Why the Zelda: Skyward Sword Reveal Was at Least a Tad Disappointing

Zelda fans love all things Zelda. They will eagerly scarf down Link’s table scraps and call it Thanksgiving dinner. However, that’s not because Zelda fans are suckers. It’s because Zelda games have for a very long time been quite brilliant without exception.

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Kamikaze1353965d ago

When the last two true console Zelda games were revealed (Wind Waker and Twilight Princes) we got epic trailers and showcased awesome things. Wind Waker showed us the amazing and vast gameplay of Wind Waker along with great combat. The Twilight Princess trailer was just all around outstanding. The graphics were great, design was interesting, and the combat was improved. When they showed off Zelda: Skyward Sword...they were just playing a random part of the game and the controls kept giving them issues. Nothing cool was shown, nothing interesting....nothing at all. It's like showing off Final Fantasy XIII for the first time with random combat and roaming around; a ton of people wouldn't care.

ChickeyCantor3965d ago


They were trying to show the new control mechanism to the zelda franchise.
What is there not to get?
Plus there was a trailer.

HolyOrangeCows3964d ago

"They were trying to show the new control mechanism to the zelda franchise"

Well it's a shame there was so much theoretical wireless interference.

Theonik3964d ago

To me although i liked the new game i was not satisfied with how it was presented. Showing live gameplay as the reveal for a game is a bad idea imo.
Just look at how great an effect the TP trailer had. Another thing i thought was a bad call was kicking the show off with Zelda. it should have been the Finale. I am really hyped about the game regardless but if it wasn't Zelda i wouldn't be. I wonder how they will top-up TP. To me it's my Second Favourite Zelda game after MM. (as far as 3D is concerned)

ChickeyCantor3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )


Everyone who played the demo said it worked.

Its been a while since the control scheme for Zelda was this different.
And he mentioned lots of times its not the final game, its still in development.

Even looked at how you battle enemies now?
Its not just a control scheme, and TP just used WAGGLE to hack and slice, its not just tweaked more. Its actually different.

I didn't like the level design, but this game is still in progress so im holding my opinion untill then.

Kamikaze1353964d ago

Ehhh, they were pretty similar to Twilight Princess. Only difference being that they're tweaked and more precise. It's not like they showed anything mind blowing.

Don't get me wrong...I'm getting it and am looking forward to the game, but nowhere near as excited as I was for Twlight Princess or Wind Waker. Yes, I know there was a trailer, but that trailer was very brief and didn't show anything exciting if you ask me.

Reibooi3964d ago

I am disappointed by the game for one reason.

I don't think anyone at Nintendo thought through what making the control scheme like this will do. If you need to constant swing the sword with big motions not just waggle(which they said you would need to do) and you need to constantly bring up the wii mote to hold a shield the game is going to be INCREDIBLY tiring very quickly.

People will get exhausted playing this game and that going to be annoying for a massive RPG that is gonna have a grand epic story. People are not gonna wanna stop playing because they are tired. Yet because the control is such a central part of the experience they won't have a choice but to stop and take a break every once in a awhile.

Theonik3964d ago

From gameplay video i have seen the game is still waggle based just more accurate is the sense that now you can swing in different directions. You don't need to make full swings but instead a small swing will be enough.

Gr813965d ago

The Wind Waker Trailer was revealed at Space World wasn't it? And as I recall people were PIST when they saw that trailer. So much so that when Twilight Princess was revealed years later, it brought fans to tears.

But as for Skyword Sword. The reveal was a tad disappointing to me, at least. For one, the art style wasn't what I was expecting. Two, the trailer was not so much a trailer to show the entirety of the game, but instead the gameplay mechanics. And three, the interference during the presentation was just the icing on the cake of disappointment lol.

However, When I saw HQ vids of the game in motion, with out interference. One, I became a fan of the art style as it looks very fluid. Two, the motion controls looks incredible, and Three, the actual demo area isn't even in the final game. Why I like this is that, since this internet explosion, surprises are a thing of the past, and after trailers and hands on previews, you know what to expect from a game before you play it.

So for me, the fact that everything we've seen isn't even a part of the actual game is a plus for me. It allows the imagination to go wild, and that's what video games used to be able to do.

TheViper3964d ago

This except I played the game itself at E3 which gave me the same boost in confidence you got when seeing the HQ vids.

The unveiling was merely to showcase the 1:1 sword controls but there was crazy interference in there. When the demo kiosks popped up from the show floor in front of the stage and we got to try the game there, the interference was far less and the game grew on me quickly.

This was reaffirmed when I played it at Nintendo's booth. The art style looks like a painting in motion. The controls take a moment to get used to and then you lose yourself in them. And that's exactly what you want out of a game.

BTW, are the same Arius Dion from VGC?

Xander-RKoS3965d ago

Whenever a new Zelda game is announced, everyone always says this. Boo hoo the cel shading and boat, boo hoo the wolf, boo hoo the art style....

JasonX433965d ago

It's funny how people cry over the early preview of a Zelda game, but love it once they play it! I admit that I ate a big plate of humble pie with a side of crow over Windwaker and I don't see how they're going to top Twilight Princess, but you can bet I'm gonna pre-order this baby!

NecrumSlavery3964d ago

When Wind Waker came out everyone hated it. I still think ita the most beautiful Zelda game in the series.

I hoped this new Zelda would be unique, but it's not. Niether was TP really. After seeing every other Nintendo franchise getting a style overhaul, seeing Zelda doing the same thing again is a bit disappointing.

Lich1203964d ago

Well, I don't like what I've seen. I say this because my fear is that they're focused far to much on motion controls (which I don't care about) and not so much on what we all expect from Zelda. So yes, Im hating a bit on what Ive seen, but I never hated on Wind Waker (its one of my favorites) but I did express concern over twilight princess and it's one of my least favorite. Thats not saying its a good game, but the Zelda standard of quality is pretty high.

Redempteur3964d ago

you expected them to talk about what ?
they showed new ways to use bombs , a lasso and a new parry system wanted them to talk about the story ??

Except interferences, there was nothing wrong with Zelda SS presentation

Lich1203963d ago

No, I get why they wouldn't talk about those things, they rarely ever do. What I'm saying is, I wish what they had to talk about wasn't their focus on motion controls. I've never liked motion controls, and in TP the usage was minimal and worked well. Zelda's focus has never really been on combat. The fighting is always good but its not really the focus of the game. I just worry that they're putting so much time into the combat system that the game will lean more heavily towards action and less towards adventure.

Yes, I realize its very early to make any claims, but that is my gut reaction. (and subject to change)

dubal-e3965d ago

I thought the zelda looked great and besides the miyamoto demo played great and Iam looking foward to it. I'm sure everyone will buy it like they always do.

3965d ago
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