Crysis: Sensational Texture Pack in Development

Parallax occlusion mapping in perfection: Amazing screenshots from an upcoming new texture pack for Crysis (CryEngine 2).

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AK463965d ago

Well that's good I guess, cause I didn't notice much textures in the vids, that were released.

nophretete3965d ago

Need to buy a new one. Any ideas?

krouse933964d ago

Get the top of the Line GTX480. Haha well I plan on doing that in a month or so. I have the GTX260 right now and I want to see how much of an increase I get when I buy the 480. It is $500 bucks though but I should be good for 2 or 3 years. I hope

KingKiff3964d ago

Only get one if you want to burn down your house while playing games lol.

dirthurts3964d ago

ATI 5870 is a better value.
Nearly as fast, much less power and heat.

Legosz3964d ago

Agreed, sapphire 5870 is where it is at.
If you can not afford the over $200 price for a graphics card go for the 5750 or 5770 radeon. They are both below $200 and will run any game on max settings at a decent resolution.

sid4gamerfreak3964d ago

@dirthurts: Dude i have the same graphic card as u, 5870...

decided not to switch to nvidia although ive been a nvidia loyalist

karan86243964d ago

I've got an Radeon HD5850. Overclocked slightly (as high as I could get it without changing voltage) and it runs Crysis, everything on full with 2x antialaising fine. I usually turn off AA though, better performance. With no AA even a 5850 will be able to run this, no problem

I-Pod3965d ago

Wonderfull screenshots!

Pandamobile3964d ago

Holy shit. Suddenly I don't regret buying a video card with nearly 2 GB of VRAM.

krouse933964d ago

What card do you have the GTX480?

krouse933964d ago

Ohh shit nice I envied that card for a long time. I will finally be picking up a GTX480 though by the end of the month. Summer job and high school don't make it easy to have nice things. It takes a while lol. I just upgraded my system about a month and a half ago. I just need a new video card and power supply.

OpenGL3964d ago

It's really only a 1GB card though, as SLI does not add the memory of both GPUs together. Everything is mirrored in the memory of both GPUs so it is effectively a 1GB video card.

KingKiff3964d ago

I just can't see the point in getting a 480 for the tiny bit of extra power you get while running so much hotter and chewing through so much more electricity.

Nvidia failed this gen of cards. IMO lol.

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EvilBlackCat3964d ago

Is freakin good to be a pc gamer

ProjectVulcan3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

GTX295 has 896mb of memory for games :-) Its SLI on a card. 2 x 896mb. Whatever is loaded into one GPU's memory has to be loaded identically into the other's and mirrored exactly as they work on the same problem but supply alternate frames. Thus the maximum it technically actually has for use is 896mb

Pandamobile3964d ago

Hm. I didn't know that, thanks.

xg-ei8ht3964d ago

That's the point isn't it?

Top spec games on PC should have texture quality like that. But most don't.

Parallax-Occlusion-Mapping can be done on most systems and really adds to the depth of objects.

tdrules3964d ago

poor quality releases help the mod community to grow, I'm all for it.
Bug ridden games like Oblivion and Fallout now have massive mod communities because of it

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