Editorial: Jack Tretton Lying Again, Now About PSP

Jordan Lund, PSP fan, aims both barrels at Jack Tretton's E3 claim the PSP will have 70 games in the second half of 2010.

Excerpt: "I know, I didn’t go through and count the “Mini” games and other titles being released through PSN, but let’s be real here, when you get up at E3 and say “more than 70 new titles” people are going to assume you’re talking about retail boxed titles, not crap on PSN that nobody bothers with....

...So far 2010 has seen just 29 PSP games (4 in January, 4 in February, 5 in March, 4 in April, 6 in May, 6 in June), add that to the ones that are coming and that’s just 60 titles for all of 2010. You can’t even say there are 70 new games out THIS YEAR.

As a PSP fanboy (I own both an original 1000 launch model and a 2000 slim) I really don’t like the direction you’re taking with the PSP and when you lie to my face and tell me everything’s great, well, it hurts Jack. It really hurts."

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Tony-A3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I'm not a fan of the PSP ads but it's apparently somewhat working. The PSP made it into the Top 100 on Amazon all of a sudden.

@Jonah: Is that why the Wii was the only one to have a decline despite having the best conference (IMO)?

It was in the top 10 easily until after E3. You know, E3 isn't as widely known or as popular as you may think. Not many people know about it. And besides, the PSP didn't get any big news at E3 other than it's ad campaign.

lociefer3965d ago

o no u di'int *snaps finger

JonahFalcon3965d ago

So? All the consoles got a boost from E3. It happens EVERY YEAR.

ConanOBrien3965d ago Show
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PoSTedUP3965d ago

60 titles and not 70? wow he was off by 10 and if you include the minis and psn titles that makes his statement true. i defend the truth against people spewing bullcrap in any situation, whether it be about life, sports, or my favorite console, like i am doing now with yall. he didnt lie, he said 70 new titles AND he even showed us SOME of whats to come in a video montage. 70 new boxed full games by the end 2010 on a system with lots of piracy and not that much dev support is VERY hard to believe, yall should feel pretty "not bright" for thinking something like that.

TotalPS3Fanboy3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I'll just be like this guy and leave them out of the count, and claim Microsoft lies about the number of games coming out this year for the 360.

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morganfell3965d ago

Do they really think we would forget? It's obvious they don't like Sony. Do they think we would forget:

It's obvious they have an agenda. Don't give them the benefit of a click. Nothing to see here, move along.

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zootang3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )


Well said!


HolyOrangeCows3965d ago

""I know, I didn’t go through and count the “Mini” games and other titles being released through PSN, but let’s be real here, when you get up at E3 and say “more than 70 new titles” people are going to assume you’re talking about retail boxed titles, not crap on PSN that nobody bothers with...."

So PSN games are "crap"? And everyone should be a narrow minded dolt like you and think that he automatically meant boxed games?

morganfell3965d ago

Where is the Gamestooge article titled "Microsoft lying about Kinect"

Nothing was more obviously deceptive than the entire Kinect presentation starting with the fiasco on Monday prior to E3.

It doesn't matter at this point because where these imbeciles at Gamestooge to publish such an article it would only be in a vain attempt to recover their now forever sullied reputation.

sikbeta3964d ago

lol seems like GreenRing is improving, It always kind of amaze me how he can reply to his own posts so fast:

GreenR -> Account number 126 = ConanOBrien: reply 14h ago
GreenR -> Account number 159 = CrazyForGames: reply 14h ago
GreenR -> Account number 172 = BillyMays: reply 6h ago


Sorry, what? Jordan Lund, the "PSP fanboy" yeah right, whatever dude, you probably use CFW to play pirated games lol

Say thanks for keep playing some games on the PSP, the thing is So Pirated that support keeps going down, it's Just a Matter of time for the PSP2 to come out, games keep coming out, so stop whining, there are Worst Liars this Gen...

Dragun6193964d ago

Did anyone ever considered the fact that Sony or any Third party publishers might announce more PSP titles later this year whether it will be a Mini, PSN, or Retail title at events such as Gamescon or at TGS?

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RatFuker3965d ago

N4PS3G (3) | 1h ago
Pandamobile (1) | 31m ago

Spenok3964d ago

Its sad really. He even states he didnt count them. Which is completely retarded. Jack didnt say "70 new FULL GAME BOX RELEASES" he said 70 new titles. Weather they be on psn, mini's (which are on psn) and Full game releases. This dudes a moron.

vhero3965d ago

He didn't say 70n retail games though did he? So you can include minis in that sure its a lowball tactic but it's not like MS wouldn't do the same is it? As for lying it really isn't.

Anon19743964d ago

Not only that, but Sony tells us publicly that they're releasing 70 games for the PSP and says differently and you're going to believe

Maybe it's just me, but I think Sony themselves would be in a better position to know how many PSP titles are coming out than some website who is accountable to absolutely no one.

But hey! Go ahead. Rant, and call Jack Tretton a liar based on the say so of vgreleases. While you're at it, I think vgchartz numbers are off from the data that Microsoft and Sony put out. Better prep your next article, calling both of those companies liars because Vgchartz says so.

Jinxstar3965d ago

It's articles like this that remind me to hit the "Strict" button...

Boody-Bandit3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Jonah Falcon and Jordan Lund.
couple other words come to mind as well. Sad and pathetic. They are drunk on haterade. Don't believe me? Google them both. Especially Jonah. His sad lonely life is dedicated to his hatred of Sony and has been for years. I know how pathetic this sounds. What's even more pathetic is it's true.

Jonah sliver back to use net. I know the gaming part of use net is dead but you played a big part in that. N4G has enough haters like you already. Although none of driven, sad or pathetic as you.

raztad3965d ago


I think PSP made into Top 100 because PRE-E3 people was expecting PSP2 to be announced, it didnt happen. Additionally the PSP lineup for this year is quite strong, with MGS:PW leading the way. I'll be buying more games for my PSP than for my PS3 the rest of the year.

I can only [email protected] the article. They make it sound like Tretton killed their mom. LMAO.

tplarkin73965d ago

It's just a habit for Sony to lie. It has always worked for them until recently. Now that they have real competition, their lies stand out more.

dredgewalker3965d ago

What are you smokin dude? They've been delivering the goods since 2008 and as far as the increasing number of PS3 users here are becoming obvious don't you think they're doing something right?

Legosz3964d ago

I am sorry to say but once the 3DS comes out the PSP will not stand a chance.

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Duke Spookem3965d ago

In this article: Only North America exists in addition to excluded games from his list.

JonahFalcon3965d ago

Which excluded games would those be?

Cratos87803965d ago

somebody's sarcasm/humor meter is turned off.

diatom3965d ago

Mini's and PSN games... Makes for well over 70...

Redempteur3964d ago

let's forget about japan releases only

or european releases only

for exemple i'm waiting for hatsune miku project diva 2nd but that game is japan ONLY ... also some publishers haven'ttold their releases plan for the last 3 months of december

in otherwords , this article is silly because calling someone lying when they have told a lie yet something worth an article on N4G of course

DontShoot-Me-Bro3965d ago

so this guy has come up with 60 games coming out this year, but Tretton said 70.

hmm okay let me work this you multiply that by that...and then divide the....okay...umm right hold on let me get the calculator......

.....2 minutes later

okay so theres a difference of 10 right umm

maybe theres 10 unannounced games this year to come?...

probably unlikely but so the PSP is getting 60-70 games this year? and your upset because...Tretton said 70 and your getting 60-ish games. Damn i feel sorry for PSP owners, thier going through a games drought


Hmm how upset are you really...

EYEamNUMBER13965d ago

technically speaking they are out of those so called 60 games very few are even worth mentioning just saying

anyways you can't really say 10 of em MIGHT be unannounced because technically speaking if a game is unannounced you can't really say its coming out this year right?

DontShoot-Me-Bro3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

EYE yeah your probably right, thats why i said probably unlikely, but like Kors said below, maybe its likely that Tretton included the PSP minis in the 70 games?

jordanlund3965d ago

He said 70 nee titles between now (June 15th) and the end of the year.

He's off by 1/2, not 10 and the point of mentioning 60 titles was that even if he were talking about the ENTIRE year (which he wasn't) he would still be wrong.

Kors3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

PSP Games = PSP Games + PSP Minis + PS1 Games (emulation) + NeoGeo Games (emulation) + PCEngine games (emulation)

PSP could officially play PS1 games for a long time.

With the latest firmware, NeoGeo and PCEngine emulation is offically supported:


3965d ago Replies(3)
Forbidden_Darkness3965d ago

Did this writer even think that there are unnanounced games and im sure he Jack was talking about Minis and stuff also.

jordanlund3965d ago

There is simply no way there are THIRTY FIVE unannounced games between now and the end of the year.

Cratos87803965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

^ Dumbass alert!

and jordonlund seems likes an troll alternate account for the submitter.

Forbidden_Darkness3965d ago

I never said that, i also said minis and stuff (PS1). Learn to read

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