4 Reasons Why Microsoft’s Kin Phones Failed

Microsoft’s attempt to be hip and cool in mobile is a bust. The company has decided to stop introducing new Kin-branded phones and will scrap the device’s European launch. Instead it plans to integrate Kin into its existing Windows 7 Phone team.

But, from the start, Kin devices seemed doomed. The phones got tepid reviews and were plagued by reports of extremely poor sales. Here are four reasons why Wired thinks the Kin failed.

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playstation_clan3971d ago

it had vast amount of promotion. Or did people just look at the company (microsoft), and didnt want to take the chance of another hardware failure. Only this time it'll be worse because you have a 2 year commitment. Or maybe everyone wants a iphone and the kin just seemed like a poor mans iphone (ironic)

tsk tsk tsk, KINect is next FYI

SOAD3971d ago

It was overpriced. It cost as much as a smart phone but was not nearly as powerful. And the current market is focused on Android v. iPhone.

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beardpapa3971d ago

Well why buy Kin when you can go on Verizon and get Buy1Get1 free android phones? I got two of my Moto droids using that deal and Verizon/Sprint keeps saturating the market with even newer cool looking droid phones.

HolyOrangeCows3971d ago

All it did completely correctly was connect to the new social network that no one wanted.

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Rampant3971d ago

If this isn't news 4 GAMERS then I don't know what is!

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NeutralGamer3971d ago

Sony fanboys wanna use every chance to show "MS Fails"...

They sure forgot about PSP Go...

dustgavin3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

And Microsoft fanboys such as you like to pretend Microsoft can do no wrong. It was a bad product and they can add it to the list of 'MS failures' along with Vista, HD-DVD add-on for 360, and the Vision camera.

NeutralGamer3971d ago

Who said I like Microsoft?

I run Ubuntu...

Who said I like the Kin?

I have an Android phone...

Dont make your own things up...

dustgavin3971d ago

"Sony fanboys wanna use every chance to show "MS Fails"

Yea, you sound totally neutral with that comment. Must be that you just have a thing against Sony then.

NeutralGamer3971d ago

I have a thing against Sony Fanboys...

Are you really that stupid that you put an equation sign between Sony Fanboys and Sony?

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MNicholas3971d ago

because Microsoft has no clue how to create a compelling consumer product.

Tony-A3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

I think we can safely say heavy marketing isn't one. I seriously saw an ad for it on the internet and on TV almost every single day.

The one about ?uestlove and the other one about the ex-girlfriend were on aaaaaall the time.

I think the "Cool" thing is a Microsoft problem. They have never been the look of cool and the rise of their arch-nemesis Apple didn't help at all, either. Apparently Apple's so cool now, that they surpassed MS in finances (just barely).

They'll be okay, though. They always have Windows. 7 is my absolute favorite.

FreeFalling3971d ago

It was ugly.

ugly ugly ugly.

gietzy3971d ago

When will MS remember that they are primarily a PC software company? They need to look after their core business.

3971d ago
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