Nintendo Destined to Win Against Sony in 3D War

When Nintendo announced that the Nintendo 3DS was capable of producing 3D visuals without the need for clunky glasses, both Sony and the rest of the gaming community quickly took notice. Though the PS3 offers this groundbreaking technology with superior graphics at HD resolution, Nintendo has an entirely different reason for adopting 3D for their handheld consoles, and may even come out on top thanks to their streamlined strategy.

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mrv3213028d ago

3D war? Was there a HD war? No, because there not battling over tech like Blu-ray vs DVD but instead they are both doing the same thing, putting 3D TV's into homes. The next Wii may support 3D natively as will the PS4. Sony and developers who work with PS3 and 3DS will learn a lot about 3D in the coming months and years, that's the reason I'm not investing because for the foreseeable future this 3D thing will be treated as a gimmick they need to learn how to utilise it better, by gimmick I mean application such as a rain drop falling towards the player and screen, sure it looks cool but that's a gimmick.

Donny3028d ago

depends how nintendo impliments their 3d, my moneys on sony. why? sony is implimenting 3d at the same time period with the playstation move to achieve virtual reality. think about it...( . ) ( . )

kratos173028d ago

i wanna see for my self if nintendo actually made the DS do 3D without glasses and will it have a negative effect on the eyes

greeneggsnsam3028d ago

I don't think they'd release a product like this without a lot of research into that, so I think it'll be ok.

kneon3028d ago

there have already been several studies showing that 3D is bad for young children as is messes with the development of their depth perception. So a good chunk of the ds demographic shouldn't use the 3D version for prolonged periods, or possibly at all

Silly Mammo3028d ago

Virtual Boy says "hello!"

MysticStrummer3028d ago

Yet another stupid premise for an article. These products aren't even competing, so there can be no war. Everything I've read says that the 3DS tech is impractical for use in large screens with multiple viewing angles.

Parapraxis3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Exactly. They aren't competing.
It took a while for some jerk "journalist" to fashion some sort of war theme for these two companies regarding 3d, but somebody finally did eh.

*golf clap*
This article is flamebait garbage.

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The story is too old to be commented.