Xbox 360 Tips to Avoid Overheating

The Xbox 360 is indeed an impressive piece of gaming technology. With its realistic graphics and quality of game play, it’s really not surprising to see why people from all over the world have purchased it and more units are still being sold all over the world. In fact, ever since it was released in the market, millions of Xbox 360 gaming consoles have been sold all over the world.

However, even if the Xbox 360 offers high quality game play experience, there are known technical issues associated with it.

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playstation_clan3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

tip 1: dont play for long
tip 2: keep in ventilated areas
tip 3: go purchase a ps3 or rebuy the new xbox(quote on quote)

EDIT: @disagree: come here skittles

lociefer3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

u can play around Christmas time and do it outside, u can just sell it as a heater and make a profit, or who needs snow shoveling when u have an excellent heat generator but be careful not to leave it on too long so u dont bring the neighborhood down

3968d ago
BattleAxe3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

If you call 1-800-DUMBASS right now, I'll sell you not 1,.... but 3 heavy duty industrial xbox 360 fans for only $19.95. It might sound like a hurricane while playing your games, so if the deal wasn't already good enough, we'll even throw in 100 sets of disposable ear plugs!!!!!! :D

TotalPS3Fanboy3968d ago

I mean, every other consoles and PC, I can play for as long as I like without having to worry about overheating.

For me, the 360 is just too limiting. It requires too much maintainace just to keep it in working order.

The Iron Sheik3968d ago

I would like to see the people who disagreed to that statement explain why playing your console as long as you like is a bad thing.

M_Prime3967d ago

i play my 360s NON STOP all day..

When i got FF13 i played prolly 11 hours straight the first session..

my brother is ALWAYS playing MW2.. i never was concerned about it being on.. and i use it to stream stuff from my PC.. my 360s are always ON..

yes i have more then 1 360.. if i had PS3s then they would be always on as well.. (unless i am not using them at all)

its all about keeping them dust free (clean ur house and u solve that problem, i clean about once a week), and well ventelated.. but that even goes for my PC..

PLAY AS LONG AS YOU WANT, just don't expect the consoles to not overheat if they are in a small compartment in your entertainment cabinet.. this goes for the PS3 as well..

with a powerful system comes great need for heat removal.. its PC BASICS 101.. I have been practicing this since i have a P3 PC.. heat KILLS.. keep the air flowing..

Perjoss3968d ago

RRoD is actually working as intended. MS wants you to take time off sometimes to do important things and visit friends and family. Very clever.

TotalPS3Fanboy3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Microsoft: "360 is the kind of console where you buy it, and not play it because you have more important things to do, like visiting friends and haninging out with your family. So yes, buy our console because you want to go out and hang with your family, not because you want to play games."

StitchJones3968d ago

Xbox slims still have crappy graphics on native 1080p sets with a HDMI connection. Seriously just go with a PS3.

ElementX3968d ago

I've played my 360S for over 7 hours at a time and then left it idle for like 5 hours, I haven't had any issues.

TheGrimReaper3968d ago

just wanna know why you have bought a 360 S if your normal 360 is working correctly?

M_Prime3967d ago

i have a PRO and an ARCADE.. both are played for hours on end.. its all about ventilation and no dust..

the only RROD i ever got was cause my brother accidentally kicked the power cord with his foot so it came loose.. plugged it back in and presto (it was like 1/2 way in)

MNicholas3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Buy a backup or two.

The current liquidation prices on the "fat" 360s are a great opportunity to stock up.

Triggs3968d ago

Uhm, now is this why Xbox360 is selling so well after all?

RRoD is the main reason why I haven't bought a 360 up to now, but the controller is what I want most.

December 2010 should be long enough for me to consider getting the 360 slim - I expect lots of feedback about its reliability during that time. By that time lots of former hits for 360 will be heavily discounted. For now I'm content with the PS3 and PC.

M_Prime3967d ago

Dude.. I was the same way.. didn't want a 360 cause i keep reading RROD.. RROD.. but i have owned 2 360s for 2 years each and no problems.. and i love the controller....

Garnett3968d ago

Sony Droids does (everything)!!!!!!!!

Sony Ceo(How can we sell more consoles?)

Sony Ceo2(COPY THE WII!!!!!!!)

Sony Ceo(Yes yes.. We'll call it the PS MOVE)

Sony Ceo 3(Sir didnt we say, that the Wii is a gimmick)

Sony Ceo 1&2(SHUT UP NOE WE DIDNT!!!)

Gothdom3968d ago

yeah, like Kinect is not a Pseye, or that the tech for the Move wasn't made before the Wii, or 1vs100 not being an attempt to 1up HOME.

Next time, think before posting something.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3968d ago

Make a custom fridge to put your xbox 360 in

TheDeadMetalhead3968d ago

True story: I actually considered getting a mini fridge for my 360 when I first bought it. Looking back, there is no way that would've worked.

Eventually I settled for pointing a fan at it whenever it's on, because yes; I am one paranoid bastard. But I haven't had any problems yet.

M_Prime3967d ago

the fan works good.. i had to do that to a PS2 at one point.. i had no AC and it was a hot summer.. my friend and i were concerned LOL

Duke Spookem3968d ago

Though I think this article is pointless as of now. Wait until winter when people need to use their 360 heater again and then post it. Great tips for not having your house burn down because you want to stay warm in the winter.

Newtype3968d ago

Install liquid cooling.

Rob Hornecker3968d ago

Don't Laugh,I have seen people who have done this to there 360's! Do a search on here for it and check them out.

One thing that I do ,that wasn't mentioned was keeping your console covered when NOT in use. If you do a google or Ebay search ,you should be able to find custom made,form fitting covers for any current or past consoles out there. They also make them for DVD players and audio systems too.

If your on a tight budget ( and it sure doesn't say " Bank of America" on my forehead ) you can use a old pillow case. I keep EVERYTHING covered ( even my 57 inch big screen ) when it's not game time.

This is CHEAP insurance for prolonging any A/V/Gaming equipments life span!

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