Why Sony is winning the advertising war

A little over two years ago the PS3 was a struggling console with an identity crisis. These days however, the PS3 is enjoying increased sales and a slew of must have exclusive games.

One of the most overlooked aspects of Sony's steady rise has been an increased emphasis in great advertising. How many of us remember when the Xbox 360 had a strangle hold over advertising? For example, Grand Theft Auto 4, and other high profile multi-platform releases were consistently shown with commercials featuring the Xbox 360 logo. How times have changed.

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The_Zeitgeist3965d ago

Yeah I agree. He is the best spokesmen since the slap chop guy.

brazilianbumpincher3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

to me microsoft are still the best when it comes to marketing let me explain..

360 has one of the worst failure rates in history of any electrical device yet its still here,mainly in america granted but thats because alot of the american press have been on microsofts side this gen and totally bashing the ps3 in its infancy,weve had false comparison videos to favour the 360, when the fat ps3 and 360 were compared there was not a category for touch buttons,now there is because the 360 has them and ps3 slim doesnt,sony didnt help themselves with a total lack of advertising and plainly just riding the sails of the ps2 and microsoft gave sony the kick up the backside they needed,sonys arrogance was disgusting

take kinect, pre-recorded videos at e3,only 2 active players,cant sit down lots of things that were promised are now defunct yet noone in the press really talks about it but gobbles up microsofts hype,getting justin beiber and clueless celebrities to test drive kinect is genius because we live in a celebrity obsessed world

this is not a bash of sony or microsoft this is the truths of how this gen has been, love or hate microsoft they know how to hype a product to a consumer,and halo reach will sell tons due to microsofts advertising, the 360s will keep microsoft relevant and i think thats a good thing,without microsoft sony wouldnt care about gamers and their needs as much as they do now

omodis4203965d ago

@ brazilianbumpincher

I disagree with you but had to give you a bubble. Very well thought out.

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brazilianbumpincher3965d ago

and not being like the usual n4g members on this site

hakis863965d ago

should have used hype to prevent ZUNE from failing

mrv3213965d ago

Atleast Sony can sell stuff, unlike Microsoft or do we all want to forget about the Zune and the Kin and most Microsoft products... how's bing doing anyway?

I guarantee from every use of Bing, Google gets a search on top because people use google to search for bing.

Xbox vs PS2... let's not mention that
PS3 is catching upto to 360 and has OUTSOLD the 360 this year world wide.

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duplissi3965d ago

HAH! really billy mays? really?

using windows as an example as to why microsoft can sell stuff!? 90% of the world is on windows and is entrenched in windows (they have windows only software, play games, or are used to the windows ui) so is it surprising that windows 7 has sold so well? especially after vista many were looking to upgrade.

omodis4203965d ago

@ Billy Mays

Dude you were never that good. You just got excited and talked really fast because you were a coke head.

evrfighter3964d ago

LOL advertising war...

scraping the barrel

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vhero3965d ago

It only does everything is one of the best slogans ever. It is pure genius you know its playstation when you hear it.

RememberThe3573965d ago

What makes it genius is that is that it takes the uncertainty surrounding the PS3 and sells it. If the question arises, "Well what does it do besides games?" The answer is, "Everything." It takes some thing that is confusing and makes it simple, that it genius.

mcnablejr3965d ago

its a lie.
I was stupid enough to fall for it as well =(

man. there isn't CROSS GAME CHAT on the ps3.

what a joke.

Heisenberg3965d ago

Most overlooked aspects? Are you kidding? Kevin Butler and the new ad campaign has been discussed ad nauseam in the gaming media/community. So many of these articles are just white noise, crap, filler, no substance blah blah blah who fuckin cares.... Why am I still typing?

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Spenok3965d ago

Dude, i hate tv. My Tv is strickly for my gameing. Though my wife does use it now and again when im on the computer. Anyways my point is that even with me avoiding my tv for anything other then gameing i still somehow have managed to see every sony commercial on how is it irrelavent when its actually on tv?

N4g_null3965d ago

In a few words fanboys and a actor to play their biggest fanboys along with rrod helps.

Unfortunatly they are not the darlings of the industry to 3rd parties right now.

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RatFuker3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

marcus is poppin that advertisement cherry like he should. ____________/ )......

X-Alchemist3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

there are no ps3 ads in the uk

they seem to only be focusing on the US & japan I assume

XXXCouture3965d ago

theres alot in scandinavia and france

Equinoxe_73965d ago

Playstation brand is strong in both Skandinavia and france, but Xbox360 is not far behind in skandinavia.

Capdastaro3965d ago

I agree UK is swamped with Xbox and Nintendo but little Playstation... If there is any adverts its always for the PSP

Hellas133965d ago

football is BIG. Champions league is the greatest event for football that millions of people watch every week. Playstation have ads all over it.

lace3965d ago

I honestly believe Sony has found their much needed iconic figure for this generation. He can sell anything they have, and isn't limited to a series. Sony is in the best position they have ever been in a long time. They have found a real life Mario.

The_Zeitgeist3965d ago

In a weird way Kevin Butler reminds me of Crash Bandicoot. Back in the PSone days it was all about having a mascot. Nintendo had Mario and Sega had Sonic. Then BOOM Sony explodes with Crash and some very clever and funny commercials.

BYE3965d ago

The industry has grown up. We don't need mascots anymore, they're for kids.

It's all about personalities like Kevin Butler now.

PirosThe4th3965d ago

we need a game based on Kevin Butler!

XXXCouture3965d ago

advertising war? seriously?...

KingPin3965d ago

the gaming media is ridiculous. seems everything to them is a WAR! whats next, controller war? oh wait, we already had that. guess its a draw, since its personal preference. but at this rate the next issue will be which company has a better name! Sony Microsoft and nintendo. and theyl give us reasons, purely based on the characters used to spell the name, which name is better. this whole war thing is bullshit. competition is competition but to call it a war is idiotic to say the least.

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