ps3.

When 360 started off the 3yr policy, MS was sending people all the same stuff and it was actually FREE. Now they dont do that but how hard is it to find a box, some tape and foam peanuts.

Oh yeah, the 3ry is still in effect until the last new NON slim 360 sold has reached its 3rd year from mfg.

HSx93742d ago

You set that guy in his place.

And no, SONY just added new features, if they were really upset about their own console you would have noticed through their support towards the console, so far I see nothing bad. Damn xbox newbss

GrandTheftZamboni3741d ago

Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods and MS had to admit their fault after proven guilty of wrong doing. OJ Simpson didn't admit anything and he was forgiven, so there must be another reason why Americans still buy 360.

jut4203741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

lol @ Conan O'Brien

yet more proof of stupidity... So I should buy an Xbox and take the higher risk of my console failing because it's made in America? I'm not sure if your comment is more idiotic, or Morgans'. I'm not patriotic because I don't buy their faulty product? lol good one!!!

I used to have an Xbox but traded it in because I never played it... too many good games on PS3, just didn't have time. It never failed on me, but more than half the people I know who have Xboxes have had theirs fail on them at least once. As much as I'd like to play Splinter Cell and Mass Effect 2, that alone will keep me from purchasing another Xbox until they either release their next one or they release a 360 that doesn't need a three year warranty behind it.

Point is, support yourself, not your country or some company!

EDIT: @ Darthv and Morgan. My console didn't actually fail. I bought my PS3 and Samsung HDTV on the same day. I hooked them up, when I would start any game my tv would stutter (a white screen, a fuzzy screen, a black screen, then a no signal screen, then it would start the game) and I thought it was my PS3 because my friend had almost the same Samsung and didn't have this problem so I initially thought it was the PS3. I called Sony and we couldn't figure out what it was so they said they'd replace my PS3 for free because I had just bought it. The sent me the box, the tape and the label for free within 2 days. Got my new PS3 within 5 business days and I had the same problem. Turned out it was my TV. I needed a firmware update, but there was no way I could install it. Wasn't even my PS3, but Sony still replaced my console.

N4BmpS3741d ago

Anyone else gets the sense that morganx was being a prejudice prick? I was/am. Generalization, I joke about it alot but it really pisses me off but your was more sad than aggravating.

morganfell3741d ago

No they can't do better. If they cannot spell the word Guerrilla correctly, one can hardly expect them to postulate a reasonable theorem based on even the slightest scrap of common sense.

As regards some comments in this thread by MorganX and just420, there is a point where brand loyalty becomes simple stupidity and the willingness to be a doormat for a company with faulty hardware. I know, I supported all consoles last gen and thought MS was onto something.

I supported all manufacturers this gen as well. No longer. I am on my 5th 360 and at some point I had to realize I was being an idiot and assisting a company incapable of any sort of hardware dependability. The willingness to repair a system neither trumps, forgives, nor erases poor design and inexcusable engineering.

And many like me were not fully reimbursed for our time or losses.

MadMan003741d ago

Ps3 fanboy aways gotta bring up the 360, it's sad.

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PLAYstar3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

My PS3 broke 4years ago, where it indicated that the laser burned out. Sony make a swift replacement for me and ever since then my PS3 is as healthy like immortal! It just can't die!

My Xbox360 broke every fuking 2months! I'm tired of getting raped by M$ in the arse.. Threw it right at their service centre, gave them the universal finger, smoke them and never look back!

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r1sh123742d ago

how could sony ever consider the ps3 to be a failure?
Im gonna say it now, I like my xbox.
I like my ps3.
But sony managed to get the ps3 out, create a new platform (blu ray) for films etc..
This new format will be the future, its a shame that MS have not added it to the xbox slim
A little stupid, but still

mrcash3742d ago

I definitely sony considers it a failure, at the moment, it's all about money and the ps3 has cost the quite a bit of money. I'm not sure if it has started profiting yet but if it has then that could change.

GrandTheftZamboni3741d ago

Sony spent about 500 million on cell development, while MS paid about a billion to IBM for design based on cell architecture. Sony spent 0 on extended warranty for which MS spent another billion. If MS didn't write off those costs for RROD replacement to fiscal 2007 or 2008, I doubt their gaming business would be profitable now.

hakis863741d ago

SERIOUSLY, if a company sees a product as a failure, wouldn't they stop the support for it/introduce a new one?
I seem to remember this little show called E3, where Sony announced a ton of support, games, new accessories (Move) and 3D for the PS3.

table3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

not really flamebait, it's a perfectly legitimate question. One would have to say, yes, to sony it is absolutely a failure. For them it's all about turning a profit and the ps3 is now only just breaking even after several years on the market taking a loss. They got ahead of themselves and their competitors took advantage of the launch price.

From a gamers perspective it's a success, copious amounts of top rated exclusives, blu-ray player, free online, what more do you want? From sony's point of view you'd have to be deluded not to see that so far it has been a failure.

Domer253742d ago

Good point and bubbs up!

commodore643742d ago

well said stewgart

Customers love the ps3 - it's a great machine and tremendous value

Sony, however, has lost $5 billion on the ps3.
That's not cool and they ain't happy, let's not kid ourselves.

N4g_null3742d ago

Very true Stewgart.

Sony's plan was a little like last gen with the game sales pushing them way over the top.

Imagine if sony made MW2 instead of say killzone. Sure people love the art and if got many awards and even got a few high tech things to work on the PS3 yet no one even bought it like MW2.

What makes this so sucky for SONY is that they are producing the top rated system right now and even supplying it with even more top rated games yet it got crushed by the wii and MS isn't even trying any more and multiplates continue to gimp seemly the powerful PS3.

Here is the goods. SONY better learn from their mistakes. if they want mass market sales they have to cater to the mass market instead of critics that really don't represent gamers as a whole.

I really feel like the media set SONY up for this fall. The unanimous praise sony got for the PS2 really did change the company for the worst and on top of that no publisher really challenged them. On top of that sony may have listen to the wrong developers.

Yet SONY replied on PR way too much, with out the industry supporting SONY fully like how they did on the PS2 they really where left exposed in the beginning. In fact they are hoping that GT5 will be the game that shows they still have some wight to throw around.

Then on top of this SONY is relying on it's image to sell games only. Most gamers don't buy cool they play cool.

It's true if you have one you love it. Yet you have to wonder how come more people don't want this great console? Your answer would be the same reason people do not buy the best GPU for their PC every time. It's all about the games.

People just don't like the PS3 exclusives that much. They are great and have great art but the game play is still not what many would call fun or even challenging.

If SONY can ever understand that they could crush nintendo since that is the true reason many of their games sell 15+ million it's all in the game play.

MorganX3742d ago

Sony says it is no longer taking a loss on hardware sales. So you would have to say they no longer view it as a failure.

dead_eye3742d ago

sony may have lost money on the ps3 but what you have to remember is the ps3 helped win the hd format war with blu ray. it's also gonna help with pushing 3D tv's.
i don't think sony think its a complete failure. maybe not doing as well as they thought it would (compared to the ps2)

Rhythmattic3742d ago

In the Beginning.......

Sony brought forth a product with new tech that increased the cost of the console, and with that. sold it at a loss so consumers could put it in their homes...

Microsoft Used old tech to make it more affordable, however still ended up selling it as a loss (due to RROD) so consumers could put it and keep it in their homes...

Honestly, what would you prefer as a consumer ?

A company that sells at a loss because of the cost of the Tech, or a company that sells at a loss due to hardware reliability ?

table3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

I agree with a lot of your points however, I don't believe it is because the games don't appeal to the consumer. The ps3 has the widest selection of top rated games that are critically aclaimed, to put simply, there is a ps3 exclusive out there for everyone.

The reason nintendo's games sell so much is because the names have been in the industry for over 20 years, that coupled with the family friendly appeal of the console means both the hardcore and the casual will buy. Yes they have quality gameplay too, but that is not the predominant reason.

There is a variety of reasons why the ps3 is in 3rd place and I have my reasons to believe why this is(albeit I cannot be bothered going into them) but it is not because of the games library.

iceman063741d ago

with what you have said. From a financial standpoint I am sure that they are NOT where they would like to be. However, from a trending and future revenues standpoint. They are probably pretty happy. Regardless of the bravado at the beginning of the release of the PS3, Sony had to be hesitant to release a gaming product at the price point of $600...while STILL taking a loss. That was a huge risk. I believe that Sony was fully aware of this and hoped that brand loyalty would drive a portion of that 160 million PS2 owners to get one. However, a few things happened that Sony couldn't have really predicted. The economic down-turn leading to recession, the marketing strength of MS and the Xbox 360 (which I believe was solely underestimated), and Nintendo returning to the industry with a vengeance (which I don't believe anybody would have called).
All in all, they were rocked back on their collective heals and they spent the better part of 2 years trying to recover. Now, I think they probably like what they see. Not in terms of financials, but in terms of positioning their console and the Sony brand for the long run. I don't know if anything that Sony ever does can match the run of the Playstation and PS2. But, I don't think they have to in order to be successful.

moparful993741d ago

Hardware sales($$) is never indicative of success.. Sony knew they were taking losses on the ps3.. That wasn't their modus operandi, Sony used the ps3 to push blu-ray as a proprietary format and that was a resounding success.. Blu-ray now accounts for nearly half of all movie sales. Thats huge considering the push for digital distribution. Another thing the ps3 pushed was the sales of hdtv's,in sonys case their bravia line of tv's which has been strong for sony.. Then you have sony software, all of the amazing first party titles for the system have done very well sans a few early titles. I guess the point I am trying to make is the ps3, while taking losses, helped sony push two technologies that they are raking cash from. Now the ps3 is poised to do it yet again with 3d.. I had the opportunity to witness 3d on a bravia tv.. My lord that is almost like going from sd to hd.. I just wish I could afford a tv cause I would def buy one if I could.. Bottom line the ps3 has been a huge success for sony, not in the traditional sense of units sold, rather as a vessel to allow sony to market other technologies. Sony is doing just fine and continues to get better...

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sid4gamerfreak3742d ago

LOL. Thats one of the stupid things ive ever heard. Why would sony consider the ps3 as a failure. Its in their advertising, hell its even in that sony bravia tv ad

Aaroncls73742d ago

Another blogger attacks! Quick, cover your eyes before it's mediocrity forces you to vomit in disgust!

games4fun3742d ago

this whole article is flamebait and should be disregarded. I wish n4g could start cleaning up a little in terms of blogs also.

on topic: ps2:dvd, ps3:blu-ray, this alone is worth it to sony. In terms adding a more powerful format that increases game content, disc (scratch resistant) reliability, and multiple languages, the gamers come out ahead as well.

Also just by sales projections alone its one of the fastest selling consoles. It may be in 3rd place but in terms of year on year sales it's stellar. Which is the only thing they can measure their success internally as a company.

Even if the company takes a loss on gaming they are reaping the benefits of blu-ray discs/tv's as we speak.

N4g_null3742d ago

Ps2 dvd every one evolved was a winner. SONY used it to get 3rd parties to make every great game for them.

PS3 blu ray was great until you start to look at it's read speeds great for video yet for reading directly off the disk would have made every game disk look like it's own harddrive which would have been the one think that could totally destroy the xbox right now. Problem is that is not viable. Blu ray to a dev only means I can maybe make more levels which is what most gamers want. Do we get this, nope not even on PS3 exclusives because it would take forever to make a game then.

On top of this the cell pretty much breaks 20+ years of programming tricks and makes every one start over. On top of this most people start over just to get close to what many xbox 360 games are easily made to do. This made sony loose partners which you all called 3rd party but back in the past PS2 almost enjoyed a voluntary monopoly from a development side.

So the disk was not more powerful it just gave us more room to do what we where going to do with a normal dvd. Powerful would have been huge increases in read and or write speed of the disk.

Then on top of this sale projections do not pay your bills today. The bank does not like you pay with projections. This would be a form of credit if they did. Yet the system sales are not the problem any more it is the software sales. Which is what help to subsidize the console cost.

This system has effectively out sold the xbox for 3 to 4 years LOL. Yet it is still last come on really? On top of this SONY still does not have a 15 million copy sold game franchise.

Right now they are the nec of gaming. On top of this they know it. The showing for the move shows how much they rely on their current base and are afraid to venture out to get other gamers. On top of this no new system was even hinted at and the PSP is left out on the market to now die when going up against the 3ds.

The only original push coming from sony is the 3d tv stuff. Where is their leader ship?

It is almost as if the PS3 will be sonys last console and they will hold on to it till the end. Yet their is a silver lining. Imagine the idea of not making a new system and people keep buying these SONY exclusives, eventually they will reach 15 million sold, eventually. The upgrade will be so cheap that they could launch at $250 like the wii.

Some thing tells me SONY maybe be holding out. I think they, well i hope they pull a wii off next gen.

The first step was to get your 1st parties to make games that people like now they need to make games that people want. Before you jump all over my text please list some PS3 games that have reach halo or even the wii's top sales.

Also the mere fact that nintendo was able to sell a wii for $250+(4*49wiimote)196 +(4*15mplus)60+ 150balanceboard= 656

That does not have HD out or blu ray and doesn't even play dvds. Most casuals have this set up. Now it doesn't look impressive at all that the PS3 sold at $600.

So basically SONY's failure was going for the feature orientated gamer with out putting features that the masses wanted it seems in their console.

I'm sure many love the features in their PS3 yet many don't care for most of those features.

The features that won out was game play, motion control options and classic hardcore old school games. The ability for people to just see how much fun a game was is very big also. That is a very arcade like effect that is missing from many SONY games.

It would seem the hardcore just assumed that the game play would be there or at least be enough for most gamers.

Jaces3741d ago

Sony made some bold moves/mistakes and yet they keep moving forward.

They brought blu-ray into the market full speed and won, developers now have more room to make bigger and better games on just one disk, we lost those 3rd party developers not because the tech was too difficult but because there was money to be made on both consoles after seeing the profit on two platforms instead of one, MS can boast about Halo's sales all they want but we all know what will rival and eventually surpass Halo come November, people bought the wii because they liked the new freshness it brought to the gaming industry.

That certainly helped it escalate into eye bulging record highs in sales, but honestly how many people even play it anymore aside from the quick Mario or Fitness fix? Most everyone I know says it does nothing but gather dust while their 360/PS3 get's most the attention and maybe the kids will jump on it once in awhile. It's a lame fad that got old quick, I usually only use it to play old Gamecube games cause most of what they push out now is nothing but crap.

In the end Sony has not failed but succeeded in many areas that 360/wii fanboys refuse to accept.

NeutralGamer3742d ago

This article is so flamebaity...

3rd place is no fail and Sony knows this -.-

J-Smith3742d ago

this site is getting back to its old days of 24/7 ps3 bashing. well done mods, you got what you wanted[but not for long, wait&see]

La Chance3741d ago

Well of course they do.

From 1st to DEAD LAST! LMAO !!!

F A I L.

Dee_913741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )


TheDeadMetalhead3741d ago

If Sony considered the PS3 a failure, don't you think it would've been discontinued by now like the Dreamcast?

Is it like a REQUIREMENT for game journalists to be less intelligent than your average person?

RumbleFish3741d ago

Article is a failure. SONY is selling not only the PS 3, they are selling the PSP and the PS 2, they have more than 200 000 000 million consoles out there that are supported with new software and further will be supported. No other company has a momentum like that.

Article = flamebait!

Lightsaber3741d ago

Why would they consider it a failure even if ps3 is still in the hole at the end of this gen it wont be a failure for sony. Thanks to the ps3 Blu ray won the HD war. This alone was worth it for sony. Plus the ps3 is finally turning a profit. So I cant see how anyone would think Sony thinks of the ps3 as a failure

Jaces3741d ago

Reasons why it's in third:

360 had a year head start
$600 starting price (are you kidding me?!) Amazing thing is it still sold

That's about the two most logical reasonings behind it, not because it "has no games/games don't sell on PS3".

So in Sony's eyes from that right there I'd say they're pretty damn happy with what they've done and gotten away with. ;D

Voiceofsoi3741d ago

Has anybody else noticed how almost every PS3 fanboy on N4G puts forward their argument in eloquent and relevant points, while 360 fanboys generally just write a two line rebuttal, riddled with grammatical errors, that doesn't really make any point other than 'you're wrong, Xbox is better'?

DigitalAnalog3741d ago

Why is it still selling? This is as much sense as saying "Does Microsoft consider the Kin successful?"

-End statement

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FlatulentGhost3742d ago

You can just see the bitter fanboy tears this little punk had writing this garbage.

Sony and the PS3:

Third fastest selling console in history

Double the price of the previous two fastest selling consoles, the PS2 and Wii

Destroyed Microsoft and Toshiba's junk HD-DVD format and established
Blu-Ray as the standard next gen movie format

Dumped Microsoft into last place in two out of the three major console regions despite Microsoft launching their console 1 year early in Japan and 1.5 years early in Europe

Graphically humiliated Microsoft's wimpy Xbox 360 like no other console has in history.

20 first party studios pumping out a constant stream of mind boggling good AAA exclusives vs only 3 studios for Microsoft and the Xbox

Yeah, keep up these garbage articles coming. They are nothing but music to the ears of the 145 million Playstion fans in the world.

Drazz3742d ago Show
raztad3742d ago


I dont see your counterpoints.


I want to add that finally the PS3 is sold at a profit, so Sony stopped bleeding in that front. A price cut next year looks quite possible. 3D ready, BD ready. The PS3 is just starting to come on its own. EA knows it.

Convas3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

"Graphically humiliated Microsoft's wimpy Xbox 360 like no other console has in history."

Errrr, interesting. So, how many folks played Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 yesterday?

Aaaaaaaaaand ... How many were playing Halo 3?

Graphics =/= Fun

Don't get me wrong. Sony is THE superior Console Developer, but there's a difference between being humiliated and simply being less powerful graphically.

Oh, BTW, have you seen Rage yet? ... I'm sorry, I forgot Crysis 2 ...

psman0123742d ago

And do you know that Rage and Crysis 2 are also coming to the PS3?

duplissi3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

yes the masses read: sheep really know their quality dont they.... miley cyrus is the best! justin bieber!....

HDgamer3742d ago

Funny I played Uc2 and KZ2 last night. Just how many people actually have a choice on the 360? Right because quality vs popularity

Red-Dead-Roar3742d ago

maybe if halo 3 wasn't the only game you still have... enjoy that crap.

PAPERCHASER03963742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Why you don't still play on an atari2600 or original xbox then if GRAPHICS DON'T MATTER they both have good games that you can still find if you look even more so ps2.... the reason I own this generation console is because I am a GAMER and need that visual shock and gameplay

ThanatosDMC3741d ago

Forgive him for pointing out the lack of quality games on the other console.

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N4PS3Fanboys3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

And despite all that, they're still in last place this gen. By 5 million units and rising now that the 360 is outselling the PS3 worldwide.

Rigmaster3742d ago


Even the hardcore Dreamcast fans weren't this pathetically delusional years ago.

games4fun3742d ago

wow,360 outsells the ps3 worldwide one week after ps3 outselling it for weeks and weeks and its a pointer as to how bad sony is doing?

moparful993741d ago

Your only rebuttal is the mildly strong sales after a console revision.. Lets see when the ps3 slim launched ps3 sales destroyed the 360 even outselling it here in america the only remaining stronghold for the 360.. Also the sales gap was somewhere around 11 million back in 07 I believe and now the split is 4.5 million.. Yea epic win bud.. Do us all a favor and keep your eronious comments to yourself..

N4g_null3742d ago

Sony and the PS3:

Third fastest selling console in history, if so then why is it still not 2nd or even 1st place yet?

Double the price of the previous two fastest selling consoles, the PS2 and Wii, unless you look at my earlier post the wii fully set up with balance board was around $650 easy. Many wii owners actually paid $400 off ebay. Also there was a point that the balance board was actually out selling the PS3 which even prove my point even more. Then MS xbox is infinitely more expensive because people bought that crappy hd-dvd thing and don't have movies for it and then just think some people have been pay some for of live for almost 5 years. Some people don't even keep their cell phone that long lol.

Destroyed Microsoft and Toshiba's junk HD-DVD format and established
Blu-Ray as the standard next gen movie format. To many people they are about as important as laserdisk. Look for another format to replace it in the next few years that is cheaper and looks better in all formats. I wouldn't hold my breath though because we are talking about video games not video formats. So far the only game that was made better because of blue ray was FF13 and it's HD cut scenes, other wise it's a moot point.

Dumped Microsoft into last place in two out of the three major console regions despite Microsoft launching their console 1 year early in Japan and 1.5 years early in Europe. That truly is impressive yet for some reason why are the game sales not higher? Please tell me these regions are not buying them as blu ray players please! This problem actually contributes to SONY not making any money and their next system just being more like a wii from GC boost. For people that love the powerful stuff that has to be a lame idea.

Graphically humiliated Microsoft's wimpy Xbox 360 like no other console has in history. Really like GC verses PS2 res evil LOL or maybe even the xbox?

If this system has humiliated the xbox so bad then why does xbox 360 sales of multiplatform games always end up higher? On top of this why are there no PS3 exclusive that reach halos sales?

20 first party studios pumping out a constant stream of mind boggling good AAA exclusives vs only 3 studios for Microsoft and the Xbox which all out sell 20 studio combined almost, ouch.

Yeah, keep up these garbage articles coming. They are nothing but music to the ears of the 145 million Playstion fans in the world. That all seemed to not buy a PS3 my self included.

Dee_913741d ago

xbox sell more multiplats because they have more units sold maybe??

xbox came out before the ps3 so of course its gonna have more units sold .. the question is how many units xbox sold in its 4th year compared to ps3

blackmagic3741d ago

@ flatulent ghost
PS3 isn't the 3rd fastest selling console anymore. At this point the PS1 has overtaken the PS3. At the end of it's first quarter, fourth fiscal year (june 30th) the PS1 was at 37.3M. At the end of it's second quarter, fourth fiscal year (Sept 31), the PS1 was at 43.1M which is more than the PS3 is projected to sell by Dec 31 let alone the second quarter. By the time Dec 31 rolled around, the PS1 was at 50.7M. The PS3 has been overtaken by the PS1 which means it is the fourth fastest selling console and the worst selling playstation. Sorry to break the bad news.

C0MPUT3R3741d ago

The PS1 sold 10.2 mil per year, for 10 years. = 102 million
The PS3 is still ahead of that 10.2 million pace. (Projected 15 million this year.)
As long as the PS3 stays ahead of that 10.2 mil pace it will outsell the PS1.
When it's all said and done the PS3 will sell 120 million in 10 years, and will probably be on the market longer than that.

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You forgot the question mark in the title. Every quality article needs a question mark. We need to keep N4G's standards high.

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With the amount of fanboy/trolls on this site, I doubt that will ever happen.

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