Resident Evil 3.5 In-Depth Analysis

"Resident Evil 3.5 is a topic of much interest for many Resident Evil fans. We’re here to bring you the most in-depth look and analysis that’s ever existed on the subject...we want to go beyond what is known and really take a look at what Resident Evil 4 was once going to be to the franchise. Lost in time like the infamous Resident Evil 1.5, but arguably even more mysterious until now."

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Rikitatsu3971d ago

But they forgot to mention that the director of RE 3.5 was actually Hiroshi Shibata (Another EX-Capcom dev who went to PlatinumGames)

NeutralGamer3971d ago

Really interesting : D
I red it all xD

Also cool too see that Capcom had developed an Alan Wake esque gameplay before AW even were in the works!

Blacktric3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

This is why I'm looking forward to get RE: Revelations. According to the trailer; there are "zombies" we all know from first Resident Evil games. So maybe Capcom will also bring back other retro features along with these "canned" ones.

scofios3971d ago

I didn't know that i thought it was mikami to who was the director of this canceled version.
Thanks for the info .

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nepeon3971d ago

where the fck s the story at? stupied bs site and fckn n4g can't even do their own cover story! ripping people off of their work and posting it on here. Fckn bastards!

VMAN_013971d ago

Someone had linked to the wrong page on the story, heres the article

newhumanbreed3971d ago

Oh how I miss survivor horrors. When will Capcom take Resident Evil back to its roots?

phantomexe3971d ago

Play dead space. its what RE use to be like only your in space but trust me its still very good.

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The story is too old to be commented.