The Religion of Fanboyism

Fanboy and religious extremists both have something in common: they’re closed-minded dolts.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

I think people get confused with being a fanboy and having a preference.

I mean i could say i like the PS3 over the XBOX 360, now that doesnt make me a fanboy, thats just my preference. But on N4G i would be known as a fanboy.

Or how i prefer Katy Perry over Megan Fox, now that doesnt make me a Katy Perry Fan, i just think Megan Fox is way overhyped!

Majority of people labelled fanboys on N4G are labelled that because of thier preference.

The fanboys are the ones that say 'i would never buy a product from [insert company]' because thier fanboyism religion wont let them by a competitors product.

MariaHelFutura3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Occultic, Political, Sports, Country, Music, Race and Religious fanboys are much much worse than gaming fanboys. You people give each other too much credit, check the Vatican or a Satanic Church if you want to see real fanboys.

RememberThe3573961d ago

Gaming fanboyism is almost purely online and in the end no one really cares that much. But Sports fans, religious fanatics, or those chicks that faint at concerts, now they are have real problems.

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secksi-killer3961d ago

all you need to do is join n4g and see the saddest most idiotic pathtetic cretins ever in action.

im not saying that everyone is a fanboy on here coz it aint true. there are many multi system owning GAMERS on here.

but there is a hardcore of fanboys on here that are found nowhere else

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ConanOBrien3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

The rest of the world think they ARE liars, only a few dozen fanturds here in N4G don't. They disagree anything against Sony, their 'Exclusive' god. :> It's a taboo here to critisize about their funny preachers, like Kaz or KB.

**Breaking News** they don't have life too, either spreading lies or just playing exclusives. Funny how the Fact hurts them

MariaHelFutura3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

I love when people try to get all intricate while using the word "fanturd".

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MariaHelFutura3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

"Or how i prefer Katy Perry over Megan Fox, now that doesnt make me a Katy Perry Fan, i just think Megan Fox is way overhyped!"

Ironic both of them are what you would refer to as a Butterfly, they are completely brain-washed. No joke. Look into Project MK ultra if you don`t believe me. It`s very similar to how you train a dog, in theory.

Spydr073961d ago

No, comments like this make you a fanboy, hasj:

" there are those idiots that say 'oh xbox controllers are better for FPS..."

Insulting people whose preference doesn't sit well with your own because you cannot dissect something or analyze it objectively.

sid4gamerfreak3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

CVG - home of xbox 360 fanboys
N4g - home of ps3 fanboys

thats the cold, hard truth. Dont try to turn it around and say its "preference" because infact, most of the comments and articles here are completely bashing the 360 and everything related to Microsoft. The bubble system is abused and things r going downhill.

Its complete fanboyism. Dont deny the truth. You all know that, deep inside you. Preference is one thing. Fanboyism is another.

People have crossed the line time and again. Its saddening but the truth is that PS3 fanboys are scooping down to the level of 360 fanboys, where ignorance invades them and use their heart instead of their brain. Having a preference is fine. But bashing another console every single time, thats where fanboyism takes place...

Parapraxis3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

@sid4gamerfreak, YOU should not be saying ANYTHING about fanboyism.
You are just as bad as PS3/360 fanboys.

Such a hypocrite.

sid4gamerfreak3961d ago

@parapxis: Man look whos talking

Im sure u have plenty more but im too lazy to pick more out

Dude most of my comments have been about my preference, i havent bashed the console

And anyway why shouldnt i say anything about fanboyism? I have the right to. Who r u to tell me what i should do and what i shouldnt?

solidjun53960d ago're a fanboy. plain and simple.

Eamon3961d ago

Actually, hasj1990, while you may not be a fanboy

the majority of users on this site ARE fanboys.

Parapraxis3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

It's usually easy to weed out fanboys by the words they use

If more than half your posts are about the competitors "fanboys" you are might be a fanboy.
LOL they are like "You might be a redneck" jokes.

BrutallyBlunt3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

I think the media and the Internet has made the term fanboy a much more in your face issue now. Plus the fact Sony and Microsoft are so close to the same market they are going after shows in each and every article that depicts one over the other.

I really wish it would all just go away. Sure we all have preferences to which system we may like more, due to the features or services it may provide in addition to playing games, but it should really come down to the games we enjoy not what platform it resides on. Having a preference however is one thing but to downplay or bash another system in return is pathetic and simply childish.

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izuna3961d ago

The term fanboy is just a way to insult another gamer; of course, it's not very intelligent to call others fanboys just because you disagree with them.

It's a poor way of communicating ideas, and just something that creates conversation. The only people with an issue are the ones who complain about people using the term fanboy.

DontShoot-Me-Bro3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

yep, true.

JonahFalcon3961d ago

God forbid you post an article like this:

The SDF attacks in full force. LOL

RememberThe3573961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

The article calls him a lair but he didn't actually lie. It amuses that he can only mention retail titles when he can legitimately count any PSN titles. Shit, he could even count PSOne title since they are newly released on the PSP. He never stated that they were all retail titles. Like x__JL__X said, there is no proof the Trenton is lying so the article is pointless.

Oh but I guess that makes me SDF.

Studio-YaMi3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

ohh,so it's Sony Defense Force

So you're saying microsoft stupid loyalists aren't the same ?
or the wii,or dreamcast or sega or or or or or,,,etc etc

next time you wanna argue about some people havimg a "Defense Force"
try to look out of you little *bubble* and see the big picture.

not stupid in the matter that they are retards
but stupid in their over loyalty to a "company" and that's sad !

It's not wrong to prefer something over the other (especially when it's good!),but don't take it to a level where you're not different than a douchebag!

So JonahFalcon,try next time,not to talk out of your...."head"

ElementX3961d ago

You said "Microsoft stupid loyalists"

Right there your statement is derogatory and insulting. Did you have to use the word "stupid"? Quit fanning the flames. Then you go on and call fanboys [email protected] and d-bags. You can state your opinion without using insults.

Parapraxis3961d ago

SDF = a parody site run by 360 fans.
Calling pro-PS3 guys SDF only shows your own ignorance.

J-Smith3961d ago

why should someone be forced to like everything for? i like playstation & the rest do nothing for me

IWentBrokeForGaming3961d ago

so they should be able to do something for you... and if you're a REAL gamer you shouldn't be forced into liking games just cause they aren't on PS... you should play any/all games just cause they are games!

Drazz3961d ago

Couldn't have said it better!

KingPin3961d ago

Fanboyism. trolls. i think gamers on the web are just so sensitive its a pain. say something negative about their gaming console and you a fanboy or troll. its like they have no sense of humour. the article below this one, ways of avoiding rrod. sure people are having fun, have a laugh. its not like they telling every 360 owner that is what they have to do or else they will get shot! ok, if its a personal attack on you specifically you have every right to be upset. but you are not sony/microsoft/nintendo. if people diss the 360/ps3 why get upset, unless deep down you feel they are right and now you feel like an idiot for buying that console.

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