Sony, Why Should I Have to Re-Buy My PS2 Games?

As PS3 fans rejoice over the upcoming re-release of hit PS2 titles in HD, as a longtime PlayStation and PlayStation 2 fan this editor thinks that people should just be shaking their heads at this move.

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Donny3960d ago

im glad they're adding ps2 games to the ps3 system, and i hope they add them in hd, cause the only way someones not telling the differance between hd and sd. is if there lit up like a damn christman tree.

Bereaver3960d ago

It's just ignorant for someone to ask that question. You don't have to re-buy, why don't people see it's a choice. If you don't want more in your collection, if you don't want to support good developer, and if you don't want to see that hold game in fantastic HD, then DON'T BUY IT. lol

Just pop them back in your ps2.

mikeslemonade3960d ago

People need to move on. PS2 is old news. Just patiently wait for the HD remakes of those few series. There's too many PS3 and other current generation games to be played. I have a PS2 BC in the PS3 and haven't used the BC since God of War II and FFXII in 2006. It wasn't a coincidence because in 2006 there were less must-play games on PS3. Right now I just don't understand it between PS3 and PSN network games there's just not enough time to go back to PS2 games.

brazilianbumpincher3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

i have a bc 60g ps3 but i still will buy ico/shadow remake just to experience the game in HD with trophies, sony can and should do both and still make a profit

Hideo_Kojima3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )


So the guys complaining bought a PS2 game without having a PS2?

3960d ago
colonel1793960d ago

i-Thanks to the remakes and the recent dead of my PS3 60Gb, I'll be able to play the Sly Cooper series which I missed for not having a PS2. I will also be able to play ICO someday ('prays')

So you don't have to buy them, but if you haven't experience the games, or you see the value of having three games packed for the price of one or less, then why not?

JoySticksFTW3960d ago

And having an old favorite game with new spruced up visuals is great.

But it does suck if you don't want to rebuy those games, and just want to play them upscaled like the PS3 used to do. So I see the author's point that buying these new PS2 collections delays the return of backwards-compatibility to PS3

nveenio3960d ago

Honestly, when I bought my PS3 at launch, I chose it over the 360 because I knew I could play PS2 games on it. The PS3 launch library was so small at the time, and I didn't have a PS2. So, during those first few months, it was nice to play some Final Fantasy, God of War, Kingdom Hearts, etc. But I sold all of those games later, and I haven't had the need to buy any PS2 games since. Now, if they were to remake those games in HD, I would show interest. Otherwise, I don't really care.

As for complaining about "rebuying" games.... That's stupid. If you already have the game, then you should already have a way to play it. You don't need to "rebuy" it. If you want to play it in HD, then you're going to have to pay. It takes work to upscale those games. It's not unreasonable to ask people to pay for the extra work they put into the game. They can't ship updates to everyone for free.

MNicholas3960d ago

So nothing's stopping you from playing those games on your PS2.

The re-releases are for people who want to play those games in HD with improved graphics.

raztad3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Because you want to play like this (at 60 fps and get 3 PLATs while you are at it)

and no like this

And the best news?

Probably 3 games will cost you less than $60.

WIN-WIN if you ask me.

BTW, if you dont care about playing in HD. Buy a PS2 and GTFO.

HolyOrangeCows3960d ago

I bought the GOW Collection because I never played them on the Ps2, and it will be the same story with the Sly and ICO collections.

DaTruth3960d ago

I just bought a 60 gig at launch and then I played my PS2 games in that When my 60 gig RLOD'd, I pulled my PS2 out and hooked it up!

Off Topic: Funny thing was, I got a real taste of the SD vs HD argument when I popped in the DVD version of Avatar and can't believe people said there was little difference between SD and HD!

sikbeta3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

"Sony, Why Should I Have to Re-Buy My PS2 Games?"

YOU DON'T, No-1 is Forcing you to buy those Games, you buy them cos you want, you don't buy them cos you don't want, you want a BC PS3, sorry, that model is not available anymore, but you had the Chance, stop whining...

N4BmpS3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

If you think this a whining article, then you are right, Sony doen't have to have backwards compatibility actuallyI don't have many PS2 games I want to buy oh and let's check the PS2 Collections available I've never played GOW 1/2 until 2010 on my PS3 and not all Backwards compat. transfers well especially if you play GoWIII and think to yourself "I want to play DMC 1" Why? Idk, you might not like it. This guy just wants to complain about something instead of thinking "hey this game is in real HD, THAT'S COOL" Seriously? Im sure he has the money, even if he is an amateur blogger.

InactiveUser3959d ago

= morons.

Why buy a 720p 60fps version of a game you loved at 480i 30fps?
Why buy a big screen HD TV when I have a 13" black and white tv from back when dinosaurs roamed the earth?
Why change my underwear when the pair I have on are crusting over rather nicely?
Why buy a Blu-ray movie when I have it for my VCR?
Why have a 7.1 surround sound system when I have mono sound?
Why use a light bulb when I have a perfectly good candle?
Why use toilet paper when I can simply use and then wash my hands?

ClosingRacer3959d ago

Well that wouldn't be a problem but considering YOU can't play your old ps2 games on your ps3... you are kind of forced to A) keep your ps2( or buy a new 1 if it broke) or B) buy the game again( i am talking about the people who don't own the older 80gig ps3 and 60gb models) so let say me who owns the newer 80 gb model wants to play god of war 1 and my ps2 broke... Now i got to buy the collection version which costs me 30 bucks now or have to shell out 100 for a ps2 ( or 70 or so if you buy it used)I for 1 don't see how Sony has to force to do either of my options i gave.. So in a way your "choice" isn't a choice ... it is a choice made by sony to make money either way...

BTW if Sony included BC into the system now they will lose a ton of money producing these "HD remakes" which is a big no no for corporate...

ExplosionSauce3959d ago

*If you have PS2 games, then you have either a PS2 or a BC PS3.

*If you have PS2 games and a PS2 and you're about to buy a non-BC PS3, then DON"T get rid of your PS2 or sell it. It isn't going to get you much and you'll regret it.

*If you don't have a PS2 or a BC PS3, then don't buy PS2 games.

*If your PS2 broke, you can still buy one for $99. It'll be cheaper than getting a non-BC PS3 and complaining about it.

*Sony doesn't have to include BC.

PLAYstar3959d ago

Suddenly you have all these bs articles. Something smell fishy going on. Looks like some bastard is making small pennies throwy on this low life journalist who could only earn a daily bread everyday to write such rubbish..

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Dragun6193960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

If anyone wants to play PS2 Backwards Compatibility, It's simple, just buy the Original 60gb or 80gb PS3.

I think if your a PS3 owner and has a huge library of PS2 titles and you didn't choose a PS2 BC Enabled PS3 then that was your fault for not researching for what PS3 you wanted. Not to mention the fact that anyone with a big collection of PS2 titles should still have a PS2 around. So why not play your PS2 games on your PS2?

And Which would you prefer?
PS2 Emulation on PS3
- Upscaled to fit your screen
- That's about it

PS2 games Remastered for PS3
- Proper HD with anti-aliasing
- Trophies
- 3D/ Move Support
- Solid Smooth Frame rate/ Running 60 Frame Per Sec

I mean look at these PS2/ PS3 Comparison Screenshots
God of War Collection
Sly Cooper Collection

Ultimately, We get a better experience with PS2 titles remastered, and for anyone who missed these games in the past, can now enjoy them on PS3. I don't see any reason why anyone would feel inclined that they are being forced to re buy their PS2 games, I mean it's your choice, Sony just putting out there what the fans wanted.
Now, Who's up for a Team Ico Collection for PS3?

Newtype3960d ago

Sly Cooper is like perfect for HD remaster. I like those type of games, reason why Ratchet and Clank collection needs to come out.

tomsau3960d ago

That's not always the case

I got a 60gig launch model
It went kaput under extended warranty
I had no choice in the model they sent me, they sent me a non backwards compatible 80gig model
I'm not willing to sell it, and buy an old 60 gig model that has the potential to break quite soon even with care

But, I agree with everything else you've said

-Alpha3959d ago

I agree-- Sony is not obliged to have Backwards Compatibility. Don't get me wrong, it's very nice to have. I don't like having my PS2 out anymore because my sexy gaming stand gets cluttered.

But, Sony is not half-assing these collection games-- you get like 2-3 games, in HD, with trophies, remastered, for a budget price. That's better than most retail games today.

This article is just trying to cause trouble

lelo2play3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Well instead of re-buying PS2 games... you could play them in your PC with PCSX2.

Sony is really taking advantage of PS3 gamers. They should have released the PS2 compatible firmware for the PS3 instead of remaking PS2 games and re-selling them.

I would have expected this from Microsoft, not Sony.

DarK-SilV3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

To play these games on PC you need to think and do some work like adjusting the emulator and Ps3 controller, some people don't have the time to think, most people don’t have a 3 GHz CPU to run the emulator smoothly they just want to put the Disc inside the Ps3 and play like myself

rob60213959d ago

Games are always imperfect on an emulator. They tend to have all kinds of issues playing especially with timing/speed - not to mention the specs your PC needs to run pcsx2. And and even the time/effort it takes to get all the settings right is a chore. It's much better to have a proper team remaster the game, and add trophys, bump of the frame rate and do other enhancements an emulator won't do, and have proper testing on that game so it won't freeze up.

Blacktric3960d ago

Because they are upgraded with HD graphics. The process Sony does to convert these games to HD is not a simple 30 minute task. If it was we should be seeing shovelware PS 2 games' remakes on shelves right now. And it's not just a graphical upgrade. I'm pretty sure that they are adding 7.1 support along with the trophies and other minor changes. I still think that they should release PS2 titles on PSN with prices ranging from 10 to 15 dollars though.

Davoh3960d ago

...because you never bought a B/C PS3 when you had the chance?

I have a B/C PS3 and I actually rarely play PS2 games anymore.

pippoppow3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Use PS2 BC all the time. Currently playing Valkyrie Profile 2. Next will be Godhand. People complaining should buy a used BC PS3 or should have bought one in the first place. Although I do believe Sony should have kept a skew with full BC. They could of had an Ultra PS3(BC) and a Core Ps3(no BC)skus. Would be nice if next gen they have 2 PS4 skus, one with and one without full BC.

danielle0073960d ago

They're like $60 at GameStop now for the slims. $50 for the fat.

nunley333960d ago

@pippoppow they had the bc skew and the non bc ps3 too at the same time and yeah maybe they could have kept it but then would there be a classics hd line if they had done that? The xtra cost wasn't worth it considering the ps2 is selling well and would want to keep that going. I have the 80gb bc motorstorm ps3, but i rarely play my ps2 games on it, too busy playing psn and lots of blu-ray games to get to it.

pippoppow3960d ago

Many gamers like myself play older titles. I missed a bunch of games previous gens and it's nice to be able to play them on one system. Not really a big deal but nice.

Possible they still would of come out with classic HD remakes. For new console gamers this gen and those that may have missed the games it's first time out.

Actually need to get a modded PS2 one day for Policenauts (English translation file now available) and Berserk (fan translation doc online). Would love for a new Berserk game on the PS3.

I think Sony kind of confused the situation by having too many skus. Full BC, half BC and no BC may have been to confusing for the easily confused masses. Oh well. There's always used BC skus and good 'ol PS2s.

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pixelsword3960d ago

"Why Should You Have to Re-Buy Your PS2 Games?"

Because you were too cheap to buy a PS3 fat, perchance?

majorsuave3960d ago

While I agree that paying for something twice may be irritating to most hard-working men around, having and upgraded version of the product somehow justifies the price tag.
A team still had to be put together to "remaster" the whole thang.

What would be nice though is Sony offering a trade-in: Bring your GoW and Gow2 PS2 versions and pay only less$ for GoW collection.
Considering you already paid for the dev costs, being offered to trade in would be nice.

wazzim3960d ago

You know he's talking about BC taken away but replaced with (great) HD ports. Having a choice would be cool atleast.

vhero3960d ago

Exactly nobody has to rebuy if you bought in the first place you already own a PS2 and the PS2 version. Thus you don't need the PS3 version unless you really are a trophy whore and desire them then well... That's your own damn fault..

dredgewalker3960d ago

So true, I still have my PS2 in working order and even if it conks out its too cheap and easily available to not buy one. Bought the GOW collection even if i have my GOW 1 and 2 for the PS2 and the difference is like night and day. If you have money to buy a PS3 then its easy to buy a PS2.

nunley333960d ago

It's the same great PS2 game you remember only improved with HD, trophies, network support, move controlls, what not to love about that! My biggest thing i hate about playing PS2 disc games on my PS2 is that it signs you out when you play it. I still have ICO but i will buy that collection when it comes out and The sly collection too, even though i never played those games i know they're good and not an iffy purchase.

madpuppy3960d ago

and packaging more than one game on a disc AND they keep the price at 30.00 there is really nothing to complain about. well, for me at least.
I don't have any PS2 games, so being able to grab the best of them cleaned up two at a time for 15.00 each is a bargain!

BeOneWithTheGun3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

What? I bought a new car 10 years ago and now you're telling me that if I want to get a new car I have to pay for it????? You can't just see that I bought one from you and go "ah la peanut butter sandwiches" and make me a new one from the old one at no cost to me??????????

jeseth3960d ago

I'm pretty sure just about every PS3 owner had and probably still has their PS2. So if you don't have a BC PS3 just throw the game in your PS2.

I have a 60gb launch PS3 and a 250gb slim. I have only played Killzone right before KZ2 came out and I re-played GOW1 & 2 right before GOW3 came out.

Other than that I haven't touched my PS2 game collection of about 80 games. Once you get used to current gen graphics/games, its really tough to go back, no matter how amazing the games were.

People like to complain about the loss of backwards compatibility but no one barely uses it or would use it. People just like to have reasons to complain.

N4g_null3960d ago

I've never seen so many gamers on the same platform attack another gamer because of some thing he wants.

Also if you don't play your PS2 any more or you feel those games suck thne what are you going to do when the PS3 is 8 years old and a new system doesn't come out? would you guys abandon the ps3 just for better graphics? Just wondering.

It seems a lot of you will not play a game unless it is HD.

Many of you claim the PS2 had 140 million gamers yet when one complains you guys ignore him and call him stupid. It's no wonder sony isn't on top any more you guys drown out any one with a difference of opinion.

What is funny is with out the no games talk which was bashing in fanboys eyes would sony be such a better game publisher now? They where during the PS2 era.

Now what if Sony fixed the BC buy letting you at least send your game to sony to get redeem points. I've never tried to read a dvd in the PS hardware but couldn't just putting in the disk allow you to download the full game since it won't play in a none BC PS3? That along should work.

Come on people the PS3 needs solution not blind worship!

Sarcasm3960d ago

Jesus... if you want to play alllllll your ps2 games, chances are you already have a ps2! Stupid article.

ABizzel13959d ago

1. Buy an original PS3 and play all your old PS2 games, or as you said buy a PS2 there only $50 on ebay, amazon, etc...

2. Don't buy them if you have a problem with them.

3. They are not simple PS2 games. They are the full collection of games remastered for HD, running 60fps, with 4x AA, better graphics. And now developers are revisiting the games and adding better textures and lighting to improve the graphical quality of the Collection titles even more.


4. They only cost $39.99, and some stores/sites drop them to $29.99 after the first month.

BattleAxe3959d ago

I'm tired of blogs that are written by total bums getting approved on N4G.

PCnPS3Gamer3959d ago

sony responds : why are you such a cheap bastard, and didnt buy the premium still better and more shiny then the 360s 60gb ps3 with full backwards compatibilty.

well i did thats why i was playing twisted metal black with my buddy on my 60gb ooooooooohhhh how is that possible i thought sony took away tehhhh b/c.....fucking whiny bitches go buy an xbox 360s and shut up your not worthy to of the ps3.....go buy a 50 dollar ps2 slim for fucks get no sympathy from me yor just being a straight up bitch for unreasonable reasons...

gamerzBEreal173959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

um why? for trophies HD and u cant play ps2 games on ps3 so buy a ps2 for $100 are get the ps2s best series of games for $40 in 3D HD AND WITH TROPHIES thats why

fatstarr3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Sony and Microsoft should take a page out of the backwards compatible king
Nintendo knows its fan base and they give them backwards capability for so many systems with no restriction and no problems.

ChronoJoe3959d ago

lol no, they give bccomp then cut it in further hardware revisions (DS). Which is exactly the same as what Sony did with the PS3.

TheDeadMetalhead3959d ago

If you have so many PS2 games, why don't you just re-buy a PS2 instead? I'd do it, but my 20+ PS2 games were stolen. All I have is GTA Trilogy and some (actually pretty good) motocross game. So I'll probably buy a few of them.

MariaHelFutura3959d ago

You don`t have to do anything.

blind-reaper3959d ago

I really, really want a Silent Hill Collection (I would gladly pay $60 for this one)

Raz3959d ago

..when Sony took away my precious B/C. Then I laughed because my launch PS3 was still working. Then it stopped working and I cried.

But honestly, I have only a handful of PS2 games that I went out and picked up - compared to two overflowing shoeboxes full of PS3 titles.

So in the end, it was probably a smart business decision, however hypocritical it may have been. I don't delude myself that Sony cares about its fanbase directly - it's a corporation, and corporations care about $$$ first and foremost.

HelghastKid3959d ago

OMG i didnt realize the original Sly was so jagtastic! those screens are a perfect example as to why NO ONE should be crying about remastered PS2 games.
As someone who never had the chance to play a large amount of ps2 games such as this and other because i was to young, i plan on buying every ps3 version i can get my hands on....that and the chance to obtain 3 plats doesnt hurt either lol

mastiffchild3959d ago

Don't rebuy them. There you go. A PS2 second hand is about £20 nowadays. End of. Now, if you want to play them in true HD and with trophies and better sound then buy the remakes for PS3 that actually might make them worth playing again on your PS3 but do NOT cry BS like this. Christ, it's a lot of articles attacking Sony for sod all recently, isn't it? I'm yet to see a reasonable new BC/HD remake one OR a decent argument that PSN+ is somehow out of order either.

Also, I imagine a lot of PS2 games will be being made avialable on PSN one day soon after the launch of the next Sony handheld as playing those PS2 games on the go would be a real boon and reason to replay some and catch up on those you missed at times when you wouldn't end up lagging further behind on the billion NEW games actually designed for your HD console. ho much fee gaming time do these moaners have that they feel they can play PS2 games AND keep pace with the new releases they fancy? If you were playing them on PSP I'd understand as you can't be playing PS3 games on your travels anyway but at home? Why not just play them in SD on a PS2 and on an SDTV where they possibly look best anyway? dDd anyone really buy a PS3 to play upscaled PS2 games rather than PS3 games or remakes that actually add a bit to the experience rather than, in some cases, making it a bit worse upscaled?

O honestly feel a few of these articles are really reaching just to have a dig at Sony cos my BC capable PS3 rarely, if ever these days, see a PS2 disc anyhow-and none of my 60gig owning buddies play as much PS2 on PS3 as I have. Whatever, there isn't even a reason to own a PS3 to play PS2 games in the first place and secondly there no need to rebuy anything as yuo're still perectly free to play them any time you like on a PS2 which are dirt cheap! There's simply no issue worth mentioning here as Sony really aren't hurting anyone or forcing you to buy anything new. Joke complaint from an over entitled Sony abuser!

Jus like PSN+ there's nothing Sony can do to make you buy into HD remakes. You do so solely at your own choice-what IS the problem?

NYPunkster3959d ago

It's a perfectly valid question and more people should be talking about this issue.

morkendo3959d ago

why dont sony hav dev. make them on blu-ray more room to explore,greater enviroment better graphic's

Jaces3959d ago

I see nothing wrong with that, for one you get trophy compatible PS2 games, two it's in HD, and three you get three for the price on most cases.

Other than that I can't really think of a reason to be mad about that or even a bit miffed. =P Now where's my SoTCHD?!

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mrv3213960d ago

You don't, it's an option and it's a good one.

Here's why

1. HD remakes of classic.
2. 3D support
3. CHEAP I mean $40 is good for 2+ games

You can pick up a PS2 cheap anyway... they are still being sold and made they will hardly be rare now.

Newtype3960d ago


Goes for 30 after a month of the release. God of War collection is an example of this.

Noctis Aftermath3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

3D support? huh? did i not get the memo?

Also, this guy is an idiot, if you have ps2 games and want to play them then go buy a PS3 with BC or a PS2, you have had plenty of time to buy either of those.

Don't expect free HD remasterings just cause you bought the original version, that's like saying because you bought star wars episode IV on VHS your entitled to the blu-ray version for free.

Millionaire3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

It's thirty dollars not 3d Noctis.

Edit. Oh you were replying to mrv. Got ya

Dragun6193960d ago

At Noctis

The Sly Cooper collection is featuring 3D and Move Support.
Wouldn't take this as sign for future PS2 Collections to include 3D or Move but I would think developers would try to implement them if they work like with Sly Cooper collection.

portablegaming3960d ago

You know what is good? Buy a PS2 game, put it into a PS3 and have no problems running it. Hmmm, other companies call it backwards compatibility...

Millionaire3960d ago

How is having an outdated graphics without Trophy support with THE SAME price better than the improve one?

I'll give you an example since you're a bit slow. You buy a GOW 1 and Gow 2 for the PS2 for 40 dollars or you buy a Gow collection with improve everything for 40 dollars?

TotalPS3Fanboy3960d ago

"You know what is good? Buy a PS2 game, put it into a PS3 and have no problems running it. Hmmm, other companies call it backwards compatibility..."

Sony also called it backward compatibility and it have been available on the 60 GB PS3 every since the launch of the PS3.

ClownBelt3960d ago

I don't even want to answer this stupid question since this is pretty much a common sense.

kratos173960d ago

i think this author is making a big deal out of nothing

i mean who would seriously turn down a ps3 this late in its life just to play some ps2 games

im really not sure how many ps3 games were made by now but if you can go through the whole library of games available right now and cant find a good dozen of games you want to play then you must not be that commited to gaming