OXCGN’s Raskulls Hands-On Preview


"It’s very nice when I can just wander into a studio, have a sit down and play through an upcoming game without the terrified eyes of PR watchdogs making sure I’m ‘playing it right’.

This is what I was lucky enough to experience for local Aussie developer Halfbrick’s promising new Xbox Live Arcade game ‘Raskulls’, a studio that has recently been making some waves well beyond what their modest size would suggest.

If you’re shaking your head around trying to work out where you’ve heard that name before, it may be due to the enormous success of their iPhone / iPod Touch app ‘Fruit Ninja’ that has been gracing the Top 10 charts on iTunes since release."

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gaminoz3959d ago

This game sounds very interesting actually.

Fruit Ninja certainly is simple fun, and if it's coming from the same studio then it could be good for non-gamers and gamers.

Wow we still have Aussie developers? I thought they were all dead now...

Belgavion3959d ago

Been looking forward to this for forever. Good to hear the end is in sight...

XboxOZ3603959d ago

What a great game, not really fussed about many of the XBLA titles, but this one has my interest up, might give it a whack when I get home.

gaminoz3959d ago

I just don't hear enough about the XBLA titles. A lot of sites just concentrate on the big full priced releases.

REALgamer3959d ago

I think Live Arcade and PSN are the only things keeping split-screen gaming alive.

It'll be a nice change playing with friends in the same room instead of each person having to stay home at their own console to play.

Superfragilistic3959d ago

Looks like an awesome party game to play with mates. Castle Crashers lite maybe?

DoctorQ3959d ago

Aw man, this is at the Mana Bar constantly, its EPIC!!!!