GamePlanet: Medal Of Honor Beta Hands-On

GamePlanet: Grabbing a few teammates and forming a loose group to tackle an enemy strong point is a visceral experience when faced with such unforgiving conditions, something that has been lacking from online FPS.

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Jason1433959d ago

Battlefield killed this from ever having a chance. its awfull on all 3 units.

IaMs123959d ago

I agree it sucks right now. I just got into the PC beta and played it for a little and it was just dull, and the graphics suck big time. All well high hopes because its just a beta who knows. Ill keep giving it a chance it may cling.

Rob Hornecker3959d ago

Jason143,Did you happen to notice that it looks JUST like BFBC2?

Atleast I now know what the beta is like on the PC after reading these posts and have seen the same sort of reviews for the PS3,which were not very positive. You guys have to remember that this is just a BETA and may NOT be what ends up on the store shelfs on 10/12/2010. From what I've read on the web about MoH is that Dice/EA are taking in what people are saying about the beta and will make changes as needed.

I know alot of the Xbox 360 players of BFBC2 that have had lag issues and have gotten nothing but the runaround from Dice/EA/ and there ISP of choice have gotten VERY turned off by dice/EA that they won't buy ANY of there future releases! How many updates to the online mode have they done now...2 and although the problem has gotten better it's still not a 100% fixed. Thats why I think this beta is a MUST to sort these issues out before release.

On a final note...Where is the the 360 BETA??? Every time I go to the "enter the code for MoH beta" site it Still says that it coming "next week"! Just how many "NEXT WEEKS" are there???? anyone know?

3959d ago