Xbox 360 Slim versus Xbox 360: What’s the Better Deal?

Two weeks ago, Microsoft surprised the video game community by announcing – and then releasing – the new Xbox 360 Slim model.

This slinked-down version of the company's popular gaming console features a smaller body and power brick, touch-sensitive buttons, a smaller hard drive and full connectivity to the forthcoming Kinect motion controller.

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ConanOBrien3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

The world knows you're lying. Oh i almost forgot, this is N4G...anything against Xbox is a fact according to their minds. Sony is their 'Exclusive' god, talking about have no life. Funny how the Fact hurts them, just look at the # of disagrees ;)

playstation_clan3027d ago

having a console that will break with no wifi vs a console that is new and with microsofts track record would not be a surprise if it does. I say forget the Xbox and join the 30+ mill on psn and enjoy your gaming. enough is enough

jazzking20013027d ago

r they not the same price?
slim has wireless builtin
that alone makes it the more economical choice

M_Prime3027d ago

The Wifi for me is either or.. i don't need it i have everything wired for better relability.. I did use the WIFI on the WII and it worked okay but its extra delay that you have so if i can wire it.. why not?

my big gripe with this is.. HOW DO I TRANSFER OLD HD DATA TO THE NEW DRIVE?
and the second gripe i have is that i have 2 Xbox360s, one upstairs on my 32"LG and on on my 42"LG so if i want to use the larger TV i just take my game and HD and go.. all my saves and data is there.. so nice.

If i had no 360 Slim would be my buy.. but i have 2 already.. gatta wait till PS3 is 199 and then i will get 1 of those.. though my bros friend wanted to sell me his slim with MW2 for $250 no tax.. but i don't trust his friends..