Should You Pony Up for PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation 3 launched this week, offering discounted and free games and other game-related treats. But the question is, is PlayStation Plus actually worth forking over $50 per year?

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Well i already made my money back in the first month, so everything i get for the next 11 months is basically

Im in the UK, so for my £40 i got Little Big Planet, Wipeout HD, Destruction Derby, 2 Themes, 2 Avatars, Killzone 2 Add-on Map Pack, umm and maybe something else, cant remember.

But im happy with my purchase.

And i really love seeing the plus icon next to my PSN ID, but im the only 1 with PS+ on my friends list, i only have 10 friends on my friends list anyway lol.

-Alpha3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Out of about 90 or so friends 12 of them have Plus. Which is not bad.

Some still don't know what it is.

I like the idea of the service, but eventually they will have to create features, like the woefully asked Cross Game Chat. Once Sony gives that then that will please a lot of people. Personally, and I've said it a lot, Sony needs to redesign the XMB/PSN system to be more integrated, streamlined, and easy/fast to use.

I mean, really, doing something like this
will take the service a long way and make it look like something totally new, fresh, and will show that the PSN is an actual polished, central and structured pillar of PlayStation. These are the things that I think Sony needs to focus on. It's not hard for them to package deals, throw existing content for free, etc. But they need to also show the effort that they are rebuilding and adding to the PSN.

I prefer if they did this only for + users as added incentive-- faster in-game XMB's, Cross Chat, tons of free backgrounds for friend cards, avatars, etc. More friend spaces, longer comment boxes, total redesign of PSN connectivity-- profiles that are relevant and significant like on XBL, etc.

It will add a lot of personality and refresh the feeling. It's the one thing I think Sony really needs to get done for +.

As for the question, it's a good deal at the moment: 12 months + (pun intended?) 3 months free.

I haven't "ponied" up sadly. I'm stuck deciding whether to get inFamous or save up for Plus. It's been out for like a week and a half and if you've already gotten that much content, and let's say only 10% is relevant to you (for example, u may not own certain games and they may give free DLC for it, so you don't really gain anything out of that), then the savings will continue to grow astronomically.

I expect Sony to eventually put up free PS2 games, and eventually an On-Demand service for the PS3 games. And hell, throw us a free movie or two now and then along with continuing to give free games and the service will sustain. But most important to me is that they show that they are using the money to put back towards the + gamers in added efforts to revolutionize the PSN. That is what I want to see most come out of Plus-- the building, restructuring, and focus of PSN.

DontShoot-Me-Bro3082d ago

If cross game chat was only for PS+, it would be a good incentive as like you said alot of people want it, but i think alot of people would also be really pissed off by HAVING to sign up and pay for PS+ just to get that feature that people wanted since years ago.

And i would love PS2 games on the store, but Sony seem set on making PS2 HD remakes instead at the moment :(

LordMarius3082d ago

I get what you are saying on remapping the Playstation Network to be more integrated with XMB and games, but I believe its a little to late for that, some games might get broken or unplayable with a whole software revamp as was the rumor with Cross game chat( Harry Potter and OtP)

FreeFalling3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

There are two faults PSN+ has that deters me.

1)All of the "free" games given to you every month ends after the year is up you PAID $50 a year for. Sure the random games given to you outweighs the $50, but you see, the games are ones Sony chooses to give to you, they're not even by choice. You might end up with games you don't even want.

2)I doubt you're gonna be playing those games a whole lot when you have complete/full games to buy for your PS3. The games PSN+ gives are more like secondary options when you're bored w/ the games you already have, and to me $50 doesn't cut it. ESPECIALLY since it may not even be games I want. I mean, if you don't already pay $50 for mini-games and etc, then why should you purchase the $50 PS+ subcription?

Okay, I don't mean to encite flames, but can I get a decent response to these complaints?

-Alpha3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Not every PS2 game will get an HD remake, and I'm sure Sony can give some away on the store.

With cloud networking, I expect Sony to start going digital with the PS3. Most still prefer discs, but when it comes to PS2 games and even PS3 games, I'm sure a lot would adopt the service if it meant these games were free. Oh, and to my knowledge Hasj, Cross Chat will require Plus users to start the Chats. People may get mad, but guess what? Pony up and get Plus. It's simple but effective marketing. Sony is already offering a lot for Plus, and if Cross Chat is the thing that gets the scale tipping, then so be it. The more incentive, the better for Sony. I personally don't mind upgrading, and I feel comfortable staying with basic service. I don't feel cheated the least bit.

Now, like I said, this is all relatively easy for Sony I assume-- with the way + is set up now, they are tossing away what they already have. This is well and great but they need to start applying more effort into design. It's very crucial, at least for me, and I'd hope others.

Aside from Cross Chat Sony fans have been very vocal on design. The two links above show how bad the PSN needs to be restructured, re-focused, and redesigned. Both those forum posts are two of the most popular on the PS3 boards, and it's indicative that the vision for improvement is there. There are numerous small things Sony can do to make PSN a little more polished, and it's all a matter of design. And I hope you are wrong Elijah. Remember that one of the big reasons why Cross Chat lacks is because of legalities and MS holding patents over Cross Chat (to my knowledge). I think the difference here is that a redesign doesn't need to affect games in anyway. I seriously doubt that having a simplified in-game XMB would screw with games not working. If that's the case then Sony has a very flawed system.

Anyways, not sure about all of you, but this is like the one big dream I have for Sony. When Sony introduced colorized ID's, adding trophy levels to friend's lists, etc. they were small, but very effective features that made PSN feel more like a community, more like it had an identity. There are tons of small stuff like this that Sony can do. They make things easier, faster, and really drives the presentation of PSN up. Fans have organized this list on the forums many, many times. Sony even has the Share Blog. It shows that they are listening, and it gets my hopes really high. I see so much potential and I see it right in front of Sony's nose, and as a fan it's frustrating seeing them not reach out for something that seems so easy to do. Maybe it's not as easy as I make it out to be, but how hard was it to put trophy levels on friend's list? Seems like something that should have happened a while back, and I don't know if Sony roles out things on a long-term schedule, or if they add these things spontaneously. I don't get why these babysteps get taken the way they do. I see so much potential for Sony to take with Plus and PSN, and I have had my fingers crossed a long time for Sony to elevate PSN. I am hoping that with players investing in Plus that this is what will happen. The community has been very vocal, and I pray that Sony can do even 10% of what has been posted in the links above.

NecrumSlavery3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

at alphamale

ther only ps2 games in any real need of HD polish are the collections, ie kingdom hearts, mgs, ratchet, etc.

the rest could be ported to the store. although i do say they should atleast add trophies, or the ability to play them on psp as well.

oh..just wondering ... trophies would still be cool

ChronoJoe3082d ago

My ratio is 31 / 100 friends.

But I notice it's mainly the ones that ain't been on in like, 10 days. That haven't got it, so I could probably turn that ratio to 1/2 if my friends list didn't have in actives.

Obviously we have different types of friends, on PSN. Which is reasonable, still I think the figures are pretty good.

I imagine what Sony are going to be doing, is giving users stuff that doesn't cost anything, to them. For example... I can see them giving away Warhawk, a month before Starhawk is announced. Why? to boost hype for Starhawk, and because no one is going to be buying Warhawk at that point. It's a win/win for Sony, and we are actually paying for it. Stuff like that will be how Sony keep PS+ making them a profit.

I think suggesting only 10% would be relevant to any individual is a little silly. DLC only comprises about 20% or less of what's on offer each month, and I imagine most of the full games will be relevant to most people. If you've seen next months lineup, stuff like Medival, and Zen Pinball. Now these are technically 'good games' but they are also games that not many people are interested in purchasing. I think we'll see a lot of this type of content on PS+ in the future.

ChronoJoe3082d ago

Playing PS2 games on PSP is impossible via emulation. It would require the games to be recoded, which they wouldn't do. Just saying.

DontShoot-Me-Bro3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

@ Freefalling

I see what your saying, and i somewhat agree with what your saying. Your correct that you can only keep the FREE games which you get with the PS+ service for 1 year unless you re-subscribe, and it is up to Sony which games they offer you, but i trust Sony not to really take the piss. Im sure they will be offering thier first party games, or excusive PSN games in the subscription, like they have already done with LBP and Wipeout HD. But we will have to wait and see if the content PS+ owners get is worthy of the subscription.

But there are also other benifets of having PS+, i mean apart from the 1 PSN/PS3 games a month, you get 2 PSP minis and 1 PS1 Classic.

You also get special discounts on the Playstation store for example theres a Fat Princess add on which is discounted, the killzone 2 map pack is free, and theres a few other discounts. Theres full game trials so you can try out games before purchasing them, i think its 1 hour trials on games. Ummm you get into all PS3 beta's and you also are able to have automatic downloads for patches and updates.

Gosh i sound like im trying to sell you the product.

I guess its not for everyone. But im pretty sure the service will get better and better, and more features will be added.

-Alpha3082d ago

I think Sony should offer a 1 month free subscription once they have enough content to give away and features to show off (Cross Chat, the redesign, etc).

Again, if Plus users get the redesign benefits and if Sony does an overhaul for PSN people would miss the simple features. Imagine having the service, getting accustomed to a simplified in-game XMB, Cross Chat, streamlined player profiles, etc. only to go back to long loading XMB, no Cross Chat, basic/insignificant player profiles. People will miss the design and small benefits like this.

Imagine 6-12 months from now. Sony could easily offer free trials in every PS3 sold, people would get an awesome taste, and provided they used the time to redesign, create, and strengthen the service the product will sell itself.

Best of all-- if you can't afford it, or really don't want it, no worry-- you gain nothing, you lose nothing.

NoOoB1013082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I like that first post of the Xmb. It looks slick and simple.
I would pick up psn+ in an instant if it offered a music app during game play. Xgame chat is eh to me but it would get some people to sign up easily. Also maybe a discounted Hulu+ would be kinda sweet as well.

3082d ago
darthv723082d ago

One thing is for certain. It is currently being marred as a rental service with discounted content. Perhaps sony will change their DRM licensing when it comes to these so called "free" titles and actually let the individuals continue to play them if they let their sub run out.

It isnt limited to the free games as pretty much any of the free content to the plus members are subject to the "free for as long as you are a member" clause. That would include themes, dlc and media.

I can see the direction sony wants to go (same route MS went from the look of it)and right now they are keeping things pretty common for the free/members but for how much longer. Who is to say sony wont start implementing "members only" areas in home or online gameplay?

You have gotten attention to your service by offing up so much free of charge, now you need to make what you charge for worth the price of admission.

I say good luck to sony as MS is watching very closely and vice versa.

badz1493082d ago

the thing about PS+ is it's optional. when you pay, it's true that Sony decides what to give you for free and you might end up getting games you don't even want in the 1st place. but with 40+ free games a year, can you honestly say that you don't want to play even 1/3 of them at all? we don't know yet do we? so, I think it's a gamble at this point because we don't know what are there to be offered for the rest of the year but so far, the offer has been great! lets just hope Sony doesn't screw this up and totally make it worth it for every subscriber! I'm still not a subscriber myself due to location problem, but if it's worth its looking more and more appealing in the coming months, I'll try my however I can so I can subscribe with foreign PSN!

RememberThe3573081d ago

lol @ Alpha and his walls of text.

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r1sh123081d ago

I sort of agree but to say you got all of that which would equal the cost of the years subscription.
The problem with that is, all of those things are not 'market value'.
Its like a car and car insurance, every year the cars market value decreases, and you are asked to put in how much your car is worth each year.
Even if you put £50,000 the market value of your car could be £1000 and they wouldnt pay out more than that.
The problem with this valuation sony give, its based on old figures.
Little big planet brand new is barely £8 from certain stores.
For sony to estimate all the additions equal £/$200 isnt true.
But i agree with the article where I think Im gonna wait for the PSN+ to fill up with more goodness.
I already pay for xbox live, and dont mind paying for PSN+, im just gonna wait to see what other features are announced.
Its still early days.

ABizzel13081d ago


But if you don't like the content they have to offer right now, then wait until you do.

Frulond3082d ago

do we really need more of these? gez...

Dylantalon13082d ago

should you pony up for cable tv?

SOAD3082d ago

If I could just pay 12.99 a month for HBO and Showetime and not pay for all the crap channels, then cable would be worth it.

jazzking20013082d ago

the negatives outweigh the positives

DontShoot-Me-Bro3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Sorry, what are the negatives of PS+?

kaelix3082d ago

to his standards negatives are having fun

qface643082d ago

what does playstation plus have to do with having fun?

ive been having fun with my ps3 and i don't have ps+ nor do i have any plans to get it

ChronoJoe3082d ago

You're right, it has nothing to do with 'having fun', but you're a fool if you don't consider it a good deal.

Fair enough if you don't want it though. I mean there are plenty of good deals on other products, which I'm not interesting regardless of how cheap they are, and so on, but to say the negatives outweigh the positives as Jazzking did, is idiotic.

qface643082d ago

i don't think its a good deal BECAUSE plus personally offer ME anything IM interested in so by default i don't think its a good deal

Biggest3082d ago

And I am sure there are people out there having fun kicking a ball, qface64. We're on a "gamers" website, yes? That would lead me to believe that most of us have fun with games. The PS+ service gives you tons of games for $50 a year. That should translate to tons of fun for $50 a year. You lose $50, which is the negative. You gain 48 games to play with no extra charge. You gain extra themes, avatar junk, and other random virtual items. You gain automatic downloading of updates. Are there anymore negatives? Does anyone else not agree that PS+ will enable more fun?

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