Dis-Kinect: Leaked Specs, Bad Strategy Show Microsoft Doesn’t Know the Xbox 360 Market Anymore

Microsoft was off to a great start with a nice Xbox 360 Kinect showing at the E3 video game conference, but leaked specs and a contradictory strategy show that, come November, Microsoft may end up losing both the hardcore and the casual gamer.

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playstation_clan3030d ago

does this mean there wont be a halo party. 4 players is needed

saint_john_paul_ii3030d ago

i cant wait for that game. i hope i can play as the arbiter....

morganfell3030d ago

No Arbiter but you do get to play as Guilty Spark 343. This way they do not have to worry about the lag of the player's hands.

Oh, one other thing, Guilty Spark no longer looks metallic but instead resembles a red ball.

3030d ago
bjornbear3030d ago

only 100K more than PS3 with a newly released console?

thats not very great =/ expected more
still good for them

monk3393030d ago Show
danfry3030d ago

Oh you poor monk, I reckon there must be better things to dream about though hey?

danfry3030d ago

Oh you poor monk, there are better things to dream about though hey?

darthv723030d ago

I recall first time move was shown, the guys said the eye could handle two move units and 2 sub units. Thus having a limitation of 2 players. How is 360 kinect limit of 2 "active" players different than move?

All i know is i can have 4 players in mario baseball and it is fun.

fooltheman3029d ago

it can track 4 move controllers...
so if a game only needs 1 move controller this mean 4-players

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gynecologistcobra3030d ago

What does Halo at all have to do with the Kinect? Please tell me.

saint_john_paul_ii3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Halo party, Halo DDR, Halo sports, etc, via the power of Kinect....


NecrumSlavery3030d ago

nothing because kinect isn't at all a core peripheral. but we all can have a little laugh in good taste

Tony-A3030d ago

They're both on Xbox 360.

masterofpwnage3030d ago

it was just for fun.
honestly you take thing to seriously.

monk3393030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

yo chill out masterofpwnage, he was just being sarcrastic to the sarcasm of the bad joke that was just a thing, not to be taken to seriously, you know?

geez, you take this way to seriously, go out a little?

+bubbles pope, that is some funny stuff, I almost spit out me green tea, rofl.

Godmars2903030d ago

Well if the Pope is right, Halo/Kenect games will mark MS going on the crack-pipe.

Bigpappy3030d ago

PS Fanboy: Oh, M$ lying to us, they say 4 players now specs say 2.
PS Fanboy: M$ say we hardcore will buy game just for achievements.

Reality: Kinect is due to release Nov 4th lots of details sill to be revealed.

Reality: Kinect ($150 and released in Nov) now charting and 7th place on and 41 on amazon. Move ($50 and releases in 10 weeks)34th at, noth charted on Amazon.

Calm down fellows. You are sounding belligerent.

Biggest3030d ago

I like how pre-sale numbers make things like "Only 2 players at a time" and "Not one gotdamned core game announced!" just disappear for you, Bigpappy. It's cool that you're happy with crap as long as lots of people around you have the same crap. Either way you slice it. . .
The Kinect supports up to and not exceeding 2 players at a time.
The Kinect has no core games announced for it.

phinch3030d ago

When they announced it as "Natal" last year they said it would be supported with Halo reach, and a whole lot of other lies.

SWORDF1SH3030d ago

Maybe you should compare from video gane stores from other countries.

Also Move as 3 different priced bundles compared to the Kinects 1. Maybe having 3 different bundles will dilute the figure to the true number of actual move pre orders.

Or just maybe comparing the kinect to move from an american store where the install base is 9M more not a true repeesentation of the World.

Or Both!

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HolyOrangeCows3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Microsoft is pretty dis-KINected to what people want these days.

A social phone that doesn't fully connect to Facebook or Twitter (Kin)?
And those commercials....Wow. In the most commonly shown one, they spend 1/2 the commercial trying to make a bad ex joke!

An expensive camera for party games that only allows two players at a time? And they think hardcore, current 360 gamers will be the first to buy??

Oh, and they think we're going to spend $100+ on Kinect plus $60 for a game JUST for Achievements:
"I have one thing to say to the hardcore gamer who says Kinect has nothing for them," said Toulouse while discussing concerns about Kinect on Major Nelson's latest podcast. "Those games will have achievements, so don't tell me you're not going to play at least some of them, you hardcore gamers out there. I know you will."

They're either just spinning out of control to appease stockholders or they're delusional.

-Alpha3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

I don't think it's about not knowing the 360 market. They don't care to use Kinect to appeal to hardcore gamers, and if they say it, they haven't proven it. It's evident Kinect is targeted towards casuals.

It's not that MS has lost sight of the 360 market, it's just that they are broadening the Xbox brand.

The problem is, with a lack of a price announcement (and the $150 standalone all but confirmed), MS is going to have a hard time driving the product to one side of consumers. How much they put into it, I don't know, but I don't expect casuals to jump ship to Kinect, or even the Move for that matter. Not with Nintendo having such a strong hold on the market and with Wii 2 probably competing and likely keeping the casual market. Problem is, Kinect is being pushed so heavily. It remains to be seen, but there is a lot of skepticism at the moment towards how successful it will be. Time will tell.

HolyOrangeCows3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

"I don't think it's about not knowing the 360 market. They don't care to use Kinect to appeal to hardcore gamers, and if they say it, they haven't proven it. It's evident Kinect is targeted towards casuals."

Well they're talking about building the foundation with their current userbase. And they believe we're sheep enough to buy Kinect for achievements and just because they're telling us that it's the next best thing whether gamers care or not.

"People like you HolyOrangeCows, where laughing and calling for nintendos doom when they anounced the name Wii"
To start, I don't know how you could know that, seeing as I joined N4G in January of 2009. Second, I didn't really follow video games as an industry when the Wii released/was near release. In fact, I wanted the Wii. I ended up being disappointed by the software, but I owned one for a little while.

monk3393030d ago

MS is fine, the only people that think they are disconnected are such a small part of the actual market. People like you HolyOrangeCows, where laughing and calling for nintendos doom when they anounced the name Wii.

Snoogins3030d ago

What happened to supporting up to 4 people (or did I imagine reading that)? I guess this shows even the Parade family video demonstration of River Rush where they looked like they were having seisures was misleading. Also, if the pricepoint of $149.99 is true, then this takes away from the argument that Move is the most expensive option of the two ($99 starter bundle and $49 for extra Move if wanting to support two players).

Microsoft has put themselves into a financially risky position, trying to market an expensive device which is currently only pushed with casuals in mind that requires spending at least $200 on a console to use it. Nintendo is synonymous with family-friendly and sells exceptionally well to this demographic. I don't see how Microsoft can succeed if the entry level for Kinect is going to be $150 more expensive to the most popular casual home console on the market, without having established a casual identity that will attract the Wii crowd. The same argument can be said in that the Move also has the price hurdle to cross, but fortunately for Sony their Wii-too wand is targetting both the core and casual demographic and Sony also has established itself with 3 generations of casual appeal.

RememberThe3573030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

I don't think that Microsoft Game Studio has lost sight of their consumer. I think that they were given a mandate by the Microsoft higher-ups to get a wider audience and I think Microsoft made them take on this camera tech because it's a cool idea on paper.

The culture at MS is to completely dominate whatever they do and they do not like being second place to Nintedo. I love Microsoft for what they've done for Western Washington, but their management is arrogant and they have seemingly no vision of their own.

I still believe that the company that green-lighted Halo:CE knows what their consumer wants, but I think they got their arm twisted and now they have to do what they're told and throw their support behind a product that has more flaws than strengths.

throw_this_away3030d ago

We want it to be less than 100$, we want it to allow 6 gamers to play it at once, we want it to mow our lawn, we want it to run 100% with no lag, etc.

Reality is that the more powerful the system... the more expensive hardware it will need, and thus the higher the cost. Low cost or high performance/features... pick one because you can't have both without increasing cost.

sikbeta3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

MS aiming to the Casuals is the Worst thing they can do, MS don't have the [Iconic Characters] Nintendo have and is not a considered a [Gaming Platform] with Loads of Characters and Genres like PlayStation

xbox is Mainly FPS and More Shooter Games, with the Only Known Character being Master Chief:

First Person Shooter/Third Person Shooter =/= [Family]

First Person Shooter/ Third Person Shooter =/= [Variety]

Also if kinect cost $150 and allow 2 players, do anyone really believes people would buy the damned device, it's an ADD-ON, the console alone cost $200, add the peripheral and you spend $150 [$350 + $60 per game] for something that Only allows motion-control gaming for 2 players, people will avoid this like plague...

And there is nothing Real of The Device, nothing concrete, Not a single Public Demo that let you believe this device can work with Games other than hit-the-damned-red-ball game...

kingjoker343029d ago

so what about all those videos where we saw more then 2 people playing? LIES?!?!

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Natsu X FairyTail3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

EDIT: if true then wow Haters are right MS is Dis-kinected. If the premise is 4players and in the end they can only track up to 2 people. its gonna make hella people mad.

halojunkie3030d ago

i agree, and microsoft is jealous of sony in my personal opinion.

Consoldtobots3030d ago

jealous is putting it mildly, this is more like the psychotic stalker who wants to look like you, talk like you and ultimately BE YOU!

problem being he doesn't have your wardrobe, vocabulary or what it takes to take your place.

Donny3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

who cares about sales? and if you wanna bring sales up...isnt is sad microsoft had to give away 360's at e32010?. enjoy your damn games and dont be concerned.

ImmortalLegend3030d ago

I think they are messing around now and preparing to release another Xbox next year. Anyone else think that we are very close to seeing another Xbox?

RememberThe3573030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Kinect seems to be getting a big push from MS and that represents a big investment as well. I think that they are truly trying to push to a wider audience without a larger investment of launching an entirely new console.

But I don't see how they think the hardcore gamers will flock to this thing. Sony has Socom and they are patching previous title to be able to use Move to I can see the Hardcore PlayStation fans picking it up, but Kinect is offering nothing that true gamers want. Games.

JayD-1K3029d ago

released another 360 with all the trimmings! and from the looks of things, people are eating it up!
they do know marketing!

colonel1793030d ago

I have a feeling Kinect will go the "Tony Hawk: Ride route". That thing was hyped as being an innovative way to play a skateboard game, but because of its limitations and lag it went straight to the dump. Kinect has a lot of limitations also, lag too. The problem here will be that the media will be all for it, and hype the thing when it comes out, ignoring all its flaws

vhero3030d ago

So its confirmed 2 player max? Epic fail then. For the casual market you want to get more than 2 players involved.

Condemnedman3030d ago

You have more than 2 friends whero ??? You are full of suprises ! Not lol

sid4gamerfreak3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Well again, its too early to say. Now many ps3 fanboys will come like a swarm of bees and disagree with me cause they dont actually use their brain but their heart, what happened to 3D? Where were all of you then? A pair of 3D glasses to play 3D ps3 games cost 150 dollars. Thats one person. A family with one child would cost 450 dollars. But what happens when friends come over? Fine add in 2 more glasses to the least, thats 750 dollars!! Just for you, your family and 2of ur friends to enjoy 3D. Fine lets say ur a loner and u dont need a family. 150 dollars for a pair of glasses plus a 3D tv which costs like 2000 dollars.

But I know your argument, youll say "give 3D time, the price will go down"

EXACTLY. Give kinect time and the price will go down eventually just like the ps3 at launch. With more preorders, hopefully microsoft will lower the price. Obviously microsoft havent been keen on lowering the price on their other peripherals and infact overpriced them but Im being optimistic on both, 3D and kinect.

Optimism and giving a chance. Have you ever heard of that fanboys?

Sure Im not a big fan of Kinect, infact I hate the concept but Im giving it a frickin chance to prove itself when it releases. For Microsoft to prove themselves after losing the console battle for nearly 3 years. So let all the skepticism wait.

Oh and to regards of the two player support, I must say that Microsoft has gotta do better in terms of appealing to the casual market if theyre only supporting 2 players. 4 players should be the goal.

Nicaragua3030d ago

The sony 3D solution is relatively new hardware and so can be expected to fall in price as it becomes more popular and easier to manufacture.

All the technology in Kinect has been around for years and despite that it still costs MS $150 to manufacture per unit - i wouldnt expect to see it dropping in price much unless MS is going to sell it at a loss.


then it f''ing suck but why would they show Dance Central with 3 people dancing if Kinect cant have more than 2 people.

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Paradise Lost3030d ago

Microsoft should just stop whatever they are doing with this Kinect crap.

gynecologistcobra3030d ago

"hurp durp i don't like this hardware so microsoft should not sell it at all hurp"

Chromer3030d ago

I'd say you sound pretty butthurt Cobra.

n4gno3030d ago

""yet now its kicking the 360s ass in worldwide sales."

No it's not. "

yes it is, praticly every years since 2006 (but microsoft had one year and half to trump some sheeps), it's not because ms have one week or two for them now, with the slim release (and blind fanboyz buying it) that it will change anything.!

evilmonkey5013030d ago

Microsoft's Xbox 360 as we know it will shrivel up if KINEKT fails. All the eggs are in one basket now...not so wise. I project one of two ideas : either no more video game systems for Microsoft or :a new system sometime within 2 years. Microsoft stock is really badly sucking so far this year.