Bitmob: 60 Minutes with OnLive

Bitmob recently received a press evaluation account for the just-launched OnLive service, and they wanted to share with you their initial impressions. Please keep in mind, they’ve only played for an hour or so total, on one computer – this is not a review.

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playstation_clan3443d ago

i have a feeling onlive wont be here for that long

Duke Spookem3443d ago

I have a feeling the 360 won't be here for that long. After all, OnLive lets you play PC games that you otherwise wouldn't be able to unless you upgraded your computer (for most people) so having a 360 for those "console exclusives" is even more pointless than before.

mcnablejr3442d ago


Seriously ps3 fans , you should be embarrassed.

ProjectVulcan3442d ago

The whole thing seems like there are serious consistancy issues. Goodness knows what might happen should it introduce online multiplayer gameplay too. I would take reliability and total control on a local machine everytime

HolyOrangeCows3442d ago

Input lag and sub-console graphics due to horrific compression and lack of AA.

No thank you.

panasonic233442d ago

so what about the ps3 then because it behind the xbox 360 in sales so guess ps3 won't be for that long.

DelbertGrady3442d ago

Yes it will because Sony said it's future proof.

pippoppow3442d ago

Too funny bjornbear. Sums of the previous two posters before you beautifully. Hah!!

asdf123442d ago

Read his comment dumbass, it's not because of sales, it's because of capabilities.

Damn kids.

3442d ago
3442d ago
Terarmzar3442d ago

I got accepted for this beta type thing for a whole year free, only thing i played was borderlands.

geth1gh3442d ago

lol, betas over, onlive is full out now. u got accepted into the only way to get into onlive now, called the founding members program.

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The story is too old to be commented.