E3 2010 Stage Demo: Kung Fu Live

GameSpot: "From Day 3 of GameSpot's Live Stage Show, we bring you a demo for Kung Fu Live"

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despair3969d ago

this was actually really impressive...

Cloudberry3968d ago

It's really more impressive than I thought!!!


Bigpappy3969d ago

But it is a good implementation of a 2D side stroller. Reminds me of Double Dragon. Looks like it will be okay. You just have to get use to puncking side ways and the gestures for the special moves. They aso should show some blocking. I saw some evasive moves but no blocking. This could entertain some kids if priced right.

rbluetank3968d ago

i wish they could add Mortal kombat 2 characters to this tech.. this would be a amazing game... it is a must buy for me...